Repurposing (or How to Make One Thing Do Many Things)


In the old days (like ten years ago), marketing used to be so much simpler. The ways of getting your marketing message out to people in your community was limited. With the advent of high speed internet access all of that has changed.

People consume information in a thousand different ways. Now instead of simply putting something out in print, you need address the multitude of ways that people access information and find your business.

There are hundreds of various media channels that compete for attention and everyone has their favorite. Some people look for info in search engines, some like to read blogs for info, some like image based sites, some are always on social media, some like watching videos, etc.

It’s simply hellish as a small business owner to reach people through the huge number of sites that people may or may not be on.

One solution to decrease your workload and increase your reach is to  simply repurpose content you create. Here’s how I did it…

I want as many people as possible to get their hands on the resources at BodyworkBiz before I close down the shopping cart for good. So I wrote a blog post let people know why I was shutting down and to encourage them to purchase the low cost retirement package I’ve put together.


The blog is text based and great for people that still like to read. It also has the possibility of getting picked up in search engines for people who are looking for that information there. But it would be a shame to just stop there.

But what about the visual consumers?

I figured, why not simply create a slide deck that summarizes my blog post. I can repurpose that information in a more visual way. So I created this slide deck using a service called Haiku Deck. It’s super fast and I can use their images for free.

I can embed that in my blog, post a link in social media or export it as a SlideShare Deck.

I can even save individual slides and post them to Pinterest or other image sharing sites.

What about the people that like video?

I can simply use a screen capture software to record my slides and voice for an even more engaging message and I can post that on video sharing sites like YouTube.

Now I have three (or more) pieces of content that I can upload to my various social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) So instead of just doing one post to each of these social sites, I can do three posts to each staggering them over time so everyone is alerted.

Note that you can also do it the other way. If you’re not a writer, then make a video and post it. Then take screen shots of the video to create a slide deck and transcribe the audio to create a blog post. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Get More Clients from the Web

This video is one in a series outlining some of the resources available in the BodyworkBiz Retirement sale where you can get pretty much everything I’ve ever produced for a small one time fee of only $199.

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The web is pervasive. It has permeated every facet of our lives. Everyone is online and they are communicating, socializing, researching, planning, sharing, buying, recommending, creating, working, searching, scheduling, etc.

If you want to connect with all these people and help them become your clients, then you need to seriously rethink the way you promote your business. The old ways of advertising your practice and getting clients that worked fine even five years ago, just don’t work in 2014!

There’s one thing you need to do if you want your practice to survive in the coming years: Get online where your future clients are.

To thrive in your practice, this has to become your new business card…

It’s vitally important for you to start harnessing the power of the web to grow your practice. Ignore this and you will find yourself left in the dust.

It’s not easy though. The world of online marketing is a confusing one. The Internet is evolving at warp speed and it’s hard to know exactly what to do online to help your business. In fact, because of getting poor and inaccurate information, many therapists (maybe even you) haven’t seen any results from their web activities.

In the BodyworkBiz big retirement package you’ll get two extensive courses where you’ll discover how to make web marketing work for you.

The Web Marketing MBA course is a video course that takes you through ten important web marketing strategies. What’s unique about this course is the “watch and do” approach. Simply watch me implement the strategies and follow along. Go to the sites I’m on, click the buttons I refer to and follow my step-by-step instructions. Pause the video at any point to complete the task and then move on.

The Web Marketing MBA course was selling for $500 and it’s just one of the courses included in the the BodyworkBiz Retirement Sale package that you can get for just $199 until December 31st, 2014.

