Free Facebook Advertising Tutorials

“How do I get new clients?”

That’s the number one question on pretty much every massage therapist’s mind.

There are dozens and dozens of ways to get new clients. The problem is to choosing the most effective strategies, that is the strategies that get new clients in your door without costing you a ridiculous amount of money or time.

I’ve been a big proponent of the “Give to Get” strategy for ages because it’s super simple and has dramatically transformed the lives of so many BodyworkBiz subscribers over the years. If you want a refresher or aren’t familiar with the concept, attend my free World Massage Conference webinar “60 Clients in 60 Days” on Tuesday, March 24th at 9pm ET. On that broadcast I’ll also tell you how you can get the “60 Clients in 60 Days” book for only 99 cents. (Yes, it’s taken longer than I expected. Sorry about that.)

Is there anything else that works? Traditional advertising is pretty much dead, but some types on online advertising, like Facebook ads, can be extremely effective. You can take a look at this case study as an example.

There are a lot of great things about advertising on Facebook. A couple in particular:

  1. It’s “Pay per Click” advertising. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so you are really only paying for results.
  2. You can target who the ad is seen by with incredible granularity. For example, I could run a ad that is only seen by married female runners between the ages of 25 and 50 who live within a 5 mile radius of my clinic.
  3. It’s easy to do. You basically fill in a four-step form to create your ad.

How do you do it? I’ve created videos about this that are available for the people that have purchased the Retirement Sale package, but these were just an overview.

For some easy to understand, but comprehensive tutorials, check out this course:

fbadsystemThis course is free. No catches. You don’t even have to sign up or give up your email address. It involves about four hours of video training, so I would suggest you set aside two full mornings and go through the entire course. As you watch the videos, open up your Facebook account and set up a couple test ads for yourself.

I would suggest you set up a page on your website with a special offer (this is called a landing page) that you send people to from your ad. Run an ad for a week. Keep your ad spend low: Maybe $20 to $50 total. Then track your results to determine your return on investment. For example, let’s assume that your average client purchases $500 of massage over their buying lifetime with you. If you spend $50 and get one new client then your return on investment is 10:1 ($500:$50). That 1000% return on investment.

So set aside some time to try some ads over the next month and come back to this blog post to tell us about your results or tell us what happened in the BodyworkBiz Facebook group.

Facebook Page Changes Happen June 17th

Facebook is rolling out changes to Facebook Pages. The layout of your business page will change automatically on June 17th. If you log in now you should be able to preview the new layout and make any changes you want to make before the update happens.

See the image below for the most significant changes or click the image to view these changes on the BodyworkBiz Page…

New Changes to Facebook Page

Also see this post for more info:


Before and After: Educated Heart Website Makeover

Your website represents you and your practice. If your website looks bad, you will be judged accordingly. Visitors will think that your service is  cheap, outdated, disorganized or unprofessional. I know that seems so superficial, but that’s the way it works.  Massage is intangible after all. So people can only judge you by the tangible things that surround you, like your website. 

Recently, I recreated Laura Allen’s Educated Heart website.

The Educated Heart is a fantastic book and in my opinion has one of the best (and most readable) approaches to the topic of ethics. It was originally written by Nina McIntosh, but taken over by Laura Allen when Nina passed away.

Take a look at her original site. At a glance, what are you initial impressions? Is this book a credible book on the topic of ethics? Does it look unique? Is the book engaging and easy to read? How knowledgeable is the author? Does this website inspire confidence that the author knows what she’s talking about? Is it even clear at first glance that the site is promoting a book?

Here’s the “before”…

Educated Heart Website Before 1

Your impression is likely that this book is nothing special. Probably written by a lonely person in their basement. And if you go into the site it gets worse..

Educated Heart Website Before 2

The disorder and lack of attention to detail (even look at the frames around the images) indicates that this is not a professional book that deserves my attention. If the writing or thoughts in the book are half as cluttered as this page, there is no way I’m picking it up.

