How To Grow Your Massage Practice with Email Part 2


Last week in talking about the importance of email I said that you could make $28.60 per subscriber year after year! See the blog post here to review.

I was talking to a massage therapist who generous enough to share some information with me. We worked through the numbers together and that’s how much we calculated he made from each person on the email list – $28.60! At least, that’s the direct benefit. The actual value may be much higher. Let’s look at where those numbers comes from…

This therapist has a clinic with multiple therapists. Collecting emails is an important function of the clinic website. On the top of each page is a request for their email. There is a line that simply says, “For online discounts, join our mailing list.” Then there is a little box where people can place their email address.

There are now about 1500 people on the email list. Each week they get a coupon.

I signed up and the coupon that I got yesterday offered $10 off a massage of one hour or longer on certain days and times – these are the slow times in the clinic when therapists would otherwise be waiting around for clients.

Amazingly, 15 to 20 coupons are redeemed each week. Now if I’m conservative and assume that only 15 are redeemed and then do some calculations based on current fees, I estimate that the revenue from people that redeem coupons adds about $42,900 to yearly sales. Given that there are about 1500 subscribers to the list, that means $28.60 in sales per subscriber.

Yes, it’s true that the clinic loses $10 for each of these treatments, but they more than make up for that in pure volume. (Think McDonald’s “would you like fries with that” Value Meals: The package of items is cheaper than if they were sold individually, but the increased volume of sales for McDonald’s increases dramatically.)

But that’s not all…

That’s the direct benefit, but there’s more to the story…

This particular approach moves people from the busy times of the week to the slower times. This helps ensure that the sales aren’t lost simply because the favorite treatment times are all filled up and ensures a steady client flow throughout the entire day, including what are typically slow times.

These people may not have otherwise come in and they are likely to book additional appointments at full fee, buy gift certificates or refer people they know. All of this means more sales.

And the benefit doesn’t stop there. The email is a reminder to the other 1480 on the list who don’t use the coupon. Many of these people may come in at other times of the week as a result of the reminder, even if they never open the email. Simply looking at the subject header jogs their memory and reminds them that it’s time to come in. Seeing your name may even prompt them to refer others.

Are you starting to see the value?

What does this all mean for you?

Let’s translate these results to a more modest practice so that you can see the possible benefit for yourself. We’ll assume that you have a humble list of only 100 subscribers. At $28.60 per subscriber, that means an additional $2,860 in sales for you each year. You could probably take a nice little vacation with that money, couldn’t you?

However, the average full time massage therapist typically has about 200 to 300 active client files. Get those people on your email list and you could be looking at $5,000 to $7,500 in additional sales over the year.

“An average therapists working full time could expect to increase sales by over $5,000 per year by using email effectively.”

Let’s also look at this marketing tool from a Return On Investment (ROI) perspective for a small list of 100 subscribers. (If you’ve taken any BodyworkBiz course, you know by now that ROI is always the key criteria in determining any marketing we do. You are measuring your ROI for your various marketing efforts, aren’t you?)

At a maximum cost of $25 per month for an email service (and with a small list like this, it can really be done at no cost) you’re making $9.53 for every dollar you spend on email marketing. That’s a ROI of almost 1,000%. Try to get that kind of return on the stock market!

My message to you: Don’t underestimate the power of the humble little email.

I’ll be back next week to continue this series and to give you some specific how to’s and recommendations for creating an email list and getting subscribers. And I’ll point you to some great email services that are absolutely free! Stay tuned and keep your eye on your inbox for an email from “Eric Brown, BodyworkBiz”

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How To Use Email to Build Your Practice Part 1

One of the humblest and simplest tools on the web can also be the most powerful. In the glitter and glitz of putting together a website, SEO and social networking, this powerful device is almost always overlooked.

Is email dead?

bigstock-Corpse-5448632-resizedTake a moment to think about how you use the Internet every day. Which of the following are you most likely to do at the beginning of your day?

  • Casual surfing
  • Online shopping
  • Searching for information
  • Checking out your friends activity on social media
  • Reviewing “bookmarked” sites
  • Picking up your email

If you are like 99% of people on the web, one of the first things you’ll do when you go online is…

…check your mailbox.

They say that email is dead. But how are “they” getting that message out to people? Through email!

