LinkedIn Resources

Facebook is making it increasingly difficult for businesses to network without paying to access users with ads. So my attention is increasingly turning to LinkedIn as the social networking site most likely to get you customers. It really is an untapped opportunity.

So I’m going to use this page to post various linked in resources as I come across them: Articles, videos, courses, and ebooks that can help you get the maximum benefit from this professional networking site.

A Quick Video Overview of LinkedIn (2 minutes)


This online course by Lewis Howes really opened my eyes to the potential of LinkedIn as a business-building tool. I took the original course over a year ago. He’s completely updated it and it is likely the most comprehensive resource for using LinkedIn to your advantage. Lessons are bite-sized and cover pretty much every aspect of using the site. It’s more information than you’ll ever need, but you can pick and choose the segments that are most relevant to you.
Check out LinkedInfluence

How to Get Ranked with LinkedIn

There will be over 5 billion searches done on LinkedIn in 2012. Most of these searches are for professionals like you. In addition, Google sees LinkedIn as an authority site and ranks both profiles and categories i.e. Miami massage therapists, high in the search engine results pages. How can you optimize your profile to show up in these searches?

Set Up Your LinkedIn Account the Right Way

Here’s an inexpensive little ebook (just $7 bucks) that takes new users through the process of opening an account and setting up a profile. It also introduces you to all the basic functions of the site, so you know how to navigate around and benefit from the site. It is written in a practical follow along style with lots of how to pictures, so have it open as you set up your profile and explore the site.
LinkedIn for Business Made Easy ebook