Push Your Limits – Grow Your Practice

Welcome to a video edition of the BodyworkBiz Massage Marketing Tips newsletter. Watch the second half of the video to see how I push my limits. And please take a moment to click the “Like” button above.

If you’ve been reading my newsletters or my blog you may have seen videos or pictures of me doing rock climbing and some of the climbs seem a little extreme. However, the truth is clutching onto a little ledge on the middle of a rock face scares me out of my mind.

But here’s why I do it: I like to push my limits. I like to push the boundaries of what I think I’m capable of even if I’m completely terrified. Because once I do something that I don’t think is possible I’ve forever changed. I’ve grown. I’ve expanded myself. And once expanded I don’t go back. I have a whole new definition for who I am and what I’m capable off.

What I do in climbing is exactly what I do in business all the time. I push myself beyond my comfort zone on a continual ongoing basis. I purposely do things that make me feel uncomfortable in an attempt to see how far I can push my business forward.

I’d encourage you to do the same. Do something today that makes you feel uncomfortable…

  • Today, ask every client to rebook
  • Make a call to a dozen inactive clients, find out how they are doing and ask them to come back in for a massage
  • Give a call to a doctor or chiropractor in your neighbourhood and introduce yourself
  • Canvass your area and meet your neighbours
  • Decide to implement that price increase that you’ve been holding off doing for years

What activity do you know will help your practice, but you’ve been putting off because it makes you uncomfortable or fearful? Make a commitment to challenge yourself. Do that activity. Push past what you think you can do. Do it again and again. What you once thought was impossible becomes not only possible, but easy. Your practice will change dramatically. I guarantee it.

The video above shows me pushing my limits. Check it out.

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Erik Dalton didn’t believe me…

I was chatting with Erik Dalton a couple days ago. He really liked my latest BodyworkBiz newsletter: “Can you spot the massage therapist in this picture?” But in a recent more recent email he said he didn’t believe I actually did the climb in the picture. He thought it was some kind of “an advertising stunt”.

I’m not dising Erik. I think he’s a fantastic educator. However, I know that people are naturally skeptical. I’m sure other Marketing Tips subscribers besides Erik Dalton thought the same. So to put that myth to rest, here’s a little video I took. It’s not pretty (excuse the snot running down my face) and it was never meant to be seen by the public, but I thought I’d end the skepticism. Other people may be posers, but I’d like to think I’m the real deal, whether it comes to climbing, marketing or otherwise. Watch the video and see for yourself:

That last email was about taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves. And Facebook is one of those opportunities.