What do you need to sign up for a social media account? An email!

Where do you get notifications of activity on social media sites? In your email!

What is the web application that is used by more people than all others? You guessed it: Email!

So when marketing on the Net, doesn’t it make sense to go where people are? In their inboxes.

You want to be accessible in the search engines when people are searching massage services specifically. But the truth is very few people will call you up to book an appointment immediately after seeing your website.

They may be well intentioned. But…

  • Maybe they’re a little nervous about seeing you and want to think about it for a while
  • Maybe it’s after hours and they can’t call you
  • Maybe they have doubts as to whether or not you can help them
  • Maybe they bookmark your site with the idea that they’ll look at it later

Whatever the reason, even the most interested viewers will likely click out of your site, never to return.

What’s a massage girl (or guy) to do?

It should appear obvious…

Get permission to send them an email.

Start sending emails…

Although your website visitors may not go as far as booking an appointment, they may be quite willing to give you their email address. And the difference between those two things is as big as asking them to marry you as opposed to asking them on a date.

Interestingly, you’ll find that anywhere from 5% to 30% of site visitors will give you their email address if you ask in the right way. 

Once they give you permission to send them an email, you can visit them on a regular basis. You can drop into their inbox to:

  • Remind them that you are there for them
  • Educate them as to how you can help them and the people they know
  • Motivate them to take that next step of booking an appointment so that they can benefit from your services

Over time, you’ll find that a certain number of these people will come in to see you. That means that more people benefit from your skills. It also means more money in your bank account.

How much more money?

How about $28.60 for each subscriber every year!

Email subscribers = Money

That’s right. If you start developing an email list you can make $28.60 for every subscriber you have, year after year.

Where did I get that number? I didn’t pull it out of my butt. I got that number from a massage therapist who generously shared actual sales numbers from his practice with me. I’ll share the whole story with you next week, so look out for it.

Where are you going to look for it? 

That’s right! In an email!!

See you next week,

Eric Brown, Grand Massage Poobah

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Case Study: Facebook Promoted Posts Work

As much as I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, it can be effective. Two weeks ago I mentioned in a BodyworkBiz blog post that Facebook can no longer be considered a “free” way to promote your business.

I also said that you shouldn’t give up on it because it can provide some of the most effective paid advertising that you can do.

As proof, check this out: I ran what’s called a “Promoted Post” for World Massage Conference for five days…

To sum up the results:

  • Over 100,000 therapists saw the Post
  • 1,458 people Liked the Post
  • 524 people Shared it with their friends without any promotion or incentives!

And this was just for five days!

Moreover, we had a huge audience for the broadcast, maxed out our chat room and of course, lots of massage therapists took advantage of our special pre-launch offer for the 2014 conference.

I’ve been using paid ads on Facebook for years and they do work. I’ll tell you more about using these for your practice in future Marketing Tips newsletters and give you specific how to’s. So keep your eyes on your inbox over the coming weeks.

Do you want to see that presentation?

The “Introduction to Kinesiology Taping” presentation was superb. It’s one of the new video presentations that I shot specifically for World Massage Conference.

Normally, replays of these Encore presentations are only available for paid conference participants, but we decided to make this available for everyone at no cost… but just for the day. It will come off the site on Thursday morning when I get back to my desk to launch the 2014 conference site.

It’s available for 24 hours only, so login now.

Log in here:

Use your email and password to log in. Or in the odd event that you do not have a World Massage Conference account you can set up a free account here so you can watch this special presentation.

Once logged in, click the “Broadcast Room” button at the top of the page to watch the “Introduction to Kinesiology Taping” presentation featuring Drew Freedman.

While you’re on the site…

Be sure to sign up for the 2014 conference today. You’ll only see links to purchase once you’re logged in. All the details are inside, but I can assure you now that you’ll never get better value for your massage education. (Watch this video for more details.) You get some of the best education in the world at a price that anyone can afford. It only makes sense to sign up and it’s one of the reasons the World Massage Conference has been the largest event in the history of massage for seven years in a row. Imitators can say they’re the best, but massage therapists like you have clearly shown which event they prefer by making World Massage Conference their yearly destination. So login now to register for 2014.

