[Case Study] Twenty New Clients in May…

60 Clients in 60 Days is one of the top two selling online courses on BodyworkBiz. Personally it’s my favorite because the strategy I outline is just so simple to do that anyone can do it. And it’s so extremely effective at getting you lots of clients quickly. It’s kind of like Groupon, but better. You can target the people that you want as clients and give them a feel for your services without devaluing your worth.

I have hundreds of testimonials from people who have done the 60 Clients in 60 Days program and many of these are on the BodyworkBiz website. But here’s one that just came in today that I thought I’d share. The results Lori got may not be as dramatic as with other participants, but as Lori mentions, she did not really roll out the strategy to the extent that I suggest. She has a home-based practice and worked the program to the extent that was comfortable for her. You can see from her results below that, even if she stops using the strategy altogether, she will add at least $10,000 to her sales this year from  “the little bit” that she has done over the past month.

Here’s Lori’s email:

I have gotten wonderful results from following the program, the little bit that I have. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been on track, but have seen my business BOOM just since the beginning of May with the little bit that I have been following. Here’s my story……

I have been a massage therapist for two years. I have always taken clients from home, but usually worked at a clinic or a spa too. My goal was to be able to have enough clients from home that I didn’t need a real job. After enrolling in the 60 Clients program, I decided I was going to jump from the frying pan into the fire and quit my job. When I started on May 1st, I had 55 clients in my database. I now have 75!! That’s 20 new clients in the month of May! 

  • 20 new clients in May
  • All but two rescheduled immediately
  • All but one upgraded their treatment length
  • Three of them have become regular weekly clients and the others schedule bi-weekly or monthly
  • Three referred friends/family to me
  • One of the new clients is referring her husband for a father’s day gift and also rescheduled herself
  •  My weekly income has exceeded what my home monthly income was before I started the program!!

What I found interesting about Lori’s story is this:

Also since getting the ball rolling, I noticed that my regular clients have been either increasing their visits or time, and have been referring me more often. I even have a massage therapist as a client that referred one of her clients to me for two sessions in one week.

You know the adage: “Success breeds success”? This is one of the magical side effects of getting busy. We are often unsure about the value of our work. We tell ourselves it benefits our clients, but we don’t always believe it with our whole heart and soul. But once you get an influx of clients like this, you start to see the effects of your work firsthand on a whole new group of people. With all that additional experience, your skills improve and you feel more confident. And that spills into both your practice with your existing clients and even into your life in general. You become more “attractive” as a professional and people naturally want to see you.

Good work Lori! And congratulations on making the leap to develop the business that you always wanted.

UPDATE: Here’s an update from Lori. She is generously sharing her sales numbers with us and I think you’ll agree the results are outstanding…

I’ve gone through my May numbers and here are the exciting, detailed statistics:

  • January 2013; 18 massages, $745
  • February 2013; 17 massages, $845
  • March 2013; 21 massages, $930 (sold 1 $800 package for a total income of $1,730)
  • April 2013; 37 massage; $1,660


  • May 2013; 58 massages; $2,765 (sold 1 $800 package for a total monthly income of $3,565)

You can use these numbers as examples if you’d like. Looking to break May’s record this month!! I’ll keep you posted.


Lori just sent me another email and seemed pretty excited. June is far from over, but given her schedule so far, she’s anticipating doing over 70 massages this month! That’s a far cry from the average of 20 massages she was doing per month in the first quarter of this year. In Lori’s words…

My initial goal before I started the program was to do 60 massages per month. I thought it would take several months to build, but as you can tell from my numbers just from the past few months, it only takes a little time and effort to build!! I am going to go back and review Week 6 of the program, Client Appreciation, and see if I can spice things up a little! If you’re a daddy, Happy Father’s Day to you!!! 🙂


Simple Tips You Can Use Now for Getting the Most Out of Social Media

You may be the kind of person that uses social media in a very quiet way. You’re content to use one or two networks to keep in contact with your friends and family.

