Why I’m Quitting Massage…

As BodyworkBiz is winding down and coming to a close I’ve been reflecting a lot on the process of change.

I’ve gotten to know a lot of the “big names” in massage over the years. Some as acquaintances, some as clients, and many as friends. And when I announced the closing of BodyworkBiz they were a little shocked and concerned. This week I received calls from about a half dozen people wondering what exactly was going on: “What happened? Are you okay? Are you dying? Are you nuts?”

The news is this: I’m fine! I’m healthy. I’m successful. I’m happy.

I’m just ready for a change.

I’ve never felt comfortable with feeling comfortable. I deeply value growth, lifelong learning, self-development, personal awareness. None of this ever happens when you’re comfortable. So I needed to stir the pot.

In my mind there are two ways to make a change.

3766_35221) The Tarzan Change: Think of the way Tarzan swings through the jungle on vines. As dangerous as it seems, he plays it safe. As he’s moving from one vine to the other he makes sure he has the second vine firmly in place before he lets go of the first one. He moves hand over hand through the jungle: One hand, two hands, one hand two hands. He always has the security of one vine.

294724_f2602) The “Dyno” Change: In rock climbing there is a move called a “dyno”. This is a move that you’d make when you’re stuck because you can’t get to the next hold on the rock face by simply reaching safely upwards. You actually jump off the rock face to move forward. (If that’s hard to visualize, check out the video of my son doing a dyno below. It happens fast, so don’t miss it.)  It requires a certain level of faith and a great level of commitment.

I’ve been contemplating making a change for a couple years now, but I’ve felt stuck. I’ve been swinging back and forth on the same vine and have felt unable to move forward. In my mind I have to dyno!

That just seems to be my personal modus operandi for making changes. So many of us, me included, have a tendency to hang onto the familiar and the comfortable. Whether it’s hanging on to a belief, a relationship, a job, a goal, a business. But we hang on to the point where it doesn’t serve us any more. We’re stuck.

In the process of making changes, I’ve already given up my on-site massage business, my school, and my clinics. Now I’ve decided to give up my massage license and BodyworkBiz at the end of the year. Apparently the word “decide” comes from a latin word that means “cut off”. By cutting off that vine I’ve been hanging onto I have no choice but to move to the next, even if I’m not exactly sure where that next vine or next handhold is.

So my big dyno happens on December 31st. Although I could see it as “terrifying”, I’ll just call it an an “exciting” move.

Although my personal dyno happens at the end of the year, I recognize the responsibility I have to the many people in my life, so you’ll still see me around for the next year. Even though I’m moving on, I won’t disappear. I will make sure all my BodyworkBiz customers are taken care of over this next year; Thermal Palms will continue to live on; and I have an obligation to my business partners and the thousands of therapists at World Massage Conference, so I’ll make sure that you continue to have a phenomenal experience there as well.

PS My son has always done dynos particularly well. He started doing them as soon as he started climbing. As a parent I was terrified and would always say, “Be careful!” until I realized that was the most useless advice ever. Although I’m still terrified I’m now more inclined to say, “Commit! Make the move or take the fall.”

PPS Make sure you check out the “Retirement Sale” at BodyworkBiz. You can get pretty much everything I’ve ever produced for next to nothing, but only until December 31st. (Your access continues for a year after the sales pages close on January 1st.)


Eric Brown of BodyworkBiz (an online massage business resource) also owns Thermal Palms, Relax to the Max, World Massage Conference and Massage Therapy Radio. Sign up for the free BodyworkBiz massage marketing newsletter at http://bodyworkbiz.com/newsletter.php


You can now find me on Twitter @ericupsidebrown
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16 thoughts on “Why I’m Quitting Massage…

  1. I don’t know you from Adam, but I loved this article and your bravery and courage.

    Bravo. You have inspired me today.

