Why I’m Quitting Massage…

As BodyworkBiz is winding down and coming to a close I’ve been reflecting a lot on the process of change.

I’ve gotten to know a lot of the “big names” in massage over the years. Some as acquaintances, some as clients, and many as friends. And when I announced the closing of BodyworkBiz they were a little shocked and concerned. This week I received calls from about a half dozen people wondering what exactly was going on: “What happened? Are you okay? Are you dying? Are you nuts?”

The news is this: I’m fine! I’m healthy. I’m successful. I’m happy.

I’m just ready for a change.

I’ve never felt comfortable with feeling comfortable. I deeply value growth, lifelong learning, self-development, personal awareness. None of this ever happens when you’re comfortable. So I needed to stir the pot.

In my mind there are two ways to make a change.

3766_35221) The Tarzan Change: Think of the way Tarzan swings through the jungle on vines. As dangerous as it seems, he plays it safe. As he’s moving from one vine to the other he makes sure he has the second vine firmly in place before he lets go of the first one. He moves hand over hand through the jungle: One hand, two hands, one hand two hands. He always has the security of one vine.

294724_f2602) The “Dyno” Change: In rock climbing there is a move called a “dyno”. This is a move that you’d make when you’re stuck because you can’t get to the next hold on the rock face by simply reaching safely upwards. You actually jump off the rock face to move forward. (If that’s hard to visualize, check out the video of my son doing a dyno below. It happens fast, so don’t miss it.)  It requires a certain level of faith and a great level of commitment.

I’ve been contemplating making a change for a couple years now, but I’ve felt stuck. I’ve been swinging back and forth on the same vine and have felt unable to move forward. In my mind I have to dyno!

That just seems to be my personal modus operandi for making changes. So many of us, me included, have a tendency to hang onto the familiar and the comfortable. Whether it’s hanging on to a belief, a relationship, a job, a goal, a business. But we hang on to the point where it doesn’t serve us any more. We’re stuck.

In the process of making changes, I’ve already given up my on-site massage business, my school, and my clinics. Now I’ve decided to give up my massage license and BodyworkBiz at the end of the year. Apparently the word “decide” comes from a latin word that means “cut off”. By cutting off that vine I’ve been hanging onto I have no choice but to move to the next, even if I’m not exactly sure where that next vine or next handhold is.

So my big dyno happens on December 31st. Although I could see it as “terrifying”, I’ll just call it an an “exciting” move.

Although my personal dyno happens at the end of the year, I recognize the responsibility I have to the many people in my life, so you’ll still see me around for the next year. Even though I’m moving on, I won’t disappear. I will make sure all my BodyworkBiz customers are taken care of over this next year; Thermal Palms will continue to live on; and I have an obligation to my business partners and the thousands of therapists at World Massage Conference, so I’ll make sure that you continue to have a phenomenal experience there as well.

PS My son has always done dynos particularly well. He started doing them as soon as he started climbing. As a parent I was terrified and would always say, “Be careful!” until I realized that was the most useless advice ever. Although I’m still terrified I’m now more inclined to say, “Commit! Make the move or take the fall.”

PPS Make sure you check out the “Retirement Sale” at BodyworkBiz. You can get pretty much everything I’ve ever produced for next to nothing, but only until December 31st. (Your access continues for a year after the sales pages close on January 1st.)