Where to Get Free Images for Your Blog

Where can you get great looking images for your blog for free? Getty Images has just made available about 35 million images in its collection for use on blogs.

Getty Images is known for super high quality images, but the cost of these are through the roof. You’d be hard pressed to find an image you can license from them for less than $1000 bucks. It also has an extensive collection of celebrity images, which are typically hard to find to post legally.

How to get these Getty images?

1. Go to www.gettyimages.com/Creative/Frontdoor/embed

2. Type words related to the type of picture you’d like in the search box.

3. Find an image you like and hoover over it.

4. If the image is available to embed on your blog you’ll see a little embed icon. Click on that icon.


5. Select the code (ctrl + a) and copy it (ctrl + c).

3-7-2014 12-58-25 AM6. Paste the embed code into your blog (ctrl + v). Different blogs have different ways of doing this. In WordPress, you can simply choose the “Text” tab and paste the image where you want it to appear.

free-getty-images-for-blogAnd that’s it! You have a beautiful free image in your blog.

There are some drawbacks to using these images rather than using original images or purchasing royalty free images.

You’ll see that the image has attribution to Getty Images and may have some links to share or embed the image, just like the Getty Image at the top of this page. And if the image is clicked, it goes to the Getty Images site. As well, even though there are currently no ads on these images, but the terms and conditions say that they do have the right to post ads under the images and that may or may not happen in the future.

If you can live with those conditions, then you have a great looking image in your post. If not, then it’s better to purchase an image you need from a stock photo site like iStockPhotos or use Creative Commons images with attribution.

Where else could you get a free image like this? (From the Hulton Archive)

A Fun and Marginally Useful Title Tool

7-16-2013 8-42-14 AMI think headlines or titles are important. They draw people in to read more. They are the ad for your article or blog post or ad or video or whatever you happen to be creating. If you can’t catch the reader at hello, then you are in trouble. As I glance quickly through my blog I see a few that catch my eye:

So I was pleased to stumble across this little tool to help you create titles for whatever you happen to be doing:

Portant’s Title Generator

Just type your subject in the box and see what it comes up with. Keep clicking the refresh button to get different and new ideas. You may not use exactly what comes up, but read the tips that accompany each suggestion to spark your thinking as to what makes a title appealing and have some fun!

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Top 5 BodyworkBiz Blog Posts

As I’ve been talking about blogging over the past month, I’ve been taking a look back at my own blog over the past year. In my last post I started my countdown of the top ten. You can see number 10 to 6 here.

Here is a countdown of the remaining five most popular blog posts on the BodyworkBiz blog over the past year as determined by number of page views.

 5. Can Chair Massage Replace Psychotherapy? Here is a summary of what I think is one of the most important massage studies of the past decade. This may be the most shared and talked about post on my blog.

4.  Push Your Limits – Grow Your PracticeIf you’ve been reading my newsletters or my blog you may have seen videos or pictures of me doing rock climbing and some of the climbs seem a little extreme. However, I’m far from fearless and the lessons learned in the process of doing these things applies directly to the success of your practice. (You also get to see me challenge myself physically and mentally in a workout.)

3. A massage logo: Is it really necessary? Apparently developing a logo is a big concern for massage therapists.

2. How Did This Man Eat an Airplane? It’s really quite a remarkable story of a guy that ate a plane. The moral: You can do anything if you do it one bite at a time.

And the number one most popular post of the past year…. (drum roll, please)….

1. The Importance of Failing: A quote by Michael Jordan. I don’t know why exactly why this page ranks so highly in Google for the search term “Michael Jordan”, but apparently it does.


Your Free Massage Blog Guide

Massage Blog GuideI’ve taken up a challenge by Kelli Wise to write 31 blog posts in 31 days and I’d love for you to join me in the process. I’ll even up the ante by sending anyone who completes the challenge a “Blogging Bad Ass” trophy that you can put on your mantle.

I know most massage professionals, maybe even you, don’t have a clue as to where to start when it comes to blogs. Some people reading this may even be asking: “What’s a blog?”

So I’m compiling a variety of blog posts and articles into a “massage blog guide” to help you get started. We’ll be looking at how to set up your blog, how and what to write, and how to use your blog to get more clients. This will be a work in progress and I’ll add links as I write the posts.

The Challenge

The original challenge by Kelli Wise
How to win your “Blogging Bad Ass” trophy

Getting Started

What’s a blog?
A blog a lot like a website. What’s the difference?

Watch Eric Create a Blog in Five Minutes
I don’t know anything about creating blogs. It’s all way to complicated for me? If that’s how you feel then watch as I create a blog with one post in under five minutes. Follow along, pausing the video where needed and create your own blog right now so you can see how simple the technology really is.

Why Create a Massage Blog?
What’s the big deal? Why does everyone and their mother keep saying I need a blog?

Is It Essential to Have a Blog for Your Massage Business?
But seriously, with all the other things I could be doing online, is creating a blog really that important?

Creating Your Massage Blog
Okay, I’m sold on the idea of starting a blog. How on earth do I set one up when I don’t know an FTP from a KFC? What’s the easiest way to set this up?