However, it’s important to establish a professional presence on social networks as well. People live on these networks. Not only do they socialize, but they use these networks to research products and services, to solicit opinions and reviews and to buy stuff.

If you’re not using social media for your massage business then you are missing out on a terrific opportunity to connect with people and get more clients under your hands.

I don’t believe you have to spend a lot of time on social media sites like Facebook to be effective and over the next couple weeks I’ll share some simple, quick, easy to implement social media tips with you in this blog, on the BodyworkBiz Facebook Page and in the BodyworkBiz newsletter.

Let’s get started with tip number one…

Tip 1: Create Profiles on Major Social Media Sites

Even if you are not active on social media sites, it’s extremely valuable to have a complete profile set up. Why? Because people will be looking for you and your business on these sites and they expect to find you. If they can’t find you easily, then they’ll look for someone else.

I would suggest at the very minimum setting up complete profiles on each of the following social media sites:

Through the month of April I’ll be providing BodyworkBiz fans a range of simple tips that are easy to implement and that take very little time to do. Be sure to Like BodyworkBiz on Facebook and subscribe to the Marketing Tips Newsletter to get these tips.

Monday Marketing Madness on Facebook

Here’s an interesting marketing idea to help solidify your place as a hub in your community, to develop relationships with local business owners and to drive visitors to your Facebook Page.

I’ve called this campaign “Monday Marketing Madness”. It’s simple and it’s best understood if you look at how I’ve executed this on my Facebook Page and the type of response I got (click the image to see it on Facebook):

I did this last Friday and called it “FanFare Friday” and that particular Facebook post has received the most likes, shares and comments of any of my posts in the past two months and it brought more visitors to my Facebook Page.

Give this a try for your practice. I’d be very curious how this works for you. When you do the post, upload an image for a higher response. Click here if you want to use the image I’ve used. I’ve sized it to fit the post dimensions exactly.

You may have to be proactive and contact a few local business owners directly to get the ball rolling,but I think once it’s established, it should pretty much run itself if you do it consistently.

I am crediting this idea to Amy Porterfield. Get her FBIncluence course here. It’s well worth the small investment.

The Desire to Get Picked Is Not Enough

Marketing people may be shocked to hear that I really don’t like Seth Godin. It’s kind of like telling Mac evangelists that the iPad sucks.

But every once and a while he manages to get through my anit-Godin defenses and say something that strikes a chord with me. In a recent blog post it was this:

If all you have is the desire to get picked, that’s not sufficient.

So many massage therapists complain bitterly about other therapists or franchises offering lower priced massage to woo clients. They would like nothing better than to see these places shut down.

The reality is that simply wanting potential customers to choose you over another therapist  is not a strategic marketing plan.

You have to prove your worth. 

Does it take work to do this? Yes.

Does it work to grow your practice? Yes.

There is always someone who is going to charge less than you. Suck it up, buttercup.

Save the energy you spend on complaining and put it towards developing value in your practice and differentiating yourself in a meaningful way from those who think the only way to compete is on the basis of price.

PS Thanks to Kelli Wise for pushing me back to Godin’s site. I’m still not a fan, but he did hit it on the head with this two sentence post.

How to Launch a Last Minute Gift Certificate Promotion…

If you’ve been following the BodyworkBiz ezine over the past few weeks, you know I have massage gift certificates on my mind. They are by far one of the best ways to grow your practice. How many dozens have you sold this season?

If you haven’t sold many, there is still an opportunity to promote them through Facebook. It uses Facebook’s paid options to spread your reach, but it’s super inexpensive. Here’s how to make that work. But before we begin…

You’ll need to have a Facebook Fan Page to do this. The more Fans you have the more effective it will be.

Ideally, you want to set up a page on your website where someone can pay for their gift certificate purchase. You can have them call you or drop in to purchase, but that will decrease your response rate dramatically.

