Do You Have the Right Kind of Facebook Page?

Some massage therapists have set up a Page for their business on Facebook, but have chosen the wrong type of Page. Ideally, if you have a physical location you want your Page to be a “Local Business” Page. This gives you special functionality on your Page that is specific to a “brick and mortar” business (as opposed to a Brands or Products).

You can see what kind of Page you have by going to your business Page and clicking the Edit Page link at the top of the page and then clicking Edit Settings.

9-2-2013 11-56-46 AM

Then go to the Page Info┬átab and look at the Category. It should say “Local Business”. BodyworkBiz is not a local business because there is no physical location, so you won’t see that label on my BodyworkBiz Facebook Page:

9-2-2013 11-58-02 AM

If your category is not “Local Business”, simply click the Edit link to the right and choose the proper Page Category from the drop down menu and save your changes.

9-2-2013 11-59-34 AM

Then be sure to fill out all the possible fields that Facebook gives you for your local business page. This will help visitors find the information they are looking for when they go to the About tab on your Page: Things like prices, parking, hours, directions, etc.

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Claim a Free Bing Business Listing for Your Massage Practice

bing listingOne of the cheapest easiest ways to get your website seen is by creating a free business listing through the major search engines: Google Places and Bing Places for Business.

These listing almost always appear at the top of the organic search results (and immediately under the paid ads) as you see in the image at the top of this page.

Bing updated their interface this spring in an effort to better compete with Google. Whether or not you have a website, go here to either claim or create a listing (Note: It appears to be available for US businesses only at this time. Canadians may be able to sneak in the backdoor here. Let me know if this works):

You’ll need to verify that you own the business, but once that’s done it only takes a few minutes to update your listing and get found when people are searching for local businesses like yours. When someone clicks for more details your listing will look something like this:

bing places

Here are a few suggestions for making your listing stand out and ensuring the best ranking possible:

Claim your listing: Even if it exists already (which it may), go through the verification process. It only takes a minute. As a side benefit, this will help the ranking of your website in the organic search results as well.

Fill it out completely: You can add things like business address, phone number, email, website, hours of operation, payment options, parking options, etc. Provide as much information as you can. The more, the better.

Categorize your business: Choose appropriate categories for your business to help your listing get found.

Add images and videos: Make your listing stand out by adding your logo, pictures (up to 10) and ideally videos (up to 5).

Post your social media links: Bing will allow you to enter your Facebook and Twitter pages and provides direct links for the searchers, so make sure to include these.

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Canadian Business Can Now List in Bing Local

One of easiest things any massage business can do to get listed in the search engine results is to claim their listing in the big local directories like Google+ Local (formerly Google Places), Yahoo Local and Yelp.

Until recently, Canadian businesses could not get listed in Bing. That’s recently changed. So if you are a Canadian business read through this tutorial on getting listed in Bing Local: