Join Me for the Free “What Clients Never Tell You” Webinar Tonight…

encorenevertellWhat is it that clients aren’t telling you?

You don’t know unless….

…you have someone interviewing them after they leave your office. And that’s exactly what ABMP educator, Cindy Williams has done. She’ll be sharing the video she captured along with her thoughts on how this information can help you be more successful in a free webinar at World Massage Conference that’s happening tonight.

She be joined by fellow ABMP’s chief webinar officer (I gave him that title) Brian Halterman for this live business presentation and I’d like you to join me. No strings or catches. Just great information about making your practice more successful.

Sign up for free here:

It starts at 9 pm ET tonight (click here for the time in your city).

The live broadcast is free so make sure you get on the line 10 minutes before the event starts. Replays are available only for paid conference participants.

See you there!

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One thought on “Join Me for the Free “What Clients Never Tell You” Webinar Tonight…

  1. I attended the FREE Webinar “What Clients Never Tell You”…so eye opening in so very many ways…..Thank You so much for the FREE OFFER!
    I was reminded that the majority of the public know very little about massage and in order to cater to the masses…we need to focus on the VERY BASICS…Getting them to try a massage. As a newbie..since 2008….I have continually educated myself and improved my understanding of massage, the benefits and the variety of modalities we can offer. I’ve utilized monthly specials to entice new clients to give it a try and offered incentives to encourage referrals. All has worked on a slow and steady process.
    After the webinar I immediately set up a Discount Wellness Package Deal for Monthly Sessions…at a rate that the avg working person, in my rural area, can afford., also sharing the offer on FB , Linked In and of course through my email list.
    I’m determined to get back to the basics in educating the public on the wonderful benefits of massage….and proving “Every Body Deserves a Massage” at an affordable rate.

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