“I don’t have time for that” is a lie

No time is a lie


The words, “I don’t have time for that” should never leave your lips. It’s just an outright lie.

So just admit it: If you don’t have time for something, then it’s just not important to you.

If you got a call that your child was in an accident and at the hospital, you would make time to get to the hospital and take care of the situation… regardless of how busy you were.

So what people really mean when they say “I don’t have time” is that particular thing, whatever it might be, is not important enough to deserve their time

What does this mean for you?

Be honest with yourself and the people around you. Stop making excuses by using the “I don’t have time” line. It’s not productive. Decide how you are going to spend your time and commit to that.

Notice when you hear yourself saying that line either out loud or quietly in your head. When you catch yourself ask yourself, “Is this something that I need to do?” If yes, then make time to take care of it right away. If it’s something that needs to be done in the future, schedule time to take care of it. If it’s not something you need to do, then just say to yourself or the people around you, “It’s not a priority for me right now. You’ll need to find someone else to take care of that.”

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6 thoughts on ““I don’t have time for that” is a lie

  1. Love the phrasing, “It is not a priority for me right now.” as a chronic people pleaser I am just learning to say “No.” and I have to tell you it is hard. This is another nice way of saying no, or please do not waste my time.

  2. I like the fact that this phrase is a cue to remind me to be honest with myself about my priorities and what I really want.

  3. Thanks Eric – what I appreciate the most about the tip today – is that in life we as humans don’t tell the truth. Not to ourselves, not to our families, not to our colleagues and not to our clients. The atmosphere is centered around a need to know basis, a people pleasing mentality and a self denying mindset. Your right, there is plenty of time! Time to stop saying things we don’t mean, time to stop denying what we need and more time still to develop an honesty policy all the way across the board.

  4. Actually, “I don’t have time for that” sound quite rude IMHO, depending on how it’s said of course. I do however like the phrase Bernette used above, ““It is not a priority for me right now.” It doesn’t discount the value of “that”, but rather it may be something to get to at another time when priorities have changed.

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