Break It Down Until It’s Eatable


One of the biggest issues in getting things done is that we see them as these big jobs, projects or tasks that are overwhelming, so instead of actually doing anything we just get all angsty and just put it off.

That thing, whatever it is, not only doesn’t get done, but it just becomes a bigger thing, either in reality or in our minds.

So how do you tackle those big projects?

How did this man eat an airplane? (Yes, he really ate the Cessna 150 airplane.)

One bite at a time.

eat a plane

That’s the secret. You just break things down and find the smallest possible piece that you can tackle.

Let’s say you want to meditate. Does 30 minutes seem too long? How about 15? Still too long? How about 10? Five? You can do five? Boom! Done. Do five minutes. You’ll likely find that it seems too short and will try a longer timeframe the next go around.

For me, cleaning my house used to seem overwhelming, especially as a single parent with a young boy. So to break it down I just made a commitment to do one thing every time I moved from one room to another. Going from the bathroom to my office: Pick up a truck and put it in the toy box. Going from the bedroom to the kitchen: Grab my son’s dirty glass and put it in the dishwasher. Leaving the bathroom: Take a cloth and wipe the floor quickly. Going from the kitchen to dining room: Take a cloth and wipe the table.

It’s become such a habit that I basically spend very little dedicated time on housework anymore. My house is tidy and clean (mostly). And on the weekends I do a Pomodoro with my son to get the sweeping, vacuuming and dusting done.

Yesterday, when we looked at exercising, I suggested that if you do the littlest bit possible – if exercise isn’t something you love. Don’t see it as a big commitment. Little drips will fill a tub over time. The impact of doing something… even a little at a time… can be huge!

After writing yesterday’s post I decided to work at being able to do 100 push ups and 25 pull ups in seven weeks. To do the sets for each only takes five minutes. I can do anything in five minutes. And in seven weeks I’ll be able to do 25 pull ups. I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to do that many.

So pick just one thing you’ve been putting off because it seems impossible or overwhelming. What’s that one thing that’s been sitting over your head? What’s the smallest task you can do on that thing? Do it before the end of the day, then at the end of your day post what you’ve done in the comments section below or in the Facebook group.