Just Released! 260 Extremely Practical Ways to Build Your Massage Practice

Having a full practice is the number one concern among massage therapists. So I asked my BodyworkBiz subscribers to send me their best practice building tips.

I wanted to know the one thing they did that shifted their practice dramatically. Furthermore, I asked them whenever possible to provide me with specific details and and to outline their results in dollars and cents. I threw away more than 40% of the submissions I received.

In the end, I compiled 260 practice building ideas. These were not vague theoretical ideas, but extremely practical in the trench strategies that were tested and proven to work in practices like yours. I sold this for $99 at BodyworkBiz.com until I closed the BodyworkBiz site to pursue other project.

Over this past month I have taken all 260 tips from that course and formatted them into a book which is included in the 2018 Massage and Spa Resource Bundle offered by Gael Wood. In the bundle, you’ll get over $1,000 worth of resources for less than $40!

Here’s what you’ll get as part of the bundle…