Check it out:

The other resource that you’ll find invaluable in this big package is the e-Marketing 101 e-course. It’s a great reference guide that consists of 101 short, super-specific lessons on various facets of using the web to build your practice. If you ever have any question on any facet of using the web to market your practice, just log in and you’ll likely find your answer. You have instant access to all these lessons (I know it’s a ridiculously long list) when you purchase the BodyworkBiz Retirement Package:

1. Why the Web?
2. The Big Picture
3. Your Website: The Foundation
4. What To Do If You Don’t Have a Website
5. Getting a Date with Google: Search Engine Optimization
6. Google Checks You Out
7. Keywords are Key
8. A Domain of Your Own
9. If a Domain Falls in the Forest
10. Facebook
11. Editing your Facebook Profile
12. Protecting Your Privacy
13. Nobody Likes Lists (Except Smart Facebook Users)
14. The Writing on the Wall
15. Adding Friends
16. Back to Our Date with Google
17. Create Sexy URLs
18. Catching Google’s eye: Beautiful Page Titles
19. Getting to Know You: A Compelling Description
20. Writing for the Search Engines
21. Off page optimization: The Power of Links
22. Dress Up Naked Links: Anchor text
23. More Back Linking Basics
24. Make Your Site Shareable
25. Your First Directory
26. Review Sites
27. Bing Business Listing
28. Google Places
29. Yahoo Business Listing
30. Yelping for Clients
31. Analyzing Your Results
32. Other Review Sites of Note
33. Universal Business Listing
34. How To Find Local Review Sites
35. How to Get Reviews
36. Email: The Killer App
37. What’s an E-Zine
38. More EZine Tips
39. Maximizing Sign Ups, Opens and Click-Thrus
40. Social Bookmarking
41. Video Marketing
42. Create Your Script (Or Not)…
43. Create Your Video
44. Optimizing and Uploading Your Video to YouTube
45. “Rinse and Repeat” Your Video
46. Article Marketing Basics
47. How to Write and Article in 10 Minutes
48. Create Your Resource Box
49. Finding the Top Article Directories
50. Submitting Your Articles Online
Git ‘er Done week…
51. Social Bookmarking Continued.
52. OMG! I got a BAD Review
53. Twitter and Tweets
54. Get Linked In
55. Any Place for MySpace?
56. Facebook Pages: Fans and Groups
57. How to create your Facebook Fan Page
58. Growing Your Fan Base
59. Engaging Your Fans
60. Three Easy Ways to Promote Your Fan Page
61. What’s a blog and do you need one
62. Setting up your blog
63. Content for your Blog
64. Promoting Your blog
65. Blog commenting
66. Getting Listed in Directories
67. Business Directories
68. Local Directories
69. Massage directories
70. Blog directories
71. Why press releases?
72. Writing your press release
73. Optimize Your Press Release
74. PR Distribution
75. Take it offline
76. Pay Per Click Advertising
77. Google Adwords
78. Setting Up Your Adwords Ads
79. Facebook Ads
80. How to set up your Facebook ad
81. Microsoft adCenter and other PPCs
82. Forums / discussion lists
83. What is Web 2.0?
84. Squidoo
85. Google Knol
86. Accepting electronic payments
87. The Power of Offline Promotion
88. Reciprocal Linking
89. Groupon and Social Discount Sites
90. Groupon continued…
91. Advanced Video Marketing Tactics 1
92. YouTube Subscriptions Directly from Your Site
93. Put Facebook and Twitter updates on auto pilot
94. Advanced Email Strategies
95. Automating posts to social media sites
96. Cross links and deep links
97. Facebook’s Secret Sauce
98. Advanced LinkedIn Strategies
99. Four Little Known Facebook Marketing Secrets
100. More Advanced Facebook Strategies

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Magnetic Marketing (ebook)

Discover the how a humble little magnet can be a marketing powerhouse.

Using Client Education Newsletters to Grow Your Practice (ebook)

Everyone says that education is vitally important in growing a practice, but how do you do it. Find out in this information packed ebook.

Pregnancy Massage (illustrated ebook)

The BodyworkBiz Guide to Pregnancy Massage is a concise, but comprehensive reference guide for any massage professional who plans to work with pregnant clients whether it’s during pregnancy, labor or in the immediate postpartum period.

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Endless Referrals (ebook)

I’ve contributed to this book by Mickey Wong and got distribution rights to share. Mickey’s an entertaining writer and offers a great guide to getting referrals through joint ventures. Sold on Mickey’s site for about US$29.

