A Little Mother’s Day Gift (even if you’re not a mother)…

A little gift for you to use in your practice…

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – May 11th to be exact. If you haven’t already launched your Mother’s Day campaign, it’s still not too late to pick up some sales through gift certificate sales. This could be the biggest gift certificate sales day for you this year, second only to Christmas perhaps.

There are lots of ways to leverage holidays like this. Because it’s a little last minute, I’d suggest that you use the following strategy to benefit from some last minute certificate sales.

Below you’ll find a download link to a free poster you can print up. This is one of the many seasonal posters included in the Sell Gift Certificates e-course.

Make copies and post this poster in two places in particular:

1)      Just inside your treatment room, either on or beside the door

2)      Prominently displayed on your reception desk

I’d also suggest that you display some samples of your actual gift certificates for them to see as well. The better the gift certificates look, the more you’ll sell. So don’t cheap out! Buy large full color certificates.

This poster is the last thing that they will see as they leave your treatment room. They feel fantastic after their massage and are in a hyper-appreciative state. Seeing the poster reminds them that they should be doing something nice for their mothers. As they are pulling out their wallet at the reception desk, they are reminded again by the second poster to buy massage as a gift. When surrounded by these triggers, the chances are that a significant number of your clients will purchase one.

You’ll bump up your sales even more if you are active in reminding them. Just ask, “Mother’s Day is coming up May 11th. Would you like to get a gift certificate for a special mom in your life?”

That’s all there is to it. So…

What are you waiting for? Download the poster now and post it up in your treatment room.


If you’ve purchased the Sell Gift Certificates e-course, you’ll find this poster available for download in the course area along with many other seasonal posters that you can use throughout the year. Check it out.


All the best,

Eric Brown, Director