Enjoy the replay and I’ll see you online at the 2014 conference,

Eric Brown, Grand Massage Poobah


I Can’t Put an Expiry Date on My Gift Certificates

Massage Gift Certificates and Gift CardsOne of my favorite ways to build a practice is through gift certificates. Gift certificates are referrals… that are paid! It was the number one way I’ve used to bring new clients through the door.

If you want some fantastic ideas for selling gift certificates through the holiday season (or anytime really), you can read a recent article I wrote for Massage & Bodywork Magazine here:

My $18,000 Mistake: How I Learned to Love Gift Certificates

Every time I write about gift certificates I invariably get a number of emails from therapists who inform me that I should have told my readers that you can’t put an expiry date on them. What I normally say is be aware of regulations around the sale of gift certificates because regulations are not consistent from country to country or State to State.

In some places an expiry date is okay and some places not. And then there are all sort of other rules that exist in various places around the sale of gift certificates.

I don’t have the time to outline the current laws for all 50 states in the USA or the 13 provinces and territories in Canada, but my friend Laura Allen has written an excellent article on the topic a couple of years ago and I’ll defer to her expertise:

Gift Certificates and Gift Cards By Laura Allen

For more specific details, here is a table showing regulations by state for the USA for gift certificates and gift cards. Use as a reference to determine the statutes around gift certificate expiration in your jurisdiction:

Massage Gift Certificate Laws by State

And if this information is helpful to you, please share this post on one of your social media sites. I’m sure others will find it helpful too. Just use one of the buttons on the right hand side of this page.

As well, if you are looking for some great looking gift certificates to have on hand for customers this Christmas, check out what’s available at BodyworkBiz:


Click here for details or to order now

Note: Because we’re getting very close to the holiday season, for fastest delivery I’d suggest that you go with the default template instead of using custom printing. We will likely be able to get them to your doorstep in a week, but at this busy holiday time we can’t guarantee delivery times.

Fill your bank account with delight…

bigstock-Relaxed-woman-at-the-spa-getti-41685358Consider this bit of research: A study done by Sears found that customers who were “very satisfied” spent over 60% more in a year than those who were just “satisfied”.

How would you like to get each of your clients to use massage 60% more often? If you are making $25,000 now, it means you’d be making $40,000 next year – all without any additional marketing. Wouldn’t that be nice to deposit an additional $15,000 into your bank account next year?

If that appeals to you, then move your clients from being “satisfied” to “very satisfied”. Start making sure your clients are delighted, thrilled, enraptured, blown away by an exceptional service.

The next question is: How do we make that happen?

I cover a whole number of strategies in the Fill Your Practice 101 E-course, but let me share a couple of simple ones with you right now.

The “Welcome to the practice” letter

I came across this study in the Wall Street Journal: An Australian physician took a group of 46 patients and randomly divided them into two groups. After an office procedure, one group got a follow-up letter while the other group got none. These patients were then surveyed to find out how satisfied they were with the doctor’s service.

Over half of the group who received the letter gave the doctor the highest mark possible. Only four in the no-letter group said they were completely satisfied.


There was over 325% more satisfaction from patients that got a letter.

Let’s figure this out. Both groups had exactly the same SERVICE, but one group – the one with the letter – had a very different EXPERIENCE. For the patients, the doctor’s consultation with the letter was a very different experience than the consultation without the letter.

It’s quite remarkable, that such a small gesture can have such adramatic effect on the customer’s experience with you. Given the impact of a welcome letter, I think we should put one together for your new clients.

In the letter, tell them who you are and what you’re all about. Emphasize what makes you unique or special. Tell them or remind them of the advantages, benefits, outcomes and value they get from seeing you specifically.

Let them know how much you appreciate them choosing you and how you’ll do your very best to get them the best possible results. Let them know you welcome referrals. Use the opportunity to explain the way your service works along with policies that they need to be aware of. Welcome any feedback they want to give you. Let them know you are there to be of service to them.

You can check out Lesson 28 of the Fill Your Practice 101 program for some examples of powerful Welcome letters.

The “Welcome to the practice” phone call

If you want to literally blow your clients’ socks off, you must give them a follow up call after their first visit. It doesn’t matter if they’ve rebooked or not.