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Press Release Power Guide (ebook)

It’s a solid little guidebook that covers all the basics around press releases and is written by someone that actually knows what they are talking about. Sold on Amazon for $18.99

More info…

Why You Need to Communicate Visually

You may have noticed an increasing shift in the level of visual communication as technology allows us to finally communicate in the way we naturally communicate.

The original BodyworkBiz site was built in 1999. That’s dinosaur time in the Internet world given that the first Internet Explorer web browser only came out in 1995.

It’s only in the past five years that high speed internet has enabled us to effectively communicate with images and video. So BodyworkBiz which has been largely text-based to maximize accessibility is getting a major upgrade to reflect the changing times and changing needs of massage therapists. Look out for it in the next month.

People are expecting to be communicated with in more visually engaging ways. How can you incorporate visual communication into your marketing?

Haiku Deck is one of my favorite presentation tools. Check out Seven Keys to Business Success or Become Incredibly Selfish, both which have been done using this free tool.

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  • How to create a complete business plan in less than two hours
  • Why you should vomit your brain onto paper regularly (ew!)
  • And a whole lot…

Sign up here for free and let’s have some fun:


What Color Is Your Massage Practice?

People definitely have a reaction to color and this can affect the way they perceive or feel about your massage practice. Here’s an interesting infographic that I thought was one of the best summaries on using color.

What about your practice? Do you associate a particular color with your business? Why did you choose to go with that color?



What Type of Facebook Post Is Best?

When it comes to getting the truth about what works and what doesn’t in social media, I turn to Dan Zarella ( He analyzes huge data sets to get an accurate picture of what’s happening in social marketing.

His latest project involves the geeky analysis of 11.4 million Facebook posts published by over 24,000 of the most liked Facebook pages, dating back to 2010. The aim was to take a historical look at what type of Facebook post gets the most engagement.

The findings are interesting, but not incredibly surprising…


In short:

  • Image posts have always been the most engaging type of post and so pictures should be considered your “go to” post type.
  • Text posts have been showing a downward trend over time, but are still as popular as posts with video and links.
  • Both video and link posts have been showing an upward trend in engagement over the past year and a half, so be sure to use these occasionally.

When should you post to Facebook for most engagement. Check out this blog post: Best Time for a Facebook Post?





Are You a Referral Wimp?

referral-wimpThere is no doubt about it. Referrals are one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways to build your practice.

However, some practices are thriving with a torrent of referrals whereas others seem to sputter along with just the odd referral here and there. Why the difference?

The sputtering referrals practice assumes that referrals come naturally from doing a good job. Give a great massage and your client will tell two friends and they’ll tell two friends and so on and so on.

But the truth is that while giving a great massage is important, this alone won’t ensure that you get referrals.

Three Steps to Getting Referrals…

The practitioner who gets lots of referrals understands that the process of getting referrals isn’t a passive one. Referrals don’t happen by accident. Massage professionals in successful referral-based practices know that you have to:

  1. Earn referrals
  2. Ask for referrals
  3. Reward referrals

Building a practice through word of mouth requires a systematic approach in all three of these areas.

I can’t cover each of these in detail in this newsletter. So I’ll focus on one area right now. That’s the ASKING part of the process. This is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to generate increases in referrals. After all, clients don’t even know you want referrals until you let them know. And the simplest way to let them know is to ask them.

But when it comes to asking for a referral, too many therapists are simply too wimpy. They just don’t do it.

If you are not asking for referrals as often as you should, it could be because of some false assumptions on your part. Take the quiz below to uncover some of the things that may be hindering you. (Don’t worry. Spelling doesn’t count.)

Are you a referral wimp?

I don’t ask for referrals as often as I could because…

T / F I’m not sure that my clients are getting enough value

T / F I feel rushed at the end of each visit and I always forget to ask

T / F I don’t know how to ask for referrals in a way that’s comfortable for me

T / F I don’t want to ask for their help because it makes me look needy

T / F I don’t want to appear to be too aggressive

T / F Most clients feel uncomfortable when I ask

T / F I hate getting a “no” or getting other negative response

That quiz was painless, wasn’t it?


