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You can get absolutely everything and you choose the price.

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  1. My shopping cart service expires August 19th and I have no reason to renew it.
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This is a “pay what you can” offer, not a “take advantage of the situation” offer. I believe that you’ll be fair in entering the price. If you can afford $100 or $200, I trust that’s what you’ll pay for what amounts to over $2,000 in resources. If you are in dire financial curcumstances and can only afford $20 or $50, that’s fine too.

As a reference point, the average cost of cable TV in the USA is $64.61 per month or $772.92 per year. Even Netflix at $7.99 per month is $95.98 annually. If you can afford to pay that for entertainment, certainly it would be wise to invest more in your career and your future.

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The Book I Wrote, Published and Made a Bestseller in Under Two Weeks…

I just wrote, published and got a book on the number 1 bestseller list on Amazon in under two weeks! I did it both as a challenge and as proof of concept for publishing. I knew I could do it, but I didn’t expect the book to rocket to bestseller status so quickly. Go me!!

It reached position 808 in terms of sales out of 3.2 million Kindle books. I don’t mind being in 800th place given the competition. 🙂

For a short time you can get the newly released 60 Clients in 60 Days book on Amazon for only 99 cents!

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The book has become an instant best seller and is currently ranked #1 in the Alternative Medicinecategory on Amazon.

Today in the Health, Fitness and Dieting category it’s beating out even Eckhart Tolle’s New Earth, The Four Agreements, Grain Brain and hundreds of other bestselling books. It’s in the top 20 in the huge Business category.

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It’s only available in Kindle format for the time being, but you can easily read it on your computer, tablet, phone, or ipad.

Thousands of massage therapists have taken the 60 Clients in 60 Days e-course with incredible results. Although BodyworkBiz has officially closed and the course is no longer available, I’d like to make a final push and see this information in the hands of as many therapists as possible. Please forward this email or share this Facebook post to let your friends and colleagues know. The price will go up following this short launch campaign.

If you purchased the e-course or the retirement package that includes the course, get the book as a quick reference to supplement your online learning.

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PS This has been a lot of fun. The royalties on a 99 cent book have made me enough to bring my girlfriend and couple friends out to Pizza Hut! Woo hoo!

Repurposing (or How to Make One Thing Do Many Things)


In the old days (like ten years ago), marketing used to be so much simpler. The ways of getting your marketing message out to people in your community was limited. With the advent of high speed internet access all of that has changed.

People consume information in a thousand different ways. Now instead of simply putting something out in print, you need address the multitude of ways that people access information and find your business.

There are hundreds of various media channels that compete for attention and everyone has their favorite. Some people look for info in search engines, some like to read blogs for info, some like image based sites, some are always on social media, some like watching videos, etc.

It’s simply hellish as a small business owner to reach people through the huge number of sites that people may or may not be on.

One solution to decrease your workload and increase your reach is to  simply repurpose content you create. Here’s how I did it…

I want as many people as possible to get their hands on the resources at BodyworkBiz before I close down the shopping cart for good. So I wrote a blog post let people know why I was shutting down and to encourage them to purchase the low cost retirement package I’ve put together.


The blog is text based and great for people that still like to read. It also has the possibility of getting picked up in search engines for people who are looking for that information there. But it would be a shame to just stop there.

But what about the visual consumers?

I figured, why not simply create a slide deck that summarizes my blog post. I can repurpose that information in a more visual way. So I created this slide deck using a service called Haiku Deck. It’s super fast and I can use their images for free.

I can embed that in my blog, post a link in social media or export it as a SlideShare Deck.

I can even save individual slides and post them to Pinterest or other image sharing sites.

What about the people that like video?

I can simply use a screen capture software to record my slides and voice for an even more engaging message and I can post that on video sharing sites like YouTube.

Now I have three (or more) pieces of content that I can upload to my various social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) So instead of just doing one post to each of these social sites, I can do three posts to each staggering them over time so everyone is alerted.