When you call, ask them how they felt after the massage. Ask them how they feel today. Find out if they were sore or tender after the massage. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about the massage. Find out what they would like to do differently next time. Thank them for choosing you and let them know you would be happy to see anyone they want to refer and that you will give that person the same level of service.

Many therapists with whom I speak think that the client will be irritated by the call. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than be annoyed, your client will be shocked and amazed that someone would care enough to give them a call the next day.

I know it’s hard to understand the impact that that type of call can have on someone. But try it and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised by the warm welcome you receive. More importantly, you will develop an incredibly loyal client.

The bottom line: Oftentimes it doesn’t take much to transform a client from a satisfied customer that may see you again to an absolutely delighted client who becomes a raving fan. And all that delight adds up to money in the bank.

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How To Do a Client Profile – Part 1

“If you want people to find you interesting, be interested in them.”

I don’t remember where I heard that quote (or something like it). Maybe I’m just making it up (probably not). But in any case, nothing could be more true.

There’s nothing that people like more than themselves. And the more focus and attention you place on someone, the more they are going to love you.

And I don’t mean just buttering someone up for the sake of getting what you want. I really mean being seriously interested in other people and acknowledging them. When you do that sincerely, the side effects of this are incredible. Those people will love you and they will sing your praises to others.

So why not give people the acknowledgement they deserve and showcase them.

I ran Massage Therapy Radio for years with my friends for no other reason than being interested in the leaders and educators in our profession. More recently, after some conversations with Scott Dartnall about the really incredible people we’ve met through our work, I set up the Ryan Hoyme aka Massage Nerd Fan Club page on my blog. It took me a half a day and I paid a designer to create some images for me, but I loved doing it.

Massage Nerd Fan Club

I love the nerd. He’s super interesting and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Then co-incidentally this came into my inbox this morning…

massage book profile

A great little therapist profile from Massage Book. They are acknowledging their customers.

I’ve also recognize Fans on my Facebook Page…


I even bought a boatload of trophies to give away to someone else’s blogging challenge….


Is this self serving?

I guess it depends how cynical you are.

Some cynics have accused me of showboating and being opportunistic. It’s easy to be a critic when your not busy carrying armfuls of trophies to the post office. But in all honesty, there are better ways I can spend my time and money if I’m doing it strictly as a marketing ploy. I’m doing it because it’s fun and I derive a great deal of pleasure from it. Look at Ele Sue Dukes with her “bad ass blogging trophy”. Look how happy she is! I think I made her day and it makes me smile.

I think you should be interested in people and acknowledge them because you really are genuinely interested, but like I’ve stated, there are side effects to this. And you’re not dirty or evil if you acknowledge that at least a little of the love you put out in the world may come back to you.

But this is a marketing blog, so the question is how does this apply to your massage practice?

Stay tuned for Part 2 and I’ll give you the scoop….

My $18,000 Mistake

LoveGiftCertificatesMy latest article was just released in Massage & Bodywork Magazine. I originally titled the article “How to Sell 300 Gift Certificates”, but the editor changed it to the much better title of “How I Learned to Love Gift Certificates: My $18,000 Mistake.”

It’s not that I enjoy making $18,000 mistakes, but it does speak to a certain truth:

Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is outrageously expensive!

I’ve learned that lesson long ago, which is why I make considerable investments in my education now. For example, I just invested $800 on an online course about doing webinars. I’ve done dozens of my own webinars and have produced hundreds through World Massage Conference. I believe I even hold the record for the most registrants for a massage webinar.  So why would I spend (some may say waste) $800 on a course about something I’m probably more knowledgeable about than anyone in the profession?

It’s because I’m done with making $18,000 mistakes. (And by the way, that’s not my most costly mistake; it’s just one of many.) I’d rather have that money in my pocket than see it go down the toilet as a lost opportunity. If I take just one idea from this webinar course and increase my sales by 1%, 3%, 5% or 10%, I’ve made my money back many times over with a lot less wasted time, energy and money, not to mention a lot less stress.

Taking a course that is going to help increase my sales is not an expense. It’s an investment. That’s the bottom line.

Having learned that lesson, I’m a little shocked and baffled when therapists tell me they’d rather learn how to market their practice on their own rather than spend $99 on a course that lays out the blueprint for you. It just doesn’t make sense.

