The Secret to Getting Referrals


The number one secret to getting referrals from your massage clients is not a secret. How do you do it?

You ask for them.

Over the past 25 years in business I’ve seen a number of studies looking at the willingness of customers to give referrals and the results are always similar.

A Dale Carnegie study several years ago found that 91% of customers would be happy to give referrals, but only 11% of sales reps ask. 

A more recent study by Bain & Co. found that that while 87% of satisfied customers are happy to pass leads to sales reps, only 7% of sales reps actually ask.

Do you need more clients? Do you ask every client to refer their friends and family? Are you ready to start?

Fill your bank account with delight…

bigstock-Relaxed-woman-at-the-spa-getti-41685358Consider this bit of research: A study done by Sears found that customers who were “very satisfied” spent over 60% more in a year than those who were just “satisfied”.

How would you like to get each of your clients to use massage 60% more often? If you are making $25,000 now, it means you’d be making $40,000 next year – all without any additional marketing. Wouldn’t that be nice to deposit an additional $15,000 into your bank account next year?

If that appeals to you, then move your clients from being “satisfied” to “very satisfied”. Start making sure your clients are delighted, thrilled, enraptured, blown away by an exceptional service.

The next question is: How do we make that happen?

I cover a whole number of strategies in the Fill Your Practice 101 E-course, but let me share a couple of simple ones with you right now.

The “Welcome to the practice” letter

I came across this study in the Wall Street Journal: An Australian physician took a group of 46 patients and randomly divided them into two groups. After an office procedure, one group got a follow-up letter while the other group got none. These patients were then surveyed to find out how satisfied they were with the doctor’s service.

Over half of the group who received the letter gave the doctor the highest mark possible. Only four in the no-letter group said they were completely satisfied.


There was over 325% more satisfaction from patients that got a letter.

Let’s figure this out. Both groups had exactly the same SERVICE, but one group – the one with the letter – had a very different EXPERIENCE. For the patients, the doctor’s consultation with the letter was a very different experience than the consultation without the letter.

It’s quite remarkable, that such a small gesture can have such adramatic effect on the customer’s experience with you. Given the impact of a welcome letter, I think we should put one together for your new clients.

In the letter, tell them who you are and what you’re all about. Emphasize what makes you unique or special. Tell them or remind them of the advantages, benefits, outcomes and value they get from seeing you specifically.

Let them know how much you appreciate them choosing you and how you’ll do your very best to get them the best possible results. Let them know you welcome referrals. Use the opportunity to explain the way your service works along with policies that they need to be aware of. Welcome any feedback they want to give you. Let them know you are there to be of service to them.

You can check out Lesson 28 of the Fill Your Practice 101 program for some examples of powerful Welcome letters.

The “Welcome to the practice” phone call

If you want to literally blow your clients’ socks off, you must give them a follow up call after their first visit. It doesn’t matter if they’ve rebooked or not.

When you call, ask them how they felt after the massage. Ask them how they feel today. Find out if they were sore or tender after the massage. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about the massage. Find out what they would like to do differently next time. Thank them for choosing you and let them know you would be happy to see anyone they want to refer and that you will give that person the same level of service.

Many therapists with whom I speak think that the client will be irritated by the call. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than be annoyed, your client will be shocked and amazed that someone would care enough to give them a call the next day.

I know it’s hard to understand the impact that that type of call can have on someone. But try it and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised by the warm welcome you receive. More importantly, you will develop an incredibly loyal client.

The bottom line: Oftentimes it doesn’t take much to transform a client from a satisfied customer that may see you again to an absolutely delighted client who becomes a raving fan. And all that delight adds up to money in the bank.

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How To Get Physician Referrals…

DavidK_polaroidOne of my favorite educators is going to be presenting at the World Massage Conference on Sunday, November 17th at 6 pm ET (New York time) and will be sharing how to get more physician referrals.

Having just a few physicians actively referring to you can turn your struggling massage practice into a thriving one. And those clients will be sent to you from a person of authority, so they’ll likely  be more compliant than your average client and will see you regularly.

Are you interested in promoting your massage practice to physicians? Would you like some strategies for scheduling the meetings with doctors? Would it be helpful to know how long the meetings should last, what to bring, say and how to ask doctors for patient referrals? David is an actively practicing therapist and has been meeting with physicians since 1992. I’ve heard him teach many times and I know that he’ll share some powerful referral techniques you can apply immediately.

You can view this broadcast at the World Massage Conference on Sunday, November 17 at 6pm ET (New York time) and I’d highly recommend you be there to see it.

Registration for this unique online conference is half price for just a few days longer. You’ll have access to the live event that takes place on November 17th and 18th and if you register now you’ll get instant on-demand access to about 25 hours of recorded presentations from the spring 2013 event. David’s presentation alone is we’ll worth the price of admission.

Register today at and I’ll see you at the show!

Stop giving referrals

What?! Stop giving referrals?!

Okay. Maybe that’s a strong statement, but in today’s newsletter I want to introduce you to a much more powerful way of giving referrals.

Maybe we’ll call it Referrals 2.0.

It’s a much more active powerful way to connect people compared to the way most people make referrals and it really doesn’t take that much more effort. Just a little awareness and a change in approach.

