It’s Not Really the End

We’ve reached the end of our  30-Day Challenge.

Of course, it’s not really the end. Maintaining your productivity is an ongoing process, but it is the end of our daily little conversations.

I appreciate how much you’ve embraced many of the challenges I’ve thrown out there for you. It says a lot about how you are as a person.

I also want to thank you for taking time to share so much of yourself on the blog and in our little (or maybe not so little) Facebook Group. Some of the posts I’ve seen over the month were inspiring and some were really heartfelt and touching. There were a lot of great ideas being shared and some of the questions asked really made me think and examine my own thoughts and ideas. I also appreciate the encouragement you’ve given the other participants.

How was this month for you? What tips were you able to incorporate into your routine? What idea or action was most valuable for you? Are there other things you did that improved your productivity throughout the month? How has your level of production changed? Are you getting more done at work? Do you find that you have more time and freedom to play?

Please give me some feedback and let me know if you are interested in future “challenges”. Leave your comments in my blog or on the Facebook Group.


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