Note that you can also do it the other way. If you’re not a writer, then make a video and post it. Then take screen shots of the video to create a slide deck and transcribe the audio to create a blog post. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The BIG BodyworkBiz Retirement Sale – Time Sensitive

BodyworkBiz will be closing its doors as of December 31, 2014. I want to give all my loyal subscribers and customers a chance to get anything they’ve always wanted to get before it all goes away.

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Just a caveat: I’m resurrecting a few courses that I’ve taken off the site previously and I haven’t updated them. So you’re getting them as is. You may come across some broken links, missing images, etc. that I won’t be fixing at this point. Also with a 90%+ discount, I won’t be offering my usual money back guarantees.

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Fill Your Massage Practice 101 (ecourse)

Filling a massage practice is the number one priority among new and veteran professionals alike. It doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. We guarantee that you’ll fill your practice with these uncomplicated, simple to understand, easy to implement ideas that tell you exactly what you need to do to develop a flourishing practice.

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How long does it take to fill your massage practice? You’re about to find out in this groundbreaking program. This group consulting program is designed for massage therapists who want to see dramatic growth in their practice – we’re aiming for 60 new clients in 60 days! It’s specifically for therapists with time on their hands, but little money for marketing.

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Chair Massage Marketing 101 (ECOURSE)

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to building a successful chair massage business. Learn everything there is to know about chair massage, from choosing a chair and getting training, to getting into the boardrooms and moving clients into your clinic. When it comes to marketing chair massage, this is the most comprehensive course on the planet.

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5-Day Chair Massage Business (ECOURSE)

This is for you if you are interested in chair massage, but don’t want to take the time to do the 101 Day Chair Massage Marketing course. It will give you the mile high view of entering this market along with lots of great “just tell me what to do” information.

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Teach Massage Workshops (ECOURSE)

Follow the 25-steps and within a week, you’ll have a solid action plan in place to design, market, organize, teach and profit from your own massage workshops.

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Massage Class in a Box (Presentation Kit)

In this comprehensive presentation kit, you’ll find everything you need to market and teach a practical massage class that everybody can enjoy. You’ll get valuable marketing information and advertisements, class outlines, teaching strategies, teaching notes for techniques, illustrated class handouts that you can copy for the participants and more. The only thing we couldn’t fit in this package was the classroom.

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260 Extremely Practical Ways to Fill Your Massage Practice

Need more clients? How would you like to have the most practical and most effective techniques for filling your massage or bodywork practice instantly at your fingertips? You’ll find it here. 260 of the best marketing and practice-building ideas compiled from successful massage professionals across the world. Use just a couple of these proven “secrets” and watch your practice grow.

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Another 260 Practical Ways to Fill Your Massage Practice

Here’s the follow up to the “260 Tip” program: A massive encyclopedic reference of the most effective marketing and business building resources that has ever existed on planet earth. 260 lessons compiled from tips and suggestions from the over 10,000 BodyworkBiz Marketing Tips subscribers.

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Discover how to get powerful free publicity for your massage practice that’s more believable and profitable than any advertising you can buy at any price. Use the power of the press to increase your visibility, establish yourself as the expert in your community and get new customers knocking on your door.

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Non-Stop Referral Marketing: Word Of Mouth Marketing On Steroids (ECOURSE)

How would you like to have 100 of the best business professionals in your community telling everyone and their uncle about your wonderful massage skills and suggesting that they book an appointment with you now? Then you must try Non-Stop Referral Marketing.

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Article Marketing (ECOURSE)

Writing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for massage professionals, but is little understood and seldom used. Get a jump on the competition by writing articles to market and grow your practice. This package includes a comprehensive e-course on article marketing, “Article Marketing for Massage Professionals” e-book, online article submission software (which sells for as much as $99 on other websites), as well as a bonus Teleclass recording and transcript.

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Sell Massage Gift Certificates (ECOURSE)

This comprehensive course will teach you the secrets to selling hundreds of gift certificates each year. Learn how to get your clients and other business to give you money for the privilege of sending people to you and literally add thousands of dollars to your income each year.

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E-Marketing Made Easy 101 (ECOURSE)

Welcome to the new millennium – a decade late! Get on board the Internet and use one of the most potentially effective and most highly underutilized tools for building your massage business. It’s all made ridiculously simple in this plain English, “just tell me what to do” program.

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Web Marketing MBA (ECOURSE)

Your potential customers are now online and about 80% of them are looking for local services like massage therapy online. It is absolutely vital that you learn to leverage the web to get new clients or you may find your practice struggling in the years ahead. The Web Marketing MBA program is presented in a super simple “view it and do it” format and is designed to get you into the 21st century. This course consists of ten live interactive sessions where you’ll literally look over my shoulder as I lead you through implementing the most effective strategies for getting new clients online.

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Complete Common Cents (ECOURSE)

Heading For Financial Disaster? Don’t Get Mad, Get Smart! If you are ready to take control of your finances, follow along through this comprehensive personal financial management program. Includes checklists and worksheets. This course has never been publicly released at BodyworkBiz.

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Client Educational Newsletters for Your Massage Business

A client education newsletter is a powerful practice-building tool. Now you can have high quality newsletters customized with your personal information within seconds at just a small fraction of the cost of producing it yourself. You have “private label rights” to the content and the illustrations which means you can use the newsletter content for articles, blog posts, email newsletters, educational handouts and more.

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LinkedIn for Business (ECOURSE)

LinkedIn can be the perfect marketing tool for massage professionals – if you know what you’re doing. Most people just waste time on LinkedIn – browsing randomly and sending out odd connection requests. You can do so much more, and in this course by my friend Matt Bush you’ll get a solid grounding in how to make LinkedIn work for you. This course has never been publicly released at BodyworkBiz.

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Relax To the Max Guide To Chair Massage Techniques DVD Set: Vol 1 And Vol 2

In these chair massage technique videos, you’ll discover that chair massage does not need to be hard on your body. You’ll find out how to use your body in an efficient way, maximizing leverage and your body weight, while minimizing stress to your back and your thumbs. Learn dozens of techniques in what is arguably, the most comprehensive instructional videos you’ll find anywhere.

You’ll lean:

  • The 8 essential principles of effective body use
  • A variety of effective, easy-to-perform techniques for the back, neck, shoulders and arms
  • A 15-minute market-tested routine for use in corporate environments
  • Detailed instructions on setting up your massage chair for maximum comfort
  • The “fainting phenomenon” that is unique to chair massage and how to prevent it from happening to your customers
  • How to use your body for maximum effectiveness without stress to your hands or back
  • Dozens of effective easy to perform techniques for the back, neck, shoulders and arms
  • A complete series of lower body techniques performed right in the chair
  • How to perform stretches for tight muscles with your customer seated in the chair
  • Guidelines for customizing your chair massage, whether you are doing a two-minute sample or a one-hour full body massage


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Massage Anytime Anywhere DVD

Learn 42 incredibly practical techniques that can literally be done anytime, anywhere. All techniques are done over the clothing and the only equipment required is a standard chair and your hands. They are easy to learn and very relaxing. After going through this DVD you’ll be able to do anything from a three-minute neck rub to a one-hour full body massage.

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International Chair Massage Conference (Videos)

This four DVD set of the two-day International Chair Massge Conference 2005 gives you the feeling of being there. This visual reference will also give you a better sense of what the presenters are talking about in sessions on body mechanics, stone massage and handling fainting episodes.

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Facebook: Friends with Benefits (webinar)

It seems like almost everyone is on Facebook. The media is touting it as the greatest way to promote your business ever. But how do you do that, especially as a massage professional? Eric Brown will cut through the hype and give you simple truth behind using Facebook to grow your practice: From managing your privacy to turning your Facebook Friends into paying clients. Whether you are just thinking of setting up your account or are an experienced Facebook junkie, youll come away with valuable tips you can put into action today.

Price: ONLY $20

60 Clients In 60 Days (webinar)

How long does it take to build a successful practice? One year? Three years? Forget the myth that it takes a long time to build a practice and follow this proven step-by-step strategy to get 60 Clients in 60 Days. If you find yourself struggling in your practice, with little money to invest, and with more time on your hands than clients under your hands, then you must take the time to attend this eye opening presentation. It’s a perfect practice-building solution for practitioners who hate marketing and maybe even lack confidence in their skills, but who aren’t afraid to work hard.

Price: ONLY $20

Three Rs for Increasing Your Practice Income (webinar)

Discover specific and actionable strategies to ensure that your practice stays busy and prosperous in this engaging round table discussion. Just like the three Rs you learned in school, there are three Rs for successfully increasing your practice income: Maximizing recruitment, maximizing return visits, and maximizing revenue from each treatment. These are applicable whether you have your own practice or are working for someone else. Find out how you can master these skills and dramatically improve your income. This round table discussion will feature, oddly enough, four Bs; Four renowned massage marketing experts, all unrelated, who just coincidentally all have Brown as a last name: Eric Brown, Todd Brown, Felicia Brown and Elizabeth Fletcher-Brown. [Eric’s note: This one of my favorite panel discussions ever.]

Price: ONLY $20

Good Ethics Is Good Business (webinar)

Of course you’re a model of ethical behavior! Or are you? Because we generally view ourselves as good people, we don’t always take the time to view our behaviors through the critical lens of ethical behavior. As a result we may not recognize the small things we do that cause our clients to feel discomfort or mistrust. And these little things affect not only our own business, but also those of other therapists. Engage in a little personal exploration in this interactive presentation which focuses on creating positive therapeutic relationships so that you can create higher levels of client trust and loyalty, better treatment outcomes, and more referrals.

Price: ONLY $20


Magnetic Marketing (ebook)

Discover the how a humble little magnet can be a marketing powerhouse.

Using Client Education Newsletters to Grow Your Practice (ebook)

Everyone says that education is vitally important in growing a practice, but how do you do it. Find out in this information packed ebook.

Pregnancy Massage (illustrated ebook)

The BodyworkBiz Guide to Pregnancy Massage is a concise, but comprehensive reference guide for any massage professional who plans to work with pregnant clients whether it’s during pregnancy, labor or in the immediate postpartum period.

More info…

Endless Referrals (ebook)

I’ve contributed to this book by Mickey Wong and got distribution rights to share. Mickey’s an entertaining writer and offers a great guide to getting referrals through joint ventures. Sold on Mickey’s site for about US$29.

More info…

Press Release Power Guide (ebook)

It’s a solid little guidebook that covers all the basics around press releases and is written by someone that actually knows what they are talking about. Sold on Amazon for $18.99

More info…

It’s Not Really the End

We’ve reached the end of our  30-Day Challenge.

Of course, it’s not really the end. Maintaining your productivity is an ongoing process, but it is the end of our daily little conversations.

I appreciate how much you’ve embraced many of the challenges I’ve thrown out there for you. It says a lot about how you are as a person.

I also want to thank you for taking time to share so much of yourself on the blog and in our little (or maybe not so little) Facebook Group. Some of the posts I’ve seen over the month were inspiring and some were really heartfelt and touching. There were a lot of great ideas being shared and some of the questions asked really made me think and examine my own thoughts and ideas. I also appreciate the encouragement you’ve given the other participants.

How was this month for you? What tips were you able to incorporate into your routine? What idea or action was most valuable for you? Are there other things you did that improved your productivity throughout the month? How has your level of production changed? Are you getting more done at work? Do you find that you have more time and freedom to play?

Please give me some feedback and let me know if you are interested in future “challenges”. Leave your comments in my blog or on the Facebook Group.


Take a Break and Have Some Fun

People In The Sea

Being productive is getting the maximum results for any effort you expend so that you can free up time for the things that matter most to you: Being social, spending time with people you love, exploring your passions, playing around and having fun.

Being productive is not about doing things all the time. That’s called being busy. It’s important to make that distinction.

So don’t feel that you always have to be busy. Take some time to relax and do nothing. Enjoy being with yourself and your thoughts. Take time to pursue some of your interests and your passions. Watch some inspirational videos. Read a book. Take some time to do the things you really love. Renew yourself: Physically, mentally, emotionally.

As much as it’s important to accomplish the things you want to achieve, it’s equally important to  step back, reflect and acknowledge all the great things you’ve done.

Before the end of the week, take a few quiet hours just for you. Do something you really love doing and that will make your heart happy.


Be Unrealistic

baby lifting

When I started World Massage Conference seven years ago, I enlisted a couple of equally naive friends to help me and insisted that we make this the biggest event ever in the history of massage. There was no such thing as a virtual conference at that point. I looked for models, but no one had done anything like this… in any industry. We did six days of live streaming broadcasts, from early morning to late at night, to a profession of low tech practitioners at a time when live streaming broadcasting was still in its infancy.

I don’t remember the exact number, but we must of had 8,000 paid registrants from around the world at that first event.

In retrospect, as with many things I’ve done, it didn’t make sense. It was a crazy thing to do. I was naive and neither my partners or I had any idea what we were getting ourselves into. The first day of broadcasting was chaos and we were just praying that things wouldn’t explode when we pressed the buttons to get started.

But we accomplished an incredible feat bringing dozens of the top massage experts from around the world into people’s living rooms. And seven years later it still remains the largest event in the history of massage every year with more than double the registrations of our first year. We accomplished so much simply because we were completely unrealistic!

So the next time you do not feel competent enough to try something new, simply ask yourself if that belief has ever helped you. If not get rid of it and get a new belief because at the end of the day an unrealistic vision that pushes you to new levels of achievement is far better than a realistic one that makes you feel impotent and incapable of making changes in the world around you.

What’s one crazy thing would you like to do, but have never taken action on because you’ve been too realistic?


Take a Break from Your Computer

bigstock-Interior-of-Working-place-54242042It’s so easy to get caught in the web: The world wide web.

There are so many tempting ways to completely waste your time. You start by looking for a smoothie recipe, stumble across a news items about food fights, watch a video of the Tomatina, the tomato throwing festival in Spain, then watch another video on the running of the bulls, look up beach resorts in Spain, go on Expedia to see if you can find a cheaper vacation closer to home, visit Facebook to find out where your friend stayed in Mexico, start ranting in the Massage Therapists group, stumble upon a Trunk Monkey video… Before you know it you’ve been online for 90 minutes and you still don’t have your smoothie made, so you grab a glass of wine instead.

Surfing on the web is almost as deadly as turning on the television. You have to be super vigilant to make sure you don’t get caught up in all the shiny objects that are dangled in front of you on the Interwebs.

Hopefully, you’ve been using your kitchen timer for the Pomodoro. Now use it to control your Internet obsession. Put it beside your computer and every time you sit down at that keyboard for any reason, set the timer for 15 minutes.

If you want to continue doing what you’re doing when the timer goes off, feel free to do so. Set the timer again for another 15. At least now you are aware of the time you’re spending instead of wasting it mindlessly.

When you take a break, do a few easy back bends. Then reach up to the sky with your arms going up on the balls of your feet. And let your body roll down let your head and arms hang loosely. Do that a few times to wake your body up, release tension from your muscles, get your circulation flowing and some blood back to your brain.

You may want to consider downloading either the free or paid version of RescueTime to monitor your activity. It will track your online activity and give you a report at the end of the week.  It’s easy to fool yourself, but it’s not so easy to fool a computer. I mentioned this tool last week. If you’ve been using it, what have you found? Are the results surprising? Here were my results from earlier in the challenge.

There are even apps, like StayFocused for the Chrome web browser that just won’t allow you to spend anymore time on a particular site once you’ve reached the time limit you’ve set for yourself. I’m sure there are many more out there as well.

Do you use any specific techniques to remind yourself to take breaks?

I’m also super curious how your TV use, your phone use and your social media use has changed over the month. Has anyone made any big changes? How has that impacted your life. Let me know in the comments below or in the Facebook group.