Okay. With that said, let’s do it…

1. Post on your Fan Page, but instead of posting a Status Update like you normally do, you are going to post a photo to announce gift certifcates. Why? Photos get noticed. Posts with photos get 53% more Likes and 104% more comments than regular posts. That translates to more sharing, more interaction and more eyeballs. If you don’t have a photo, you can download this one (it’s the ideal size for posting).

2. Add a description to the photo with a link to your purchase page. This message will be about finding a perfect last minute gift. For example,

“Still need some last minutes gifts and stocking stuffers. Everyone loves massage. Purchase your gift certificates here: [link to the page on your site where they can purchase]”

When you add your link be sure to use “http://” at the front of your link so it becomes clickable.

3. Click the Promote button on your post.Take a look at your post and you’ll see a “Promote” button in the bottom right hand corner.

4. Fill out the drop down box. Choose to promote to “People who like your Page and their friends”. This will give you the widest reach and target people who are just like your current clients and who are most likely to buy from you.

Choose how much you are willing to pay. It likely won’t cost you more than $20. You’ll be prompted to enter your payment method if you don’t already have that set up.

What happens now? Your post will now show up in the News Feeds of your Fans. This seldom happens unless your Fans are very engaged with your Page, but promoting this way guarantees it will show up in their Feed in desktop systems and mobile. Here’s an example of a Promoted Post in someone’s Newsfeed. You’ll see that the word “Sponsored” at the bottom (hardly noticeable) indicates that the Post has been promoted.

When people Like, Share or Comment on the post, their Friends will see it too. You will have reached thousands of Facebook users in your area for less than $20 bucks.

This is the simplest way to advertise on Facebook. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

If you need more ideas for selling gift certificates, get the Sell More Gift Certificates e-course at BodyworkBiz.com where you’ll also find beautiful full color gift certificates.

Facebook Influence 2.0 Just Released!

I’m officially excited! Amy Porter just released her Facebook Influence 2.0 course. Fantastic stuff. She da fizzle bomb! If you want to use Facebook to grow your business get it now. More info here:


There are only two people who I turn to when I want advice on Facebook and Amy Porter is one of them. I just attended her latest webinar and I’m super -psyched. She lives and breathes Facebook and her material is the most timely and relevant information on marketing with Facebook that you are ever going to find. I’m going to implement her stuff systematically in my own business starting in the new year. Feel free to join me.

Note that the link above is an affiliate link.

Time for Your Massage Gift Certificate Promotion

I’d highly suggest you do a special gift certificate promotion at least once a year. Here is one that I used every December to sell hundreds of gift certificates. I’ve heard of a number of therapists using a similar type of strategy technique with some phenomenal results.

Around holiday time I send each client a number of gift certificates with a covering letter. The letter explains that I am going to make holiday gift shopping extremely easy. For their convenience, I’ve enclosed a number of gift certificates.

To purchase them, all they need to do is call the office for an authorization number that they must print on the certificate.

If you want a surge of new clients into your office, then offer these certificates at a significant discount on the condition that they are given to people that have not seen you before. If you decide to do this I’d suggest your print the terms and conditions right on the gift certificates: “For first time clients only. Limit of one gift certificate per client.”

In exchange for a deeply discounted price, the expiry date is shortened to the end of February. Why? I would explain to clients that as with most businesses, January and February are typically slower months and normally we would need to put money into advertising to fill our appointment books. We would prefer to spend the money we would normally use for advertising on our clients and this is a way for us to do that.

If our clients purchased the certificates on their next visit instead of calling in for an authorization code, we would also give them our deluxe certificates instead of the low quality ones that went out with the letter.

If they wanted to purchase certificates for existing clients or without conditions, we offered them a 10% discount and extended the expiry date.

I first heard of a similar type of promotion being done by a renowned clinic in Los Angeles. At the time, the clinic had a base of 5,000 clients (largely upscale) and reportedly sold 5,000 certificates in the six weeks around Christmas.

Their offer was a little simpler than mine. And that really is preferable. It seems as though you can never make things simple enough.

