Web Marketing

Website Design in 2019

Over the years I’ve developed well over 100 websites for all sorts of businesses over a period of almost 20 years. It may not seem that many years, but considering the browser came out in 1995, I’m an Internet old timer. I’ve posted a couple website makeovers here on the blog and if you want…

Social Media Image Size Guide

It’s important to have a consistent look across all your social media profiles. Here’s a handy guide to image sizes for each. I highly recommend a free online tool called Canva for creating these. It makes it super simple to create great looking profile images even if you have no design skills.  

Free Facebook Advertising Tutorials

“How do I get new clients?” That’s the number one question on pretty much every massage therapist’s mind. There are dozens and dozens of ways to get new clients. The problem is to choosing the most effective strategies, that is the strategies that get new clients in your door without costing you a ridiculous amount of money or …

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Here’s What’s Happened at BodyworkBiz (week of December 14th)

Thanks for the well wishes over these past two weeks. It’s been a month of reflection as my official career as a massage therapist ends December 31st. I’ve been posting on the blog regularly and I thought I’d just send you a list of recent posts so you can decide what you want to look …

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Facebook “Reach” Is Reaching New Lows

This is the news from Inc.com: “A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that as of January, organic reach for businesses trying to promote themselves on the platform will approach zero. In other words, Facebook has made it clear that in order to reach your customers, fans, and anyone else who has “liked” your business on its platform, …

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Repurposing (or How to Make One Thing Do Many Things)

In the old days (like ten years ago), marketing used to be so much simpler. The ways of getting your marketing message out to people in your community was limited. With the advent of high speed internet access all of that has changed. People consume information in a thousand different ways. Now instead of simply …

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The BIG BodyworkBiz Retirement Sale – Time Sensitive

BodyworkBiz will be closing its doors as of December 31, 2014. I want to give all my loyal subscribers and customers a chance to get anything they’ve always wanted to get before it all goes away. Better yet, you can have pretty much everything that I’ve ever published for just $199. Yes, I mean everything: …

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