How to Follow Your Bliss

“A passion is a thing you enjoy doing. For me that is telling, experiencing and analysing stories. For you, it may be anything.

A value, in the sense that I am using the term, is a personal standard of behavior. Which is why things like “integrity” or “courage” mean a great many things to a great many people.

It is in aligning your personal passions with your personal values that you find your bliss; i.e. fulfillment.

Example: a person who is passionate about and talented at writing may take a job at an advertising agency in order to “do what they love for a living”. Only to find out that the company they are working for has few if any overlapping values with them. As a result, they hate their job–even though they are “doing what they love”.

So when I say, follow your bliss, I’m talking about doing what you are passionate about in a way that empowers you to live out your deepest held values. Anything else leads to a crummy experience for you and art or expression that’s lost its heart. Which is important on more than a personal level, since your community (i.e. your readers/customers/etc.) expect to find resonance with you and your brand. Which is impossible if you don’t really believe in what you’re doing and the values you supposedly share with them.”


~Nathan B Weller (Source)


 And more on following your bliss by Allan Watts, one of my favorite educators of all time: