Join me for the 31 Day Facebook Challenge Starting Today

Welcome back to work. I hope you had a fantastic holiday. It’s time to get busy again and I’m jumping in head first. My Facebook Page sucks and I have to do something about it. So I’m giving myself 31 days (the month of January) to make it great, build a Fan base and use it to get more customers.

If you’d like to join me and learn how to make your own Facebook Page work for your practice, jump on board and have some fun.

I’ll personally be going through a Facebook marketing course by Amy Porterfield. I started yesterday and welcome you to join me for the month as I go through the process. If you want to get the FB Influence course for yourself you can purchase it here:

Think of this as a book club of sorts with the goal of actually implementing these marketing ideas rather than just reading about them. I’m going to systematically explore and implement the ideas in Amy’s course (probably with a few twists of my own). I’ll share the results of my tests and provide as much support as possible for those who want to follow along.

I don’t want to bombard you and the other BodyworkBiz subscribers with emails about Facebook because not everyone is really interested, so I’ve set up a Facebook Group to share information, my progress reports, as well as some instructional videos to help you through the various strategies.

You can join the Group for free here:

You don’t have to purchase the FBInfluence course to join the group and play along, but to get the most out of this experience I suggest you do. It’s only $97 bucks and well worth the investment. If you don’t want to purchase through the affiliate link on this page, go directly to the FBInfluence website.

Start 2013 on the right foot and take some action to grow your practice during what is typically a quiet time of the year. The action steps to take today:

I’ll meet you in the Facebook Group. Looking forward to our adventure together,

Eric Brown

PS Please share this with your friends. Any business owner can benefit from this, not just massage therapists and anyone who wants to play is welcome to come along for the ride. It will be a fantastic learning experience.

Eric Brown of BodyworkBiz (an online massage business resource) also owns Thermal Palms, Relax to the Max, World Massage Conference and Massage Therapy Radio. Sign up for the free BodyworkBiz massage marketing newsletter at


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