Laura, of course, inherited this existing site and was very aware of the issues. I love the book that Nina’s written and felt it deserved to be showcased better, so I offered to help Laura recreate the site. Here’s the “after”:

Educated Heart Website After 1

Educated Heart Website After 2

With this makeover, it’s clear that the site is about a book. The professional look of the site immediately changes your perception about the quality of the book and the value of the information it contains. The book in this new site is credible and deserves your attention.

I didn’t take a before shot on mobile, but it was unreadable. Now when anyone accesses the site from a smart phone or tablet, the site detects whatever device they are using and shows a mobile-friendly version of the site that displays beautifully.

I’ve created well over 100 websites for massage therapists, as well as sites for software developers, educators, restaurants, industrial manufacturers, consultants and more.

Would you like me to know some of the elements that go into making an effective massage website – one that works to get more clients through your doors? If so, Like or Share this page. Or if you have specific questions or topic areas you’d like to know more about, post them in the comments section below. If I see that there’s enough interest, I’ll share what I know about making your website work for your massage practice through this blog.

Thanks to Laura Allen for allowing me to share this makeover with you.

And because I know some people will ask… I’m sorry to say that I no longer create simple sites for massage therapists, but if you have a bigger web project you need help with, feel free to contact me and we can chat.

This post can now be found at:

Really Cool (and Extremely) Useful Web Resources – Weekly

I’ve been on the web for a long time. In the early 90’s I would dial into University library systems to research their collections. At that time Windows didn’t exist and you had to type weird bits of code to get your computer to do anything.

I remember looking in amazement through the glow of my orange monochrome monitor and thinking how awesome technology was that I no longer had to actually go to the University library and look through the little index cards.

The web has changed a lot… A LOT!!!

And I still sit in amazement at all the incredible things you can do.

I’ve been a pioneer in online resources for massage professionals around the world. I began BodyworkBiz in the late 90s. At that point in time browsers were still in their infancy, the web was the Wild West and it wasn’t possible to do the things we take for granted today.

I had to come up with ways to use technologies as they became available not only to promote my own massage clinics, but to produce online courses. What started as plain text lessons at BodyworkBiz evolved to audio broadcasting with Massage Therapy Radio and the incredible live telephone/audio/video simulcasts that make up the World Massage Conference.

Because I’ve been on the edge of technology for so many years, people often consider me “the source” when they need to get something done online. I usually know of just the resource they’re looking for to get the job done.

So I’ve decided to share some of my favorite online tools with you. This was going to be a paid e-course, but I’ve decided to make it available to everyone on this blog.

Most of these resources are either free or low-cost. They all are extremely valuable for one reason or another. And they are all kind of cool.

But I’m not all about fun and games.

When it comes down to it, technology is only as useful as the solutions it provides. So as cool as all these sites or services are, they are all extremely useful.

I want to point out that I’m not a “techie” and I hate it when people call me that because the nerds never get the girls. To give you a sense of what a technological Luddite (ninny/caveman/dolt) I really am, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

To the jaw-dropping disbelief of pretty much everyone, I don’t even own a cell phone.

I don’t have a MP3 player. I don’t have a big screen TV and I don’t have TIVO. Heck I don’t even have cable TV or satellite service.

I bought my son a Wii, but it’s his job to set It up for me. My coffee maker cannot be programmed. It makes one cup at a time and has only one button: “ON”. There’s not even an off button. I don’t have one of those I-jack things or subscribe to a VOIP service.

I did buy a digital camera six years ago, but it doesn’t take still shots, only blurs. So I don’t use it much. My camcorder has two switches: on/off zoom in/zoom out.

What I do know however, is the web. Besides the development of pioneering projects like BodyworkBiz, Massage Therapy Radio and the World Massage Conference, I’ve developed over 100 websites for massage professionals including some of the leading educators in the field and other businesses ranging from software development to restaurants. I’ve also guided hundreds of others develop sites of their own through

That’s made me the guy to talk to when you need anything on the web. So it’s with that expertise that I bring you these Really Cool (and Extremely) useful Web Resources. I’ll post a new one to this blog every Friday. Be sure to sign up for the Massage Marketing Tips newsletter and I’ll notify you when new resources are posted for your reference.

Look for the first one this coming Friday. And if you have resources that you love, feel free to post them here or to send me a note.