How To Do a Client Profile – Part 1

“If you want people to find you interesting, be interested in them.”

I don’t remember where I heard that quote (or something like it). Maybe I’m just making it up (probably not). But in any case, nothing could be more true.

There’s nothing that people like more than themselves. And the more focus and attention you place on someone, the more they are going to love you.

And I don’t mean just buttering someone up for the sake of getting what you want. I really mean being seriously interested in other people and acknowledging them. When you do that sincerely, the side effects of this are incredible. Those people¬†will love you and they will¬†sing your praises to others.

So why not give people the acknowledgement they deserve and showcase them.

I ran Massage Therapy Radio for years with my friends for no other reason than being interested in the leaders and educators in our profession. More recently, after some conversations with Scott Dartnall about the really incredible people we’ve met through our work, I set up the Ryan Hoyme aka Massage Nerd Fan Club page on my blog. It took me a half a day and I paid a designer to create some images for me, but I loved doing it.

Massage Nerd Fan Club

I love the nerd. He’s super interesting and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Then co-incidentally this came into my inbox this morning…

massage book profile

A great little therapist profile from Massage Book. They are acknowledging their customers.

I’ve also recognize Fans on my Facebook Page…


I even bought a boatload of trophies to give away to someone else’s blogging challenge….


Is this self serving?

I guess it depends how cynical you are.

Some cynics have accused me of showboating and being opportunistic. It’s easy to be a critic when your not busy carrying armfuls of trophies to the post office. But in all honesty, there are better ways I can spend my time and money if I’m doing it strictly as a marketing ploy. I’m doing it because it’s fun and I derive a great deal of pleasure from it. Look at Ele Sue Dukes with her “bad ass blogging trophy”. Look how happy she is! I think I made her day and it makes me smile.

I think you should be interested in people and acknowledge them because you really are genuinely interested, but like I’ve stated, there are side effects to this. And you’re not dirty or evil if you acknowledge that at least a little of the love you put out in the world may come back to you.

But this is a marketing blog, so the question is how does this apply to your massage practice?

Stay tuned for Part 2 and I’ll give you the scoop….