Don’t Exercise Too Much

exercise but not too much

Today’s productivity tip: Exercise, but not too much

I don’t want you to try to do a lot. Just do a little.

Do something that you can easily achieve. And by easily, I really mean easily. Don’t do an hour walk after dinner. Just walk five minutes away from your home and then five minutes back. If you feel like going a little farther on the way back, then do it, but don’t feel compelled to.

We all know the 80/20 rule: You get 80% of the results from 20% of the effort. This applies to exercise as well. You get big benefits with little bits of physical effort. It takes increasing levels of effort to get small incremental benefits.

Doing something small means it will get done. Thinking you need to put in the effort to become Ms. Beach Body USA means it probably won’t get done.

[Note: The headline for this post was a ploy to get you to read and this advice is geared towards those of us that tend not to exercise very much. If you love exercise – if it’s one of your big rocks –  then really go for it. There have been times when I’ve done workouts twice per day and loved pushing my body. After I get back from the American Massage Conference this month, I’ll be doing kickboxing regularly again. It’s one of my “big rocks”.]

Your task: Schedule a ten minute walk sometime during the day. Find ways to do one little bit of exercise frequently throughout the day. For example, every time you go through a particular doorway, do 30 seconds of stretching.

How do you fit exercise and movement into your daily routine? Any tips for us? Post them below or in the Facebook Group.