Big Thoughts

Why You Need to Communicate Visually

You may have noticed an increasing shift in the level of visual communication as technology allows us to finally communicate in the way we naturally communicate. The original BodyworkBiz site was built in 1999. That’s dinosaur time in the Internet world given that the first Internet Explorer web browser only came out in 1995. It’s only …

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Unlock From the Future

In re-reading the Portable Coach, written by one of my mentors, Thomas Leonard, I decided to take notes in a way that’s meaningful for me. I did a slide deck using one of my favorite apps: Haiku Deck. Here’s my notes from the chapter: Unlock from the Future. Enjoy!

They Are Buying the Destination, Not the Plane

I’m listening to a webinar by Lisa Sasevich on making Irresistible Offers. The message is a simple one, but really isn’t understood by 99% of small businesses. In simple, terms the message is: Focus on benefits. For years I thought I understood this concept. I considered myself pretty good at writing sales materials until I read a …

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Here’s Why You Are Unsuccessful (Short Version)

“Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.” ~ Calvin Coolidge Any business needs to perform well in these three area to be successful: The product, in our case an intangible product called massage The marketing of the product, that is, educating people about the unique benefits that you offer them The delivery …

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Is This Technology?

“Technology is something that happens after you are born. Children entering primary education now are no older than Google, Facebook or YouTube. Many of them have siblings that are no older than the iPad. This isn’t technology to them.” ~Graham Brown-Martin