Fill your bank account with delight…

bigstock-Relaxed-woman-at-the-spa-getti-41685358Consider this bit of research: A study done by Sears found that customers who were “very satisfied” spent over 60% more in a year than those who were just “satisfied”.

How would you like to get each of your clients to use massage 60% more often? If you are making $25,000 now, it means you’d be making $40,000 next year – all without any additional marketing. Wouldn’t that be nice to deposit an additional $15,000 into your bank account next year?

If that appeals to you, then move your clients from being “satisfied” to “very satisfied”. Start making sure your clients are delighted, thrilled, enraptured, blown away by an exceptional service.

The next question is: How do we make that happen?

I cover a whole number of strategies in the Fill Your Practice 101 E-course, but let me share a couple of simple ones with you right now.

The “Welcome to the practice” letter

I came across this study in the Wall Street Journal: An Australian physician took a group of 46 patients and randomly divided them into two groups. After an office procedure, one group got a follow-up letter while the other group got none. These patients were then surveyed to find out how satisfied they were with the doctor’s service.

Over half of the group who received the letter gave the doctor the highest mark possible. Only four in the no-letter group said they were completely satisfied.


There was over 325% more satisfaction from patients that got a letter.

Let’s figure this out. Both groups had exactly the same SERVICE, but one group – the one with the letter – had a very different EXPERIENCE. For the patients, the doctor’s consultation with the letter was a very different experience than the consultation without the letter.

It’s quite remarkable, that such a small gesture can have such adramatic effect on the customer’s experience with you. Given the impact of a welcome letter, I think we should put one together for your new clients.

In the letter, tell them who you are and what you’re all about. Emphasize what makes you unique or special. Tell them or remind them of the advantages, benefits, outcomes and value they get from seeing you specifically.

Let them know how much you appreciate them choosing you and how you’ll do your very best to get them the best possible results. Let them know you welcome referrals. Use the opportunity to explain the way your service works along with policies that they need to be aware of. Welcome any feedback they want to give you. Let them know you are there to be of service to them.

You can check out Lesson 28 of the Fill Your Practice 101 program for some examples of powerful Welcome letters.

The “Welcome to the practice” phone call

If you want to literally blow your clients’ socks off, you must give them a follow up call after their first visit. It doesn’t matter if they’ve rebooked or not.

When you call, ask them how they felt after the massage. Ask them how they feel today. Find out if they were sore or tender after the massage. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about the massage. Find out what they would like to do differently next time. Thank them for choosing you and let them know you would be happy to see anyone they want to refer and that you will give that person the same level of service.

Many therapists with whom I speak think that the client will be irritated by the call. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than be annoyed, your client will be shocked and amazed that someone would care enough to give them a call the next day.

I know it’s hard to understand the impact that that type of call can have on someone. But try it and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised by the warm welcome you receive. More importantly, you will develop an incredibly loyal client.

The bottom line: Oftentimes it doesn’t take much to transform a client from a satisfied customer that may see you again to an absolutely delighted client who becomes a raving fan. And all that delight adds up to money in the bank.

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