As a recommendation for you, here are some of the most useful/popular courses at BodyworkBiz:

60 Clients in 60 Days

I see a lot of copycats of this program (“Five clients in 10 days”, “10 Clients in 30 Days”, etc.) online right now, so it must be good. This has got to be the easiest way to build your practice fast, but it has to be done right. Do it wrong and you’ll find yourself in one of those costly mistake situations. This strategy is perfect for therapists who have little money, but lots of open slots in their appointment book. It’s all laid out for you step-by-step and week by week. You can do the whole thing and move your practice to a whole new level in just 60 days. Get it here:

Fill Your Practice 101

This gives you a broader strategic approach to building your practice. Perfect for someone who has a relatively healthy practice and who wants to solidify their position and be more effective than they already are. It’s a complete marketing education in one course. Every therapist should take this course early on in their career. Information here:

Chair Massage Marketing 101

If you are interested in the least bit in doing chair massage, either as a business or to generate more clients for your practice, you must get this course. I pioneered chair massage in Canada and have done chair massage for the biggest corporations in Canada, including IBM, Dell, Kellloggs, Levi Strauss, every major bank, hospitals, most major law firms and hundreds more. This is the most comprehensive course on the topic you’ll find anywhere on earth:

Over 20 years ago I didn’t have anyone to guide me when I started my practice. You get to benefit from the expensive “learning experiences” I’ve had. Instead of making $18,000 mistakes, invest in learning how to do it right from the start.

“Experience is the best teacher, but a fool will learn from no other.” ~Benjamin Franklin

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Free eBook: Facebook Marketing in 20 Minutes a Week

A beginner’s guide for those who don’t have time to waste on Facebook

With over a billion people on Facebook you know it’s important for your business. But if you may not be interested in learning everything there is to know about Facebook. And even if you did you likely don’t have hours of free time every day to be using it, especially when the payoff for your time seems so uncertain.

This no-nonsense guide will lead you through six things you must absolutely do to set up your Facebook Page and will outline a simple Facebook marketing strategy that you can do in only 20 minutes a week or less.

Building Loyalty: Massage Lessons from the Car Wash

Wash me sign on dirty carIn this month’s BodyworkBiz Massage Marketing Tips newsletter I’m going to look at a little research conducted at a car wash. The surprising findings of that study will give you some insights on increasing loyalty in your massage clients with a program you may already have in place.

A number of years ago I asked the Marketing Tips subscribers to submit their best marketing ideas. I compiled the best ones submitted in the 260 Ways to Build Your Massage Business program offered at BodyworkBiz. I did it again two years later for Another 260 Ways to Build Your Massage Business.

I don’t know how many tips I went through to pick those top 260 each year, but it was a lot! Do you want to know one of the most frequently submitted tips? It was essentially this:

Start a client loyalty program!

Massage Loyalty Cards…

You know what I’m talking about? You see them at the coffee shop when they stamp a little card every time you get a coffee. When you buy ten coffees you get a free one. Lots of other businesses do the same thing. And from the number of submissions I got with that strategy, it seems that a lot of therapists have some kind of reward program in place too.

Unfortunately, when I pressed the therapists to give me some numbers to actually prove that these loyally programs were effective, few could deliver. It seems like it’s a strategy that doesn’t perform as well as it could for most people.

How can you improve your results with a client reward program?

The Research…

Two researchers did a little test at a car wash that provides some very helpful insights for us massage therapists.

They felt that customers would show more loyalty to the company if they felt like they could get the payoff sooner by being given a head start, even without decreasing the number of purchases.

So they gave out loyalty cards to 300 customers. But there were two different cards. One card required that you get eight stamps before getting a free car wash. The other one required that you got ten stamps, but the researchers already affixed the first two stamps. That meant that both groups needed to get eight washes to get the freebie, but the second group felt that they were already 20% of the way to reaching their payoff.

When the study ended several months later, the researchers tabulated the final results. The results were quite dramatic.

Double the Response

Only 19% of the eight-stamp card made enough visits to get their free car wash. Surprising, 34% of the second group with the ten-stamp card got to their goal, even though they had to make the same number of visits! That’s almost double the response.

Not only that but they finished off the eight visits an average of 24 days sooner than the first group! And the frequency of car washes increased with each additional visit.

