You Only Need 139 True Fans

139 fansHere’s an interesting thought…

If you get only three new clients per week, your income would be over $50,000 per year!

I find that therapists, who don’t know a lot about marketing, get overwhelmed by the prospect of growing their practices. There are so many options, so much to do, and so much work involved that they just want to lie down and have a nap.

But when you break things down, you’ll find it’s not that difficult to have a successful practice. All you need is to do is develop 139 true fans this year to cross that $50k sales mark. That’s only 2.76 new fans per week (and that’s taking into consideration time for your vacation each year).

By true fan I mean someone who will come to see you at least every two months and pay you $60 per visit. That’s not asking for much. That’s not a fanatical fan by any means, just a true loyal fan that loves your work enough to come in on a somewhat regular schedule (if you consider a massage every two months regular). Of course, in developing diehard fans who will supply you with a comfortable living, you’ll also be attracting and surrounding yourself with lesser fans who will get massage from you on an occasional basis.

So can you do that? Can you get three new clients a week?

For sure you’d have time. At the $50,000 sales mark you’re doing less than 17 hours of massage per week, so you have at least 20 hour per week to both engage with potential fans through your various marketing efforts and to turn them into true fans by building your relationship with them. So lack of time is not an issue.

Is money holding you back? There are lots of ways to attract new clients that require no money outlay whatsoever. These strategies may take some time to implement, but we’ve already established that you have 20 hours of free time for this kind of thing.

If you are not getting your three new clients a week, what’s standing in your way?

It’s not time. It’s not money. So it’s got to be know how. You need to learn some simple, effective, low or no-cost ways of creating and nurturing fans.

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