Does Facebook Marketing Really Work?

Social media is about building relationships. It’s not a direct sales tool and anyone expecting quick and immediate results will be disappointed.

I’ve talked in a general way about the role of social media as a marketing tool in other posts, but decided to write a short blurb around the value of social media after being asked by a therapist if it’s really possible to get clients from Facebook.

Those who use Facebook for business tend to focus on conversation to develop relationships with their Fans. That’s what you’re supposed to do right? Yes and no. Businesses tend to communicate about what people usually want talk about: pets, restaurants, movies, life, etc. People who focus on this kind of approach get Fans and develop relationships with people who like those topics.

The problem is that those Fans aren’t interested in what they have to sell. So when the conversation moves to business, their Fans are largely non-responsive. This makes social media seem like a waste of time. The feeling is, “I’ve spent a lot of time posting and it just doesn’t work. I’m not seeing any clients as a result of this.”

Those who make money on social media focus on providing their audience with info they need or want to know about around the subject of their expertise. There is still conversation, but it revolves around this expertise.

If you focus purely on creating conversation to build relationships, you turn your followers into friends who like you but who don’t buy from you. If you focus on content and the conversations that arise from that you develop trust and become an expert. This turns into a business relationship that will result in sales.

Let’s face it: Ultimately, you hire a mechanic because they can fix your car, not because they are your friend. So stop trying to make friends and instead start building business relationships. Don’t be a peer to your Facebook audience; Be their leader, the person they turn to for advice.

So does Facebook marketing really work? It can if it’s done in the right way. A couple of weeks ago I attended a webinar by Amy Porter and I can tell you with a certainty that I’ve made money as a direct result of implementing a couple of suggestions that were easy to do.

I’ve purchased her Facebook Influence course  (it’s less than $100 bucks) and will be implementing many of the strategies she outlines in a systematic way in the new year. I’ll post some of my results here on the blog. I can say confidently that if I take the approach I’ve outlined above as I implement her tactics I’ll definitely be able to increase my sales.

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7 thoughts on “Does Facebook Marketing Really Work?

  1. Hey Eric, I hope to purchase this course after the first of the year. Will it still be available at this price in January? I have spent so much money in 2012 on CE courses, etc.


  2. I totally forgot of a report I made in this blog of a Facebook study on engagement by businesses on Facebook. The finding:

    “By far, the biggest predictor of engagement was that the post was on a topic relevant to the brand,” said Sean Bruich, head of measurement platforms and standards at Facebook. “It impacts everything, from lightweight likes to more invested shares. It’s actually one of the most important things a brand can do. People are seeing the content because they liked the brand, and it makes sense that content about the brand will get them engaged.”

    Read that post here:


  3. 12. No need to stay online for managing fan pages now. Just schedule posts in and stay aloof.


    Eric Reply:

    There are a number of programs you can use for managing posts. There are pros and cons to these. You can actually now schedule post ahead of time right within your Facebook Page itself without having to use a third party program. We’ll be looking as some of these issues in the January 2013 Facebook Challenge Group:


  4. Thank you so much for this blog! It IS sooo crucial: keeping those posts professional, maintaining a conversation with those “fans” in order to turn them and their friends and acquaintances into clients; and it is so great that it can be done in a friendly manner. That is how I think of FB as a communication tool, an interactive billboard. (Way back in the 80ies-90ies in one of our favorite grocery stores in my town people liked to check its community billboard, and in certain ways there were talks about those posts, too. I think of FB as a more sophisticated platform of showing to everyone what we do, what and when we offer, etc… and we do not need to wait for a response forever!!!) *sorry -my English is not my first language*


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