Get More Clients from the Web

This video is one in a series outlining some of the resources available in the BodyworkBiz Retirement sale where you can get pretty much everything I’ve ever produced for a small one time fee of only $199.

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The web is pervasive. It has permeated every facet of our lives. Everyone is online and they are communicating, socializing, researching, planning, sharing, buying, recommending, creating, working, searching, scheduling, etc.

If you want to connect with all these people and help them become your clients, then you need to seriously rethink the way you promote your business. The old ways of advertising your practice and getting clients that worked fine even five years ago, just don’t work in 2014!

There’s one thing you need to do if you want your practice to survive in the coming years: Get online where your future clients are.

To thrive in your practice, this has to become your new business card…

It’s vitally important for you to start harnessing the power of the web to grow your practice. Ignore this and you will find yourself left in the dust.

It’s not easy though. The world of online marketing is a confusing one. The Internet is evolving at warp speed and it’s hard to know exactly what to do online to help your business. In fact, because of getting poor and inaccurate information, many therapists (maybe even you) haven’t seen any results from their web activities.

In the BodyworkBiz big retirement package you’ll get two extensive courses where you’ll discover how to make web marketing work for you.

The Web Marketing MBA course is a video course that takes you through ten important web marketing strategies. What’s unique about this course is the “watch and do” approach. Simply watch me implement the strategies and follow along. Go to the sites I’m on, click the buttons I refer to and follow my step-by-step instructions. Pause the video at any point to complete the task and then move on.

The Web Marketing MBA course was selling for $500 and it’s just one of the courses included in the the BodyworkBiz Retirement Sale package that you can get for just $199 until December 31st, 2014.

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The other resource that you’ll find invaluable in this big package is the e-Marketing 101 e-course. It’s a great reference guide that consists of 101 short, super-specific lessons on various facets of using the web to build your practice. If you ever have any question on any facet of using the web to market your practice, just log in and you’ll likely find your answer. You have instant access to all these lessons (I know it’s a ridiculously long list) when you purchase the BodyworkBiz Retirement Package:

1. Why the Web?
2. The Big Picture
3. Your Website: The Foundation
4. What To Do If You Don’t Have a Website
5. Getting a Date with Google: Search Engine Optimization
6. Google Checks You Out
7. Keywords are Key
8. A Domain of Your Own
9. If a Domain Falls in the Forest
10. Facebook
11. Editing your Facebook Profile
12. Protecting Your Privacy
13. Nobody Likes Lists (Except Smart Facebook Users)
14. The Writing on the Wall
15. Adding Friends
16. Back to Our Date with Google
17. Create Sexy URLs
18. Catching Google’s eye: Beautiful Page Titles
19. Getting to Know You: A Compelling Description
20. Writing for the Search Engines
21. Off page optimization: The Power of Links
22. Dress Up Naked Links: Anchor text
23. More Back Linking Basics
24. Make Your Site Shareable
25. Your First Directory
26. Review Sites
27. Bing Business Listing
28. Google Places
29. Yahoo Business Listing
30. Yelping for Clients
31. Analyzing Your Results
32. Other Review Sites of Note
33. Universal Business Listing
34. How To Find Local Review Sites
35. How to Get Reviews
36. Email: The Killer App
37. What’s an E-Zine
38. More EZine Tips
39. Maximizing Sign Ups, Opens and Click-Thrus
40. Social Bookmarking
41. Video Marketing
42. Create Your Script (Or Not)…
43. Create Your Video
44. Optimizing and Uploading Your Video to YouTube
45. “Rinse and Repeat” Your Video
46. Article Marketing Basics
47. How to Write and Article in 10 Minutes
48. Create Your Resource Box
49. Finding the Top Article Directories
50. Submitting Your Articles Online
Git ‘er Done week…
51. Social Bookmarking Continued.
52. OMG! I got a BAD Review
53. Twitter and Tweets
54. Get Linked In
55. Any Place for MySpace?
56. Facebook Pages: Fans and Groups
57. How to create your Facebook Fan Page
58. Growing Your Fan Base
59. Engaging Your Fans
60. Three Easy Ways to Promote Your Fan Page
61. What’s a blog and do you need one
62. Setting up your blog
63. Content for your Blog
64. Promoting Your blog
65. Blog commenting
66. Getting Listed in Directories
67. Business Directories
68. Local Directories
69. Massage directories
70. Blog directories
71. Why press releases?
72. Writing your press release
73. Optimize Your Press Release
74. PR Distribution
75. Take it offline
76. Pay Per Click Advertising
77. Google Adwords
78. Setting Up Your Adwords Ads
79. Facebook Ads
80. How to set up your Facebook ad
81. Microsoft adCenter and other PPCs
82. Forums / discussion lists
83. What is Web 2.0?
84. Squidoo
85. Google Knol
86. Accepting electronic payments
87. The Power of Offline Promotion
88. Reciprocal Linking
89. Groupon and Social Discount Sites
90. Groupon continued…
91. Advanced Video Marketing Tactics 1
92. YouTube Subscriptions Directly from Your Site
93. Put Facebook and Twitter updates on auto pilot
94. Advanced Email Strategies
95. Automating posts to social media sites
96. Cross links and deep links
97. Facebook’s Secret Sauce
98. Advanced LinkedIn Strategies
99. Four Little Known Facebook Marketing Secrets
100. More Advanced Facebook Strategies