Before and After: Educated Heart Website Makeover

Your website represents you and your practice. If your website looks bad, you will be judged accordingly. Visitors will think that your service is  cheap, outdated, disorganized or unprofessional. I know that seems so superficial, but that’s the way it works.  Massage is intangible after all. So people can only judge you by the tangible things that surround you, like your website. 

Recently, I recreated Laura Allen’s Educated Heart website.

The Educated Heart is a fantastic book and in my opinion has one of the best (and most readable) approaches to the topic of ethics. It was originally written by Nina McIntosh, but taken over by Laura Allen when Nina passed away.

Take a look at her original site. At a glance, what are you initial impressions? Is this book a credible book on the topic of ethics? Does it look unique? Is the book engaging and easy to read? How knowledgeable is the author? Does this website inspire confidence that the author knows what she’s talking about? Is it even clear at first glance that the site is promoting a book?

Here’s the “before”…

Educated Heart Website Before 1

Your impression is likely that this book is nothing special. Probably written by a lonely person in their basement. And if you go into the site it gets worse..

Educated Heart Website Before 2

The disorder and lack of attention to detail (even look at the frames around the images) indicates that this is not a professional book that deserves my attention. If the writing or thoughts in the book are half as cluttered as this page, there is no way I’m picking it up.

Laura, of course, inherited this existing site and was very aware of the issues. I love the book that Nina’s written and felt it deserved to be showcased better, so I offered to help Laura recreate the site. Here’s the “after”:

Educated Heart Website After 1

Educated Heart Website After 2

With this makeover, it’s clear that the site is about a book. The professional look of the site immediately changes your perception about the quality of the book and the value of the information it contains. The book in this new site is credible and deserves your attention.

I didn’t take a before shot on mobile, but it was unreadable. Now when anyone accesses the site from a smart phone or tablet, the site detects whatever device they are using and shows a mobile-friendly version of the site that displays beautifully.

I’ve created well over 100 websites for massage therapists, as well as sites for software developers, educators, restaurants, industrial manufacturers, consultants and more.

Would you like me to know some of the elements that go into making an effective massage website – one that works to get more clients through your doors? If so, Like or Share this page. Or if you have specific questions or topic areas you’d like to know more about, post them in the comments section below. If I see that there’s enough interest, I’ll share what I know about making your website work for your massage practice through this blog.

Thanks to Laura Allen for allowing me to share this makeover with you.

And because I know some people will ask… I’m sorry to say that I no longer create simple sites for massage therapists, but if you have a bigger web project you need help with, feel free to contact me and we can chat.

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8 thoughts on “Before and After: Educated Heart Website Makeover

  1. I truly cannot say how much I appreciated your help on this. Nina was a wonderful teacher, author, and body worker, and her book is just something that every single massage therapist needs to have. She was sick for some time before she passed away and she just wasn’t able to attend to the website. She would have loved this!


    Eric Reply:

    You know I was a fan of Nina, so I was delighted to be able to work on this with you, Laura. I think the site really helps to showcase her work in positive way.


  2. I’d love your feedback on constructing a good massage website. Mine is due for an update, and while all the elements are there, it feels disjointed and hard to find what you are looking for. There seems to be a fine line between two much information, and giving your clients the information they need to know in nice edible chunks without text overload.


  3. I appreciate that you share so much with those of us who follow you Eric,
    I watched your video on how to create a website on weebly showcasing your son’s work and I followed it to create two of my own weebly websites then went on to make a wordpress free-theme website designed for small businesses. With a blog hosted pretty affordably on bluehost. And just using my name since I offer diverse services. What is your opinion about naming your website after yourself or your service?


  4. Hi Eric, I love to read your stuff, lol! I have been at this massage biz for 12 years now, I am phasing down a bit due to age and need to change things up a bit. I have went from owning my own store front for 8 yrs to just renting two rooms across town from one another,I am in the works of possibly setting up working from home, due to age and aging body I am being forced to down size. Love my work it is truely my passion! I have bought many of your courses through out the years, appreciate your works! I have had the same webmaster for years now that has a primary job, etc. that has pulled him from designing my website so that it will grasp a reader and sucks them in. I need help but haven’t known really where to turn. Would love help and would like to run some ideas past you to see what can be worked out, cost ,etc. Look forward to hearing from you and great job on Laura’s website!!!


  5. Thanks for getting this done, Eric. And thank you, Laura for maintaining it.


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