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First Page Listing with Google Local Business Center

http://maps.google.com/localbusinesscenter You’ll want to read about this tool for sure because I’m going to show you the easiest way to get found at the top of Google search results even if you don’t have a website… and it’s even free! I’ve been preaching it for years, but the message becomes more important with each passing …

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Easy and Free Website Creation

Links: Weebly website creator: http://www.bodyworkbiz.com/freewebsite Free video tutorials: http://www.spiffydiywebsites.com I’ve been preaching the importance of having a website for years. It is such an important part of owning a business that I just don’t understand why everyone doesn’t make this the first thing they do after opening their massage practice. Even as I’m writing this …

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How Google Search Works

Here’s a short video from Google engineer Matt Cutts with a simple explanation about how search engines work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNHR6IQJGZs In my book, Dating Google, I show you how to make your website attractive to Google and improve your chances of getting ranked highly in search results. This video is a good visual overview of how …

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