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This is my motivation…

Here’s why I do what I do…   BodyworkBiz had always been a passion project for me and not a primary source of income. I’ve dedicated 26 years of my life to helping clients and helping therapists. Unfortunately, not every therapist has enjoyed the soul-satisfying feeling of reaching and touching the lives of thousands of …

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Social Media Image Size Guide

It’s important to have a consistent look across all your social media profiles. Here’s a handy guide to image sizes for each. I highly recommend a free online tool called Canva for creating these. It makes it super simple to create great looking profile images even if you have no design skills.  

Quotes on Change

The greatest fear is not the fear of death, the fear of public speaking or the fear of snakes and spiders. The greatest fear is the fear of change. We resist it with all our might. Here are some great quotes on the subject of change compiled by Richard Branson: