Facebook Business Page Changes You Should Know About

Facebook announced this week that they will be rolling out changes to Facebook business Pages. Sometimes I wish the Internet would just stop changing for one week. It would be nice not to have to keep redoing the way we do business on a daily basis. 🙂

These changes probably don’t effect massage therapists too much, but it’s good to be aware of what’s happening.

In short…

1. The double column layout changes to a single column. And a small column to the left will contain the About Us information as well as links to photos and videos.

What that means for you? Not much. You can no longer highlight a Post by spreading it across two columns. Overall, the Timeline will likely be easier to read.

2. The business name and category now appear on the Cover image and the Profile image moves up slightly.

What that means for you? You may have to redo your Cover image to accommodate those encroaching elements.

3. The Custom App boxes (those four little boxes under the Cover image) will be gone. Custom Apps will move under the “More” button in navigation.

What that means for you? This is probably the most significant change if you make use of this functionality. It is relatively easy to draw visitors’ attention to these as they currently exist and with the changes they will disappear from view. This means you’ll definitely need to advertise if you want anyone to view your custom app.

4. Administrative features are more prominent and include the addition of a “Pages to Watch” function that allows you to monitor competitors.

What if means for you? Likely not much.

Here are what the changes will look like with the new Page layout…

Facebook page changes March 2014

You have to pay…

Facebook made it very clear earlier this year that your business Page will almost never show up in users’ News Feeds unless you pay to have it show up. With the removal of the custom apps from the viistor’s view, Facebook continues to push businesses towards paying for anything useful.

Should you give up on Facebook?

The short answer: No.

With a gazillion users (approximately) Facebook can still be beneficial for building your practice. But the old Facebook for business is no more. You have to see Facebook largely as an advertising medium.

There are some alternative ways to use Facebook that are likely more effective if you are a sole practitioner with a private practice. I’ve talked about these somewhat unconventional strategies in the past, but with the recent Page changes these alternatives may be even more attractive. Subscribe the the BodyworkBiz newsletter and I’ll review those approaches with you in the coming months.

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