[Case Study] Twenty New Clients in May…

60 Clients in 60 Days is one of the top two selling online courses on BodyworkBiz. Personally it’s my favorite because the strategy I outline is just so simple to do that anyone can do it. And it’s so extremely effective at getting you lots of clients quickly. It’s kind of like Groupon, but better. You can target the people that you want as clients and give them a feel for your services without devaluing your worth.

I have hundreds of testimonials from people who have done the 60 Clients in 60 Days program and many of these are on the BodyworkBiz website. But here’s one that just came in today that I thought I’d share. The results Lori got may not be as dramatic as with other participants, but as Lori mentions, she did not really roll out the strategy to the extent that I suggest. She has a home-based practice and worked the program to the extent that was comfortable for her. You can see from her results below that, even if she stops using the strategy altogether, she will add at least $10,000 to her sales this year from  “the little bit” that she has done over the past month.

Here’s Lori’s email:

I have gotten wonderful results from following the program, the little bit that I have. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been on track, but have seen my business BOOM just since the beginning of May with the little bit that I have been following. Here’s my story……

I have been a massage therapist for two years. I have always taken clients from home, but usually worked at a clinic or a spa too. My goal was to be able to have enough clients from home that I didn’t need a real job. After enrolling in the 60 Clients program, I decided I was going to jump from the frying pan into the fire and quit my job. When I started on May 1st, I had 55 clients in my database. I now have 75!! That’s 20 new clients in the month of May! 

  • 20 new clients in May
  • All but two rescheduled immediately
  • All but one upgraded their treatment length
  • Three of them have become regular weekly clients and the others schedule bi-weekly or monthly
  • Three referred friends/family to me
  • One of the new clients is referring her husband for a father’s day gift and also rescheduled herself
  •  My weekly income has exceeded what my home monthly income was before I started the program!!

What I found interesting about Lori’s story is this:

Also since getting the ball rolling, I noticed that my regular clients have been either increasing their visits or time, and have been referring me more often. I even have a massage therapist as a client that referred one of her clients to me for two sessions in one week.

You know the adage: “Success breeds success”? This is one of the magical side effects of getting busy. We are often unsure about the value of our work. We tell ourselves it benefits our clients, but we don’t always believe it with our whole heart and soul. But once you get an influx of clients like this, you start to see the effects of your work firsthand on a whole new group of people. With all that additional experience, your skills improve and you feel more confident. And that spills into both your practice with your existing clients and even into your life in general. You become more “attractive” as a professional and people naturally want to see you.

Good work Lori! And congratulations on making the leap to develop the business that you always wanted.

UPDATE: Here’s an update from Lori. She is generously sharing her sales numbers with us and I think you’ll agree the results are outstanding…

I’ve gone through my May numbers and here are the exciting, detailed statistics:

  • January 2013; 18 massages, $745
  • February 2013; 17 massages, $845
  • March 2013; 21 massages, $930 (sold 1 $800 package for a total income of $1,730)
  • April 2013; 37 massage; $1,660


  • May 2013; 58 massages; $2,765 (sold 1 $800 package for a total monthly income of $3,565)

You can use these numbers as examples if you’d like. Looking to break May’s record this month!! I’ll keep you posted.


Lori just sent me another email and seemed pretty excited. June is far from over, but given her schedule so far, she’s anticipating doing over 70 massages this month! That’s a far cry from the average of 20 massages she was doing per month in the first quarter of this year. In Lori’s words…

My initial goal before I started the program was to do 60 massages per month. I thought it would take several months to build, but as you can tell from my numbers just from the past few months, it only takes a little time and effort to build!! I am going to go back and review Week 6 of the program, Client Appreciation, and see if I can spice things up a little! If you’re a daddy, Happy Father’s Day to you!!! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “[Case Study] Twenty New Clients in May…

  1. I noticed that Lori only charges $45 per session. I have been in business for 10 years and want to raise my prices. I haven’t done this since 2008 and charge $55. I am an independent contractor, the only massage therapist, inside of an established salon. My income goes through the salon register and I get paid for the services performed that week. I don’t get paid for gift certificates or packages until the service is performed. This is a good system for the owner because he will always get his rent but I feel like he’s sitting on my shoulders as far as my income and capacity for growth is concerned. I’m not sure how to break this cycle. Any suggestions? My rent is $175/week, includes a morning-night receptionist and my laundry is done for me. I’ve been looking at other spaces and systems and don’t think I could find a better rental deal. I’ve been here for 10 years and this is my only massage business experience. Where do I start?

  2. In terms of raising your prices, it’s been five years so maybe now is the time. You can get an article I wrote on the topic here: http://bodyworkbiz.com/price. There are always tradeoffs when working as a employee/contractor vs. self-employed. Right now you have very little risk and reception and laundry is provided for you (at very low cost as you note). They essentially do the marketing for you and you get to show up and just do massage. You could possibly make more money by going out on your own, but you take on additional roles. Instead of just doing massage you have to be an entrepreneur and a manager. These both require different skill sets that you have not had to develop. So you need to sit down and work through some numbers and look at risk vs. reward for making the shift and decide whether it is worth the the effort required. Sounds like you have things pretty good, but you really want a change, maybe you need to look at mixing it up.

  3. Negotiate w/the salon owner if you could bring your very own clients in for massages. That could motivate you to generate clients on your own not just “simple” relying on the salon’s clientele. This is an opportunity to test your marketing skills, and you can, also, sell your own packages, gift certificates, promotions, coupons etc.

  4. oops: the previous entry was suppose to be a reply to Jo Anne, since somehow the “Reply” button does not want to cooperate.

  5. Thanks for sharing this story Eric. I started chair massage last summer and found your website while googling chair massage training for my new job and after reading every free tutorial you offer I was walking tall full of hope and optimism. I stopped doing chair massage at the farmers market throughout thewinter and now I am starting up again and your are the grand poobah I turn to to generate that confidence. I will look into your special on the 60 clients60 days training. thanks for mentoring so many.

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