Referrals vs. Introductions

As a massage professional I’m sure you make referrals to other professionals in your community all the time, however…

…for even more impact add the power of a Personal Introduction.

A referral is not a personal introduction. A referral is typically a suggestion: “If you are doing that event, I would suggest that you call Nicki at City Flower Shoppe to help with the floral arrangements. Let her know I sent you.” Or, “I’d recommend you see Dr Karen, my chiropractor. She could really help with your neck problem. Let me give you her number.”

A personal introduction is much more than a suggestion:

  • A personal introduction connects people in a powerful way.
  • A personal introduction puts you clearly at the center of the dialogue.
  • A personal introduction demonstrates to both parties that you really care about your relationships with them.
  • A personal introduction creates a sense of reciprocity from the people you are introducing and greatly increases the chances of getting referrals in return.

You can make personal introductions any time you see the opportunity. You may make an introduction at a social event or a business event. But don’t wait passively for the opportunity to arise spontaneously. Be proactive and actively look for opportunities to help people in your network by making introductions.

Although introductions are much easier to do in person, getting the right people together in real life is seldom going to happen. So you need to initiate the dialogue.

Here’s how to do it…

  1. Send out an email and copy both parties. Send an email, even if you’ve already made a referral in person when your client was at your office.
  2. Be sure to talk about what they each do. Say something like, “Nicki, I wanted to drop you a note to introduce you to Dr Karen Green, the owner of Community Chiropractic. I’ve mentioned her name a couple times in the past. Karen has been my chiropractor for over 5 years now. Karen, Nicki owns City Flower Shoppe and she makes these amazing flower arrangements for all kinds of events.”
  3. Next, tell them why you think they might find value in knowing each other. “I thought I should introduce the two of you. Karen, you’ve always taken exceptional care of my existing clients and I thought you could help Nicki. I was mentioning to Nicki that she could benefit from a series of adjustments to compliment the work I’m doing with her right now.”
  4. Let them know it is up to them to move forward. Now that you’ve made the introduction and suggested how they might work together, your part is done. “Nicki, I’ll leave it in your hands to follow up with Karen. I know you’ll be in excellent hands.”

This approach can certainly extend beyond referring clients to other health care professionals. Maybe you want to connect Nicki, who does floral, with another client or friend who is a wedding planner to find out if there is some synergy and whether they may be able to joint venture. The key point to take away is that you are helping people by providing an opportunity for them to connect and possibly benefit from what each one has to offer.

And although I’ve used the example of sending a personal introduction email because it’s more real or powerful than simply giving a referral, never pass up any opportunity to connect people. For example, be sure to use personal introductions at any in-person event.

This is especially great if you can circulate the room with a friend who can provide personal introductions and toot your horn while you do the same for them.

It’s certainly a lot easier than going on and on about yourself and it’s a much more powerful way to make a lasting impression. You’ll find that people you introduce like this truly appreciate your efforts and are happy to reciprocate by sending referrals your way!

This Week’s Featured Resources:

1. How to Get Non-Stop Referrals….

You know that networking is a powerful practice building tool, but the truth is networking is just not a lot of fun. You have to attend all those business functions and do all that mingling with groups of strangers. Hours and hours of smiley-facing, hand shaking, and small talk is enough to make you want to crawl in a hole.

But networking is a highly effective way to generate streams of referrals. So how do you do it without all the time and social discomfort that’s involved?

Discover the Secret to Non-Stop Referrals

2. LinkedInfluence

The Non-Stop Referrals e-course from BodyworkBiz is highly effective method for putting yourself at the hub of a network. The same strategy can easily be easily implemented by using one of the  most untapped social media networks: LinkedIn.

I’d highly suggest registering for Lewis Howe’s new course: LinkedInfluence. It’s certainly changed the way I think about social networking and it comes highly recommended.

Get the LinkedInfluence Course


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Free Pregnancy Massage Book

You’ll find all finds of interesting and free resources in this blog over the coming months. In particular, I’ve just posted a link for a great pregnancy massage book. It’s well researched, is fully illustrated and is yours at no cost.

Whitney Lowe Presentation: The Value of Orthopedic Assessment to Enhance Your Practice

This free online pre-conference presentation comes from the World Massage Conference.

Whitney is a legend in the massage industry and he’s a fantastic presenter. You’ll be able to ask him any questions you have about assessment and you’ll be able to chat with him personally via the chat room immediately following the presentation.

After the presentation, they’ll also be broadcasting video form Whtitney’s latest DVD and you’ll be able to see all the tests he’s talking about clearly demonstrated for you.

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That’s not all! Other resources of interest…

Interview with Tony Robbins Sales Manager (Free transcript)

Also on my blog, I’ve released an interview I did with Tony Robbins’ Sales Manager Debra Russell. Tony Robbins is probably the most famous person in the Personal Development field.If you haven’t heard his name, you must come out from under your rock occasionally.

Debra Russell, who was a hairdresser at the time, become Tony’s Sales Manager of live events and broke all previous records for his company. And she did this even though she HATED selling.

I think her views on selling will have a huge impact on the way you interact with clients and give you a whole new mindset on growing your practice.

I’ve done lots of interviews over the years and this is still my favorite.

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