There’s no excuse for not getting this…

You can get absolutely everything and you choose the price.

You can get every e-course, video, webinars, e-books, teaching kit, client education newsletter, etc. that has ever been produced at BodyworkBiz.

How much does it all cost?

You decide!

Just type in the price you can afford and it’s all yours – it’s well over two thousand dollars of practice building courses and resources!

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What would you do in this situation?

Imagine that you are closing your massage office for good as you get ready to embark on a new career. You are finishing up paperwork in your clinic when someone knocks on your door desperately in need of help. They outline their issue and you know you can really help them. Do you say:

1) “Too bad! You should have seen me months ago!”


2) “Yes, let me set up my table and I’ll take care […] Continue Reading…

Here’s How to Write Your “About Us” Page

When looking at a local restaurant website recently I came across the About Us page that listed the staff. I immediately yelled, “YES!! This is the way clinics need to write their staff bios!”

They are fresh and personal and reflect the unique personalities that we all are. Check a couple out…

What’s important to note is that people don’t like dealing with businesses. They like dealing with people… and people have personality. The more you […] Continue Reading…

Massage Domain Names for Sale

Over the years I’ve amassed a large number of domain names. Here are some of the massage-related domains I’ll be selling over the next year. If you are interested in purchasing any of the domains below, drop me a note at To facilitate our correspondence, please put the words “Massage domain name” in the subject line and let me know what you feel would be a fair purchase price for the domain.



Chair Massage Related (will […] Continue Reading…

Social Media Image Size Guide

It’s important to have a consistent look across all your social media profiles. Here’s a handy guide to image sizes for each.

I highly recommend a free online tool called Canva for creating these. It makes it super simple to create great looking profile images even if you have no design skills.

“Are you in or out?”

I’ve said I’m retiring from the massage profession, but I keep emailing you. So people are asking me, “Are you in or out? Are you really leaving the profession or is this some kind of ploy?”

The truth is that I am leaving. But it’s like trying to say goodbye at a busy party so you can get out the door.

I have an obligation to all my BodyworkBiz peeps until the end of the year. […] Continue Reading…

Get Found on the Top of Google Search Results

You can do all the search engine optimization that you want, but the easiest way for any local business, including your massage practice, to show up at the top of Google when people search for massage is to make sure you have claimed and completed your business listing in Google Maps.

Here’s what shows up for “Toronto massage”. Just type massage + your city in Google search and you’ll see how businesses listings show up at […] Continue Reading…

Quotes on Change

The greatest fear is not the fear of death, the fear of public speaking or the fear of snakes and spiders.

The greatest fear is the fear of change. We resist it with all our might. Here are some great quotes on the subject of change compiled by Richard Branson:

Reactivate Your Clients

It doesn’t matter how much you use mail, email or the phone to stay in touch, eventually clients will fall out of the loop and you’ll lose touch. Are these clients a write-off? Far from it.

Right now, most of the therapists reading this lesson are sitting on a largely untapped asset – inactive clients. If you reconnect with them and ask them to come in for a massage, a significant percentage will take you up on […] Continue Reading…

The Book I Wrote, Published and Made a Bestseller in Under Two Weeks…

I just wrote, published and got a book on the number 1 bestseller list on Amazon in under two weeks! I did it both as a challenge and as proof of concept for publishing. I knew I could do it, but I didn’t expect the book to rocket to bestseller status so quickly. Go me!!

It reached position 808 in terms of sales out of 3.2 million Kindle books. I don’t mind being in 800th […] Continue Reading…