As a cost savings measure, when you are mailing out large numbers of gift certificates in this kind of promotion, it is best to have some cheaply printed instead of using the more expensive ones. That way you can also custom print your conditions or authorization number space right on the certificate. One year I printed up about 3,000 two-color gift certificates on glossy card stock for about ten cents per piece at my local printer.

My suggestion when doing gift certificate promotions is to sell a smaller time frame (i.e. offer a half hour massage gift instead of an hour) simply because it’s less expensive. There’s much less resistance to spending $30 compared to $60, for example. So you’ll find that you sell more. If your client wants to buy a longer massage, that’s great, but you can always upsell to a larger time frame to the user when it’s redeemed.

Put an upgrade offer right on the certificate. For example, offer to upgrade from 30 minutes to an hour for only $30 more. Print this right on the bottom of the gift certificate: “This massage can be upgraded to a full hour for only $30.”

Consistently we found that 80% of people paid for the upgrade! Why did so many upgrade? From the recipient’s perspective, they were paying only $30 for a $70 massage. What a deal!

So think about what gift certificate promotion you can do as the holidays approach. Christmas season will be your highest gift sale period, so that would be the one to focus on. However, it’s getting down to crunch time, so you may not have time to initiate this type of promotion.

At the very least, take your gift certificates out of your drawer, dust them off, display them on your reception desk and ask clients if they’d like to purchase a massage for anyone for Christmas. It’s super simple and… clients will buy them!

Take care,

Eric Brown, Grand Massage Poobah


Need more gift certificate ideas?

Then pick up the “Sell Gift Certificates” guide at BodyworkBiz. It’s only $39 and will give you tips for selling hundreds of gift certificates each year. I’ll send the first ten people who buy the course a mixed pack of 20 beautiful full color gift certificates from BodyworkBiz (normally $45) for free. I’ll pick out a variety of certificates that are available on the site, so you can check them out firsthand.

Pick up the “Sell Gift Certificates” guide now and I’ll get your little bonus package of gift certificates in the mail right away.


Note: Offer available for residents of USA and Canada only.

Underpants Gnomes and Your Massage Business

I hate South Park. The show is offensive in every way possible. But I couldn’t help being intrigued by a segment a came across featuring the Underpant Gnomes.

The Underpants Gnomes steal underpants as part of their plan to create a business and get rich. They have a three part strategic plan that resembles most massage business plans. Take a look and I’ll explain in a moment…

Click here for an alternative video clip

I’ll probably upset a few people by comparing massage practices to the business plan of the Underpants Gnomes, but the reality is that there are uncanny similarities.

The gnomes had an ingenious three-step business plan to make money which was:

  1. Collect underpants
  2. ?
  3. Profit

The plan is similar to average massage therapist business plan, which is:

  1. Go to massage school
  2. ?
  3. Profit

You probably notice the second step is missing. And that’s the step that takes you from massage school to a successful practice.

What’s your plan to get from step 1 to step 3? Do you have one?

I’d be happy to help you out and lead you through the process of putting together the plan that will get clients through the door and take your practice to where it needs to be: A thriving and enjoyable practice that allows you to touch the lives of people in your community in a bigger way.

It’s all laid out for you in the Fill Your Practice 101 program at BodyworkBiz. Check it out:


Stop giving referrals

What?! Stop giving referrals?!

Okay. Maybe that’s a strong statement, but in today’s newsletter I want to introduce you to a much more powerful way of giving referrals.

Maybe we’ll call it Referrals 2.0.

It’s a much more active powerful way to connect people compared to the way most people make referrals and it really doesn’t take that much more effort. Just a little awareness and a change in approach.

Referrals vs. Introductions

As a massage professional I’m sure you make referrals to other professionals in your community all the time, however…

…for even more impact add the power of a Personal Introduction.

A referral is not a personal introduction. A referral is typically a suggestion: “If you are doing that event, I would suggest that you call Nicki at City Flower Shoppe to help with the floral arrangements. Let her know I sent you.” Or, “I’d recommend you see Dr Karen, my chiropractor. She could really help with your neck problem. Let me give you her number.”