Now how many “true” answers did you choose? If you have none, good for you!

If you got only one, not bad. But even that one belief is going to stop you from being as effective as possible in getting referrals.

If you got two or more T’s, you are likely a true referral wimp. Your confidence level in handling referral requests is low. You are making assumptions that are stopping you from taking action and being successful in getting the referrals you deserve.

Now let’s take a quick look at each of these excuses. (Oops! Did I say “excuses”? I meant assumptions, of course.)

I’m not sure that my clients are getting enough value
This is what I hear from professionals who are new in the field and who are just starting their practices. Don’t make assumptions about the value that your clients get. Ask them. At the end of each session ask your client, “How does your body feel now compared to when you walked in here? What feels particularly good? Or what did you like most about the massage?” They’ll tell you how they benefited. It brings the benefits they’ve received to their attention. They’ll be more conscious of how the massage has impacted them. Most importantly, you don’t have to assume that they didn’t get value.

I feel rushed at the end of each visit and I always forget to ask
You “forgot”? Puh-lease! That’s as lame as “the dog ate my homework.” Plan ahead. Leave some time to debrief your client. Put a sticky note in your appointment book over their name. Tattoo the word referral to the inside of your wrist as a reminder.

I don’t know how to ask for referrals in a way that’s comfortable for me
There are a thousand ways to ask. I touch on many of these in the various BodyworkBiz courses. Check out this approach for starters. Assume that you are in the middle of your massage. Here’s how you can approach the subject…

Susan: “This feels amazing. I don’t know how I’d get through the week without your massage?”
You: “I’m really glad this is helping you. (casually) Susan, if there was one person you like to see come in here for massage, who would it be?
Susan: “My sister-in-law. She’s a mess!”
You: “Really?”
Susan: “She works at that big law firm on the corner of Main and Wilson. You know the one? They work her to death and she gets these awful headaches.”
You: “They’re pretty bad, are they?”
Susan: “Gosh, yes! They knock her out. She can’t function. She ends up in bed for a day or two at a time.”
You: “That’s horrible. You’re right. She really could use massage.”

Leave it at that. Then at the end of the session, say,

“You know, I’ve been thinking about your sister-in-law. I see a lot of people with bad headaches and I really think I could help her out. Would you be interested in giving her a free half hour gift certificate to get her in here so I can do an assessment and see if she could benefit from some regular massage?”

Then give Susan a half hour gift certificate with a two-week expiry date so that she can send her sister-in-law in to see you. Simple enough?

Sidenote: This is a strategy that is discussed in the 60 Clients in 60 Days program. If you are having trouble building a busy, successful practice, then check it out at It will it help you build your practice quickly and will give you the confidence and methods you need to develop a solid referral-only practice. To hear about the results people have had in their own words, go to: These audio reports from participants are quite fascinating.

I don’t want to ask for their help because it makes me look needy
First, asking for help is a sure sign of high self-esteem. Second, you are not asking your clients to help sell your services for you. You are asking them to help their friends, family and colleagues who are suffering needlessly. It’s not about you. It’s about them.

I don’t want to appear to be too aggressive
You don’t have to be aggressive. You don’t have to be a bully and you don’t have to compromise your relationship with your client. You ask for referrals when it’s appropriate and you’ll never be perceived as aggressive.

Most clients feel uncomfortable when I ask
Are you familiar with the term “projecting”? You are uncomfortable and you are projecting your feelings on the client. The truth is that a few clients may feel uncomfortable, but MOST feel absolutely fine with it.

I hate getting a no or getting other negative responses
Some people may decline a request to refer someone into your practice. That’s okay. Don’t sweat it. Focus on the 99% of the clients that respond in a positive way rather than focusing on the rare negative response. Simply, consider negative responses as useful feedback. If you get frequent no’s, then it’s a sign that you have to work at making yourself more referable.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. And what holds us back is not know-how, but rather our self-limiting beliefs. Take a look at what negative thoughts stop you from asking for referrals. Ask yourself if your thinking is really grounded in reality.

What would happen if you were wrong and asked for referrals anyway? You’d get more clients of course! So start asking today.