  2. Just wanted to wish you all the best Eric. I’ve enjoyed learning from you over the years and you will be missed. I totally understand in needing the freedom to keep creating. Thank you for all you have contributed to the Massage Therapy profession and beyond! Take good care, Cari

  3. It’s a relief to know you’re OK but it is still a shock to realize you’re leaving. I have been massaging for almost 5 years and you have been there for me since the beginning. I will not forget the 1st time I found your website while waiting for my 1st clients to emerge. I was so thrilled to have found a resource that spoke my language (common sense mixed with optimism and humour) and on that day you boosted my confidence. Today I am involved with Thermal Palms and I consider myself successful. I even wrote an article for this season’s Massage Therapy Today (What I Learned from Career Building) and I had NEVER done anything like that before. I took a leap and I would never have done that if not for your writings! I’m still afraid of Facebook but I thought you’d always be there when I’m ready, to help me leap Un that direction. I purchased your retirement stuff last night and am so excited to go through each component as I graduate to my next level of taking my practice further. Each component will be like unwrapping a new Christmas present! I just want to say thank you for generously sharing your wisdom. I wish you Much Success!

    With Warm Regards,
    Edie Kruszynski-Nelles RMT

  4. Eric,
    Even though we’ve never met I do feel like you are my mentor and my friend. I’ve followed you through the past 6 years of my massage career and have gained immense confidence and success from following your guidance. It’s always been obvious that you live what you preach.That your family is #1 to you and that you strive to be better today than you were yesterday. This all adds even more credibility to your values, your professional approaches and information. I will continue to use your information and guidance in my practice and manage my own personal journey with exciting renew as I have witnessed you to do. Best Wishes to you in all that you do!

  5. I get what you are saying. Sometimes change is good and necessary to grow. You will do fine no matter what you choose to do. Good luck to you.

  6. Congratulations Eric on making this move! I wish you the very best in your life on this new journey. I hope that you continue to stay connected with those on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to let us know what your next journey is.
    You have brought us many in the profession great insight into how to make our business is successful and for that I’m forever appreciative.
    For you to step out of your comfort zone and end something you’ve done for so long, takes huge faith. But it’s something we can all do if we just let go and let God. Whatever you do, we all want to be there to share in your successes and cheer you on and ultimately challenge ourselves.
    So today is definitely a little bit of sadness but all so much joy to hear of your next journey. God bless and Godspeed

    Jon Borges
    Intuitive Touch Massage By Jon

  7. Hey Eric,

    Thanks for all you do and how you inspire others, especially me! You have a knack for marketing and business and are attuned to finding and filling the needs of others. It’s been amazing to work with you via your materials!!!

  8. Dyno baby! I feel your need for speed. I’m the same way.

    It begins to get uncomfortable being comfortable!

    Honored to be your colleague and friend. You’ll be brilliant no mater what you choose to do.

    ~ Irene

  9. Just like doing a dyno, it’s all a matter of mind over matter: Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. Do your own personal dyno and never forget your own words: “Commit! Make the move or take the fall.”

  10. Dear Eric,
    I would like to say a very BIG “Thank you” for your authenticity, dedication and guidance that you have shared with us all for so long. You will be missed greatly and I wish you and your family all the riches that you surely deserve. Good luck!

  11. Not making enough money for what you are putting into it it sounds like. Best wishes in your next venture. Work smarter,not harder as they say

  12. Although I started BodyworkBiz as a passion project and not for income, it’s actually been very good to me and has allowed me to give generously to the profession in many ways. I’ve just done pretty much all I can do in this profession and am looking for new challenges. I know it’s hard for some to believe that you can quit when you’re on top (and some of my colleagues have been calling me this week to tell me I’m crazy), but that’s what I’m doing.

  13. That’s what I did when I quit my insurance job in ’89. A leap of faith. Within months I was learning self massage and movement therapy from Meir Schneider at the School for Self Healing. Best wishes to you! You are a reminder of the possibilities and potential available to all of us…

  14. Jon! Very well said to Eric – yes, may God continue to bless him on his journey! Never had opportunity to participate in much of his teachings or attend a conference, but I’m very encouraged by his post and the responses of those who had the honor! Looking forward to shopping too! God bless you Jon!

  15. God’s blessing on your decision, Eric. You surely have what it takes to reach the top of whatever new endeavour you should choose, and your contribution to the massage community will live on no matter what! Go for it! Looking forward to your progress reports.

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