A personal introduction is much more than a suggestion:

  • A personal introduction connects people in a powerful way.
  • A personal introduction puts you clearly at the center of the dialogue.
  • A personal introduction demonstrates to both parties that you really care about your relationships with them.
  • A personal introduction creates a sense of reciprocity from the people you are introducing and greatly increases the chances of getting referrals in return.

You can make personal introductions any time you see the opportunity. You may make an introduction at a social event or a business event. But don’t wait passively for the opportunity to arise spontaneously. Be proactive and actively look for opportunities to help people in your network by making introductions.

Although introductions are much easier to do in person, getting the right people together in real life is seldom going to happen. So you need to initiate the dialogue.

Here’s how to do it…

  1. Send out an email and copy both parties. Send an email, even if you’ve already made a referral in person when your client was at your office.
  2. Be sure to talk about what they each do. Say something like, “Nicki, I wanted to drop you a note to introduce you to Dr Karen Green, the owner of Community Chiropractic. I’ve mentioned her name a couple times in the past. Karen has been my chiropractor for over 5 years now. Karen, Nicki owns City Flower Shoppe and she makes these amazing flower arrangements for all kinds of events.”
  3. Next, tell them why you think they might find value in knowing each other. “I thought I should introduce the two of you. Karen, you’ve always taken exceptional care of my existing clients and I thought you could help Nicki. I was mentioning to Nicki that she could benefit from a series of adjustments to compliment the work I’m doing with her right now.”
  4. Let them know it is up to them to move forward. Now that you’ve made the introduction and suggested how they might work together, your part is done. “Nicki, I’ll leave it in your hands to follow up with Karen. I know you’ll be in excellent hands.”

This approach can certainly extend beyond referring clients to other health care professionals. Maybe you want to connect Nicki, who does floral, with another client or friend who is a wedding planner to find out if there is some synergy and whether they may be able to joint venture. The key point to take away is that you are helping people by providing an opportunity for them to connect and possibly benefit from what each one has to offer.

And although I’ve used the example of sending a personal introduction email because it’s more real or powerful than simply giving a referral, never pass up any opportunity to connect people. For example, be sure to use personal introductions at any in-person event.

This is especially great if you can circulate the room with a friend who can provide personal introductions and toot your horn while you do the same for them.

It’s certainly a lot easier than going on and on about yourself and it’s a much more powerful way to make a lasting impression. You’ll find that people you introduce like this truly appreciate your efforts and are happy to reciprocate by sending referrals your way!

This Week’s Featured Resources:

1. How to Get Non-Stop Referrals….

You know that networking is a powerful practice building tool, but the truth is networking is just not a lot of fun. You have to attend all those business functions and do all that mingling with groups of strangers. Hours and hours of smiley-facing, hand shaking, and small talk is enough to make you want to crawl in a hole.

But networking is a highly effective way to generate streams of referrals. So how do you do it without all the time and social discomfort that’s involved?

Discover the Secret to Non-Stop Referrals

2. LinkedInfluence

The Non-Stop Referrals e-course from BodyworkBiz is highly effective method for putting yourself at the hub of a network. The same strategy can easily be easily implemented by using one of the  most untapped social media networks: LinkedIn.

I’d highly suggest registering for Lewis Howe’s new course: LinkedInfluence. It’s certainly changed the way I think about social networking and it comes highly recommended.

Get the LinkedInfluence Course


Your Worst Nightmare – What To Do About a Negative Review

On the heels of my last post about the funny side of negative reviews (“If Life Gives You Lemons…“), here is some advice of how to deal with bad reviews you may get on online review sites like Yelp or Google Places. It really doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Here’s a barber shop, Bolt Barbers, that uses its negative reviews to its advantage in advertising campaigns:

Here is some advice from other small business owners who have all had to deal with bad reviews from various online review sites:

If you find these posts useful please share or click the subscribe button to get notifications of new posts. Otherwise, leave a negative review below…