So reframing your customer loyalty program as one that is already started rather than one that hasn’t even begun is a strong motivator for customers to participate. And the closer people get to the reward, the more effort they exert to achieve that goal.

Implement this concept in your practice and see if your results start to shine.

Beyond the loyalty “card”

And the implications go beyond loyalty cards. If you are treating a client and want to improve compliance with your recommendations tell them how far towards the goal they are already. Don’t just focus on how much they have to do to get better, but also point out how far along they are already.

For example instead of saying, “This is going to be a lot of work, but with ongoing treatment you can get better.” You might try saying something like, “Miss Smith, I know you are frustrated by this injury, but we are not starting at square one. You have at least 40% of your normal function as we start this treatment plan. That gives you a great head start over most other clients.”

It’s a fascinating idea and I think I just may also apply with my son to see if I can get him to do his homework a little faster this school year.

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Is Email Dead (Again)?

bigstock-Corpse-5448632I’ve received a number of emails from subscribers in response to headlines like:

  • Google Slaps Businesses
  • Gmail Deals Death Blow to Marketers
  • Email Is Dead
  • Google Deals a MAJOR Blow to MOST Business Emails

They are all overly dramatic headlines in response to the new Gmail interface and they are freaking people out.

Some massage therapists have been sending out regular communication to their contacts. (If you’ve been following this newsletter, you’ll already know that everyone should be doing this.) And they’re afraid that their efforts are going down the toilet.

If you’re not aware of the issue, here’s the scoop in a nutshell:

Gmail has changed their email interface and sorts your mail for you into tabs. I’ve been using the new Gmail interface since shortly after it was released in Beta. I actually like it and and can assure you that it’s not going to impact businesses in any significant way.

Firstly, not everyone uses Gmail. Only about 1 in 5 subscribers to this BodyworkBiz newsletter, for example, are Gmail users.

Secondly, it gives Gmail users a better way to manage their email reading, so when they click on the Promotions tab, for example, they are in a buying state and not simply ignoring your email as they look for messages from friends and family.

Here’s what one company has sent to all their Gmail subscribers (see below) and if this new interface is a concern for you, you may want to model this and send a similar email specifically to your Gmail subscribers…

Not sure if you’ve heard the news, but Gmail is making changes to how your inbox looks that may prevent you from seeing emails from us. Even if you haven’t seen this feature yet, sooner or later all Gmail users will automatically have it. 

Gmail will be automatically filtering any email communication from us so you won’t see it.(And we thought Google knew everything…Don’t they know you asked us for valuable tips and strategies to grow your business?!)

Until now, everything was categorized how you wanted it, but now, Gmail has decided to put on a new feature that filters your email how they see fit. So we want to make sure you know exactly what to do to take charge of your inbox.

Here’s What You’ll See:


In the tabs above your inbox, Gmail will put your emails into 5 categories:

  • Primary
  • Social
  • Promotions
  • Updates
  • Forums

The problem is, Gmail will automatically put the messages we send you into “Promotions” and you won’t see them because they won’t appear in your inbox.

How To Take Back Your Inbox:

Gmail does make it easy to change this to take back control of your inbox. When your inbox changes, here’s what you can do to make sure we stay connected.

  1. Find one of our emails in “Promotions” and drag it into “Primary”
  2. A pop-up will appear to ask if you want to do this for all future messages. Click “Yes”.

That’s it – now you’re all set – Gmail knows we’re friends! And now, you won’t miss any of our messages to you 🙂

[Eric’s note: If you are a Gmail user and are reading this email in your Promotions folder, you can follow the instructions above to see how it works, but I don’t mind being in your Promotions folder either.]

Oh, and by the way – here’s a final tip if you’d like to totally get rid of this new feature:

  1. Go to “Settings” [the icon on the top right corner of your screen above your inbox] and select “Settings.”
  2. Click on the “Inbox” tab and “Unselect” all categories but “Primary” and then click “Save Changes.”

And that is it – your work is done.

Email as a marketing tool is pronounced dead on a regular basis, but in fact it is still very much alive and well. Don’t let the current headlines about Gmail freak you out. Carry on and communicate with your contacts regularly. It’s still one of the most cost effective things you can do to build your practice.