Be Unrealistic

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When I started World Massage Conference seven years ago, I enlisted a couple of equally naive friends to help me and insisted that we make this the biggest event ever in the history of massage. There was no such thing as a virtual conference at that point. I looked for models, but no one had done anything like this… in any industry. We did six days of live streaming broadcasts, from early morning to late at night, to a profession of low tech practitioners at a time when live streaming broadcasting was still in its infancy.

I don’t remember the exact number, but we must of had 8,000 paid registrants from around the world at that first event.

In retrospect, as with many things I’ve done, it didn’t make sense. It was a crazy thing to do. I was naive and neither my partners or I had any idea what we were getting ourselves into. The first day of broadcasting was chaos and we were just praying that things wouldn’t explode when we pressed the buttons to get started.

But we accomplished an incredible feat bringing dozens of the top massage experts from around the world into people’s living rooms. And seven years later it still remains the largest event in the history of massage every year with more than double the registrations of our first year. We accomplished so much simply because we were completely unrealistic!

So the next time you do not feel competent enough to try something new, simply ask yourself if that belief has ever helped you. If not get rid of it and get a new belief because at the end of the day an unrealistic vision that pushes you to new levels of achievement is far better than a realistic one that makes you feel impotent and incapable of making changes in the world around you.

What’s one crazy thing would you like to do, but have never taken action on because you’ve been too realistic?


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8 thoughts on “Be Unrealistic

  1. I would love to do mobile chair massage in my city. Literally, take my massage chair and roam around offering chair massage, to promote its goodness and my business.

  2. Love this! So many of my craziest ideas have been my best ideas and most rewarding endeavors. We often start class with an exercise. I ask students to answer the question, “What would you do if you knew you would not fail?”. Then we shuffle cards and everyone has to figure out which card belongs to whom. I am often surprised at how very doable their answers are. You need to dream bigger than life…what is the worst that could happen?

  3. Karelyn, sounds like a great idea. Hope you don’t mind if I try this in my city. 🙂
    I have often thought about it. I guess all we need to do is try it and see what happens.

  4. Well my craziest thing feels too big for me. Where I live there are homeless people and few services to hework.I have a personal friend that has been homeless 4 yrs. I have watched his struggle. I know of a couple churches that each feed once a week but there’s no place for them to sleep without getting kicked out in the night. I would like to start with something like a day shelter for them to come, clean up, eat a meal, and have help finding jobs. They need someplace safe to leave their possessions when on an interview or at work. Its crazy. Its really big. I am just one little woman.

  5. I work for a Spa and where I live the population is 4,500, probably triples that during tourist season (from Dec thru May). I am afraid to total move out on my own because financially I worry that I might not make it.
    Am also afraid that if I do fail, MY pride won’t allow me to go back to The Spa.

  6. Edalyn,
    I had to come back to this post and reply to you as God convicted me as I have been so crippled by fear. It wasn’t until late this year that I realized I was not only afraid of failing, but I also have a fear of success. I’ve always thought in the back of my mind, “What if I’m not prepared for the possible growth I might experience if I try something and it increases my clientele before I’ve made plans for expanding?” I’m so tired of living in fear, especially the fear of failure. I’ve learned the biggest failure was the failure in trying to succeed. I said all this to say, “Trust God and do your due diligence in being successful and it shall come to pass as long as you see yourself being a success”. You can always work at the spa PT as you grow your clientele. I know a LMT who is a RN and she’s about to expand for the 2nd time within a year’s time. She really invested time and money in getting her business known and she’s believes God is going to stay true to his word and bless the business he told her to open. I worked for a spa for a short span and opened my own practice (office) and I’m still working on increasing my clientele. I don’t have a large repeat clientele, but I’m working on it. I just recently became a CPR &1st Aid Instructor and Massage Therapy Instructor so I can have other avenues to bring in income to supplement my MT practice. So basically, I suggest being multifaceted in your practice (sell products, offer wellness classes, etc.). I wish you the best of luck and most of all, have faith in yourself. I have to remind myself of this daily as I’ve had to limit my availability this past year as I went through the journey with my mom with her diagnosis and treatment for Breast Cancer. She’s in her last week of radiation treatment, so I’m starting to refocus my energy into my practice and beginning to start instructing courses. We have to have the mentality that we can do it if others before us have done it. They’ve all started somewhere.

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