Vomit Your Brain Onto Paper

thought vomit with textI call it “thought vomit”.

My mind is very active and I’m sure yours is too. I have all these thoughts that roll around in my head. And if I listen to my thoughts, I find that they are often the same things going around and around and around like a “thought carousel”.

All these ideas and thoughts that are spinning in my head make it difficult to focus and give attention to the things I need to get done now.

I’ve found that the easiest way to clear my mind is to simply throw the ideas down on paper. I don’t worry about organizing the ideas or whether they make sense or whether they have any value. I just get them out of my body as quickly as possible as thought vomit.

Once they’re out I feel so much better. My mind is so much clearer and I can once again focus more sharply on the task at hand.

I have dozens and dozens of thought vomit notebooks. Sometimes there are some ideas that are worth pursuing. These ideas may turn into a business concept, a marketing initiative, a course, or maybe a blog post. Sometimes it’s all just a bunch of nonsense, but in any case it frees my mind to be productive.

Listen to your own mind. Do you hear the same things repeating themselves over and over? Do you feel too distracted to really focus on the work at hand? Then grab a piece of paper. Set aside 15 minutes (timer optional) and just get it all out on paper and see what that does for you.

Tell me about the experience in the comments below or in the Facebook Group set up for this challenge.