How Important Is an Evidence-Based Practice to You?

There have been some spirited discussions on Facebook recently on the topic of evidence   based practice with two sides strongly polarizing. On one side of the argument therapists say that we need to inform our practices with current research to be effective and establish credibility and on the other side are the therapists who say that we know that massage has been helping people for thousands of years without scientific proof.

The discussions have been intense, so it was nice to see someone with a sense of humor post this video:

How do you weigh in? How important is an evidence-based practice for you? Has there been any research that has changed the way you do massage?

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2 thoughts on “How Important Is an Evidence-Based Practice to You?

  1. We are not working on cars. We are working with people and each one has unique needs.
    I work from my heart, not my head.


  2. This is great! I saw some of those discussions! Like any industry, there are always many views.


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