Don’t Do What You Love

Dont Do What You Love - Plain (1)Last month I wrote a post on Following Your Bliss. I’m a big believer in pursuing your passion and following your dreams. But I forgot to put a footnote on that, which is:

“Do what you love” is useless advice when it comes to making a living.

…at least for some people and some jobs.

After watching massage therapists struggle throughout my 25 years in the profession, especially as a business/marketing consultant, it’s clear that some people should not be doing massage as a career.

They love it. They are passionate about it. It is their bliss. But…

…they have serious blocks when it comes to running a business.

They do not have an entrepreneurial mindset. They don’t want to learn the skills required to run a business. They have limiting beliefs about money.  They are not willing to push the boundaries of their comfort zone. They do not have the dogged determination that’s required in running a business.

These people should not try to do massage for a living.

And that’s okay!

Trying to make a living doing what we love when you don’t have the right skills, aptitude, beliefs or tenacity for the job means that what you love will turn into one big giant angsty weight on your shoulders… and to top things off… you’ll be poor.

You don’t have to try to monetize your passions. You don’t have to make money only through the things you love. You can have a satisfying day job that pays your bills and then do your blissful work after hours.

If you’re miserable in your massage career it’s okay to get out. Get a decent day job so you can really feel the passion you used to have in doing massage and really contribute to the lives of others.

*This post was inspired by Austin Kleon and the many miserable therapists posting on Facebook.