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Before and After: Sex and the Single Parent

I’ve done well over 100 web development projects with people often calling me to help revamp their websites so that they work to bring them traffic and customers. My latest makeover is for a comedy duo, Melissa Story and Precious Chong at Here’s a little glimpse into the thought process behind the changes.

Home Page: Before and After

before and after homeThe original site was developed as a WordPress blog.

Blogs by default show the latest posts on the homepage. But as you can see this doesn’t make for a visually interesting experience and doesn’t give the visitor who has just landed on the site a sense for the scope of the site and doesn’t give them reason to explore.

The new site is still a WordPress blog and still displays the most recent posts, but does it in a visually engaging way with custom images. I’ve set a featured post at the top to showcase their work. The primary goal or my most wanted response when someone lands on this site is to simply have them explore. This invites the visitor to scroll down and engage with the site. Although it’s not visible from this screenshot, each type of post (text, video, podcast) is represented by a symbol to indicate what they’ll find when they click through.

Blog Post: Before and After

before and after postVisually, the content takes a more prominent place with the redesign. And now that the visitor has expressed some interest in the content we want to invite a response from the viewer. If the viewer scrolls down the page, the large header disappears, but the top navigation remains (blue bar).

In the old site there were some social sharing buttons under the content. In the new site, the social sharing buttons are still there, but are more interesting visually. They are also dynamic and are always visible on the page if the visitor scrolls up or down.

Our new goal, once someone has expressed an interest in the content, is to get them to identify themselves so that they can be contacted either through email or social media (whatever they prefer). So once they click on any piece of content, they’ll see prominent green and blue buttons on each page. If you glance at the page quickly you’ll see that your eyes will naturally fall on one of these those two buttons.

The green one under the post says, “Never miss a post. Click for updates.” And the blue one says, “Behind the Scenes”. Both of these are designed to capture email addresses. The thank you pages and future emails will encourage them to connect through other social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Melissa and Precious are in the process of building an audience and need a way to reach them, so they can get them coming back to the site again and again and so they can encourage their audience to spread the word by sharing with their friends.

The email signup has some unique functionality and you can check out the site to see how it works.

Blog Post: Navigation

before and after category

In the old site, it was difficult to get any sense for the range of content that was available. It involved a lot of scrolling on the homepage until you reached some obscure navigation at the bottom.

In the new site there are several navigation items that always appear in a blue bar at the top of the screen to take people to the type of content they most enjoy: videos, podcasts or blog posts. And when they are on a category page the posts are nicely arranged for scanning eyes.

2014-07-04_11-50-48As well, every page, except the home page, has a clean navigation bar that opens to the right side of the page. The categories are listed near the top. But there’s also a clean tab system so that visitors can explore the site in a way that they want: By recent posts, popular posts, comments or a tag cloud.

Of course, the site is SEO optimized so that it shows up in Google search results. Google cannot read videos or audio files (podcasts) to understand the content, so besides the hidden SEO that you can’t see (i.e. metatags, authourship markup, etc.), I had the girls write a description for each video and podcast.

It’s difficult to convey the site’s functionality with these screenshots and you can get a better sense for how it all works by visiting the site:


  • Your website and your email list should be key elements in your marketing strategy. It’s vitally important to get it right. Make an investment in these two areas.
  • Make your site look good. It gives you instant credibility.
  • Have a clear objective for your site. Decide what your most wanted response is on every page and structure the page to make that happen.
  • Capture contact information. Work at getting emails and getting visitors signed up to any social media channels you use. You want to build an audience so you can drive people back to your site on demand and not wait around passively hoping someone finds it.
  • Make use of video. The web is becoming increasingly visual. People expect a multimedia experience, so make sure they get it.
  • Make it easy for the visitor to find the information they are looking for. Pay particular attention to the way someone navigates around the site. We live in a society of instant gratification. If they don’t get what they want right now they will leave. Wasting ten seconds of a visitors life is the eighth deadly sin.

I seldom do small web projects like this one, but if you have a large project or an interesting challenge you need help with feel free to drop me a note.

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