The Only Source of Knowledge…

I see massage business coaches and self-proclaimed gurus popping up likeĀ dandelionsĀ in the massage profession. Most of these people are relatively new to the industry and it makes me wonder how important experience is in a person’s ability to deliver value to their customers. Is someone who has been in the profession for a few years qualified or capable of assisting others with their massage practices?

I’m close to two and a half decades in this profession and in that time have seen countless “experts”, most well-intentioned, come and go like waves on a beach. They don’t have the knowledge to be successful in their own businesses, let alone to advise their colleagues.

They borrow liberally from people like myself that have experience and that can translate the lessons they’ve learned into successful businesses. But fundamentally, they don’t really understand what it really takes to make a go of it. They lack the “in the trenches” experience.

So while I don’t necessarily agree with Albert wholeheartedly, I have to say that experience is a vital piece of knowledge. And if you turn to someone for advice in your practice, make absolutely sure that they’ve “been there and done that.”