How Do You Respond to Praise?

praise2This has been an interesting month as I’ve announced the closing of BodyworkBiz. I have a following of detractors, but I also have a following of people who appreciate the work I do. And many of the later have been contacting me or posting here in the blog or Facebook thanking me for my contributions to their practice and the profession.

It feels a little uncomfortable for me and not just because the sentiments sound a little like a eulogy. (I’m not quite dead yet.) I’m just not sure how to respond.

Here in Canada when someone says “thanks” we usually respond with “you’re welcome”. In the States, as I’ve discovered in my travels over these past few years, people usually respond with “of course” or simply “uh huh”.

I don’t know if anyone knows exactly how to respond to praise. We use deflecting phrases like:

  • “No problem.”
  • “I would have done it for anyone.”
  • “Just doing my job.”

By responding this way, you’ve really disregarded the effort the compliment-giver has made in bestowing praise on you and you’ve really discounted the value of your work.

I recently came across a blog post that gave some suggestions for responding in a way that makes the person feel special and valued and makes them feel good about doing business with you. What do you think about responding in this way?

  • “You’re one of my most important clients, so I was happy to do this for you.”
  • “That’s what long-term partners do for one another. Thank you for trusting us.”
  • “That’s part of the great service you can expect when you deal with me. I appreciate you and your business.”
  • “I was happy to do it. I appreciate you (or your business).”
  • “It would have killed an ordinary person but I was glad to extend myself for you.” (for a little humor)

So for all of you who have thanked me over these past weeks I’d like to say,

“I love to see you be successful and I’m delighted I could play a role in helping you in your business over these past 15 years.”

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