Integrating a Blog Into Your Massage Website
Now I know the easiest way to create a blog, what if I want to make it part of my website?

Set Up Your Massage Blog On Your Website
I can see the benefits of integrating a blog into my website. Can you give me some more specific how to’s?

Getting Stuff Done Cheaply
I don’t want to do the technical stuff. Is there someone who can install the blog for me? What if I’m really cheap and don’t want to spend a lot of money doing this?

My Blog Recommendations
Now I’m not sure what to do. What would you recommend I do next? What would work best for a blog novice like myself?

Be Sure to Do This on Your Massage Blog
Is there anything in particular that I need to do in setting up my blog to make it more effective?

Creating Content

What Makes a Good Blog Post
What sets a good blog post apart from a mediocre one?

Writing Content for Your Massage Blog
What the heck am I going to write about? And how do I maintain a blog if I’m a lousy writer?

A 90 Minute Exercise for Planning Months of Blog Posts
Another perspective on coming up with content ideas and scheduling your posts.

More Writing Ideas for Your Massage Blog
Do you have any more simple ideas for helping me come up with ideas and content for my blog?

A Super Easy Way to Create Content for Your Blog
Where do I find the easy button? 

Guest Blogging
What is guest blogging and why would I do it?

Finding Free Images for Your Blog
Where can I get pictures to put in my posts? 

Checklist for Publishing Your Blog Post
What things do I have to remember to do before I press the Publish button?

Blogs as Websites

Turn Your Massage Blog Into a Website
Some people use blogs for their website. How do I do that?

Using WordPress as Your Website
And why is everyone suggesting WordPress?

Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress as Your Business Website
Why should I use blog software to build my website? 

Great Example of a Massage Blog
Can you show me a real life example of this? 

Promoting Your Blog

How to Promote Your Massage Blog
Now that I have a blog, how do other people find out about it?

More on Promoting Your Massage Blog
Any other suggestions for getting the word out?

What’s an RSS Feed?
This weird symbol is on my blog. What is it?

Submitting Your Blog to Directories
What is the value of having my site listed in directories?

Getting Found in the Search Engines

Getting Your Blog Posts Ranked in Google – Part 1
How do I get found in Google?

Getting Ranked in Google – Part 2

Getting Ranked in Google – Part 3

Google Doesn’t Rank Websites – Part 4

More on Ranking Your Blog in the Search Engines


The Value of Blog Commenting

Making Blog Comments Meaningful

Top Posts

Top 10 BodyworkBiz Blog Posts
Here’s number 10 to number 6 for the past year.

Top 5 BodyworkBiz Blog Posts
The countdown continues

Some Controversial BodyworkBiz Blog Posts

31 Posts in 31 days – A Midpoint Tour

Categories and Tags

Categories vs. Tags
What’s the difference between the two?


WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG
What’s the difference?

Themes – what are they?

What is a plugin?

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If you have any questions about blogging or would like to share your own experiences just post them below in the comments section. If you haven’t yet joined the 31 posts in 31 days challenge for a chance to win your blogging trophy, make sure to get started by August 15th.

What’s a Blog?

What's a massage blogI’m sure you’ve heard the word before, but do you know what a blog is?

The word is the shortened from web log… weblog… we blog… blog…get it?

A blog is simply an online journal or diary. It’s a log of your activities in chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first. It’s like the list of status updates on your Facebook Wall without any limitations. Besides just using text, you can post links, video, pictures and audio in your blog.

Blogs have existed for over a decade. They started off primarily as personal journals. However, the software that ran blogs allowed users to post content to the web very easily without any technical knowhow, so they soon became popular with businesses as a way to manage content for their website without having to learn HTML.

In fact, many massage businesses are now building their websites using only blog software, like WordPress.

To see an example, visit the BodyworkBiz massage blog at http://eric.bodyworkbiz.com. You’ll see some of the key characteristics of a typical blog:

  • You’ll see that the posts are organized by date with the latest post at the top of the list.
  • There are usually a few posts on the home page and the rest are archived. Often they are archived by date. On my blog I’ve archived them under various categories.
  • You can create “static pages” that you can list in the main navigation. For example, the “About Me” link on the blog doesn’t go to a blog post, but goes to a webpage that I’ve set up within the blog. This allows people to use blogs as websites.
  • Each post is identified by “tags”. For example, I may associate the words “chair massage” as a tag to identify the contents of the post. This helps search engines figure out what the page is about to better index and rank the page. These tags are hyperlinked so that when someone clicks a tag a list of all posts tagged in the same way is displayed.
  • People have the opportunity to comment or give you feedback at the bottom of each post.
  • An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed is created so people can view your blog content on their RSS reader. The RSS feed also allows other webmasters to publish your content on their own sites, which is a great way to syndicate your content and backlinks across the web.

This is my second post as part of the Kelli Wise’s 31 posts in 31 days challenge. I was aiming for under 350 words, but this was 402. Oh well.

Subscribe to this blog using the subscription form you’ll see on the right hand side of the page and I’ll give you a little tutorial in using setting up and writing for your own massage blog over these next few days. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below and let your Friends know about the challenge. Play along and I’ll send you a Super Blogger trophy.