Save Your Spot at the Massage Business Superhero Summit – Oct 20th

Sixteen massage business superheroes coming to your home or office October 20th to help you reach new heights in your massage career!

I’ve been chosen as one of those superheroes and I want you to don your cape and be my sidekick for this free full-day online business event specifically for massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Touch more lives! 

Here’s how to get started…

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Then get ready to take your massage career or massage business to a whole new level

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I’ll be looking at Business Lessons from the Superheros. Success leaves clues. The best way to become successful in your career or practice is to look at those who are already there. Closely examine what they do and simply model it in your own practice. Most often than not, you’ll find that it’s not strategies and tactics alone that make these massage professionals successful, but rather the way they think about their practice.

Join me as I look at 17 lessons we can learn from superhero massage therapists and see how many you practice in your business.

So few people have experienced firsthand the incredible benefits of massage and bodywork. It’s up to us to change the world, one massage at a time, and this groundbreaking event will give you the tools to do just that.

This online summit is absolutely free to attend, but you must save your spot:

See you there!

Thanks to the fine folks at ABMP for sponsoring this online business event and making it free to the world. We love you!