Making Massage Education Relevant for Students

The future of massage education has been at the top of my mind for some time now. Yesterday I started seriously mapping out processes for a new e-learning platform that I’ve been dabbling at for more than two years and putting together with my full time developer and friend Adnan Shareef. Hopefully we’ll be testing it out as a blended curriculum for a chair massage course for January 2013.

The system will integrate some of the ideas from people who traditional academics scoff at. Here is a great video of some of these futurist freaks I admire and whose ideas (some expressed in this video) I will be implementing:

World Massage Conference Is Pioneering

The BBC recently ran a story on the increasing interest in virtual conferences.

As little as three years ago when I started the World Massage Conference with Scott Dartnall and Melanie Hayden, the idea that you could have a virtual conference seemed ludicrous to most.  A lot of people couldn’t fathom it.

Even after explaining the virtual conference concept in person at massage conferences, the attendees would cock their heads to the side with  baffled expressions and invariably ask us, “And where is it being held?”

It’s awesome that people are finally getting it. A virtual conference is just like being there. Not only do you get to hear presenters you would never have the opportunity to see live, but you get to be part of a global community. It’s fantastic to see massage professionals from around the world connecting and getting to know one another. I love the dialog that happens when therapists from very different backgrounds and experiences come together and share insights and information.

It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of online learning. And I’m delighted to have been instrumental in making it happen and being a part of it.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to World Massage Conference. The Fall 2010 conference will be open for registration in August, but the replays for the Spring 2010 conference are available online. Register for the spring conference recordings and you’ll get free access to the fall event.