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Today Facebook unveiled more changes to the site. This time it’s the News Feed. That’s the page you land on when you first log in that contains Posts from your Friends and Pages you follow.

Facebook doesn’t say exactly how the changes are going to impact business Pages, but at first glance it’s not good. Users will have the ability to choose more specifically what they want to see in their News Feed and will be able to filter any Page Posts out of their feed.

It seems as though businesses will have to be more engaging, use more visually interesting content and post more frequently to be seen. Once again, Facebook is forcing business users to move to paid advertising to get seen on the site.

For screenshots and a comprehensive look at some of the changes see this article: http://bit.ly/16ck5q0

If you’ve been following this blog you know I’ve never been a big fan of Facebook. Maintaining some presence on Facebook is important, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify and significant investment of your time on Facebook. Paid advertising options have become the most cost-effective way of leveraging this social media giant.

Facebook sending your visitors to competitors?

In related news I recently stumbled across another change on a Friend’s business Page. This seems to have received little attention, but could be devastating to your Facebook Page. Facebook may just be testing this in a limited way at this point because it does not appear on all Pages.

If this rolls out, when someone visits your Page they will be shown a strip of suggested Pages that are related to yours. It looks like this:

So essentially you as a business owner work your petutie off or pay for advertising to get your Page found and Facebook invites your visitor to check out other Pages of possible interest. Some of these could even be Pages of competing businesses as you can see from the screen shot above! You do the work to get the visitor on your Page so they can visit your competitors Page. I can only shake my head in disbelief.

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4 thoughts on “Facebook Changes News Feed

  1. I am shaking my head… as my business is a bit shaky financially and near on the death of closing. I am really trying to save it. Facebook and their new inventions are not helping either. I really could use a Angel and few prayers! I might be taking a break from massage as well if I feel my business is still not making it!


  2. Facebook seems to be mobilizing against the business page holders as though we were some kind of oligarchy and empowering the proletariat client by fortifiying their search. But we page holders aren’t oligarchies we are mostly proletariat businesses undermined by the oligarchic machinations of facebook


  3. Geez… just when I thought I was making some progress on FB. I am sad that I spent $$$ on Amy Porterfield’s course – I’ve barely started and it’s probably not going to help me now.

    Eric, what about LinkedIn – I keep hearing it’s the best social media around. Do you know enough about it to help me make it a good tool for business? Or, can you direct me to someone who does? I have an account but I know I don’t use it to it’s best potential.

    Thanks for all you do!


  4. A Facebook account is still important for a variety of reasons, so getting the FB Influence course and learning about the functionality from a business standpoint is essential. Good for you for doing that. You don’t want to abandon Facebook, but you do want to limit the investment you make, unless it demonstrates a clear ROI. I think LinkedIn has huge untapped potential. The course to get for that is at http://www.linkedinfluence.com.


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