“I don’t have time for that” is a lie

No time is a lie


The words, “I don’t have time for that” should never leave your lips. It’s just an outright lie.

So just admit it: If you don’t have time for something, then it’s just not important to you.

If you got a call that your child was in an accident and at the hospital, you would make time to get to the hospital and take care of the situation… regardless of how busy you were.

So what people really mean when they say “I don’t have time” is that particular thing, whatever it might be, is not important enough to deserve their time

What does this mean for you?

Be honest with yourself and the people around you. Stop making excuses by using the “I don’t have time” line. It’s not productive. Decide how you are going to spend your time and commit to that.

Notice when you hear yourself saying that line either out loud or quietly in your head. When you catch yourself ask yourself, “Is this something that I need to do?” If yes, then make time to take care of it right away. If it’s something that needs to be done in the future, schedule time to take care of it. If it’s not something you need to do, then just say to yourself or the people around you, “It’s not a priority for me right now. You’ll need to find someone else to take care of that.”

Adopt a “Minimal Choice” Lifestyle

eric eating lunchThis is another Tim Ferris habit that I’ve practiced for years. Here’s the lowdown…

We live in a society where there are almost a limitless number of choices. For example, if I want to pick up yogurt at the local grocery store, I see a refrigerator section that is no less than 25 feet long with every type of yogurt imaginable making every possible claim for benefit, each container screaming for my attention. If I were to really consider my options for yogurt buying, I would be in the grocery store for hours.

Some resources are renewable, but other resources, like attention, aren’t. The incredible number of available choices and options we have consume our attention, minimize our appreciation and leave us overwhelmed.

So my habits to combat this are:

  1. Minimize my need to make choices
  2. Make fast decisions

Does it matter that I make a wrong choice? If the result is non-fatal, then no, it doesn’t really matter.

So for example to minimize my need to make choices, I always have a bowl of cereal and a coffee for breakfast and a peanut butter and banana or a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch. I don’t need to waste my attention thinking about what I’m going to eat. Dinner is the important meal for me and I cook a great meal every single night of the week. I’ll throw my attention into that meal that I eat with my son or friends.

As an example of making fast decisions: The person who books my hotels and flights spends ages comparing locations, prices, amenities, etc. It would probably take me about 1/10th of the time to do it myself. In Canada, I have only two airlines to choose from and they’re pretty much the same. Two equally priced hotels are really not going to be that different. I’m not going to take a half hour to read about their amenities and look at the pictures. I’ll rather spend that half hour lounging by the pool when I get there.

So here are several exercises you can try this week to get you into the habit of preserving your attention in the face of options:

1. When someone asks you to make a decision that is non-life threatening, for example, where to eat or where to meet, stop debating in your head. Make a decision immediately. And by immediately, I mean immediately. Just say the first thing that comes into your head. Get the decision made within ten seconds. If the person drags you into a choice game, pass off the choice responsibility to them. You don’t need to play their game.

Your friend asks, “Where do you want to meet for coffee?”

You say within seconds, “We’ll meet at Aroma Cafe, the one near Eglinton Avenue. Does 2 pm work for you?”

Your friend says, “I’m bringing Johnny to speech therapy around 1 o’clock, so I’m not sure that will work. Maybe we should meet in the morning or maybe later in the day.”

You pass off the choice responsibility by saying, “No problem. Figure out a time that works for you and send me a text by this evening. I’ll make myself available.”

You’re done. You’ve saved yourself and your friend 15 minutes of needless negotiation and you can move onto more meaningful conversation or activities.

2. If you get an email that requires action that you can do in less than two minutes, decide what needs to be done and do it immediately. Don’t go onto the next email and come back to it later, don’t mark it for follow up, just take care of it and get it out of the way.

3. Plan your meals at the beginning of the week and make sure you have groceries on hand to make them. Or do like I do and eat exactly the same thing for “non-critical”, non-social meals.

Are there ways you save your attention by minimizing choices? Do you have a food plan you want to share for the week. Post your comments below or on the Facebook group.