Why attend the World Massage Conference?

I love the World Massage Conference! Why wouldn’t I? I helped shape it into my dream event!

I’m addicted to learning. So me at the World Massage Conference is like a crackhead in Columbia. There is so much great information on pretty much every massage topic imaginable. I’m on a six-day high.

Because I run the event it’s hard to take me seriously. I know I come across as an evangelist: The person you don’t want knocking at your door. I just want to sell registrations, right?

So I asked a number of prominent educators who have been involved as both presenters and attendees at the conference what they liked about the World Massage Conference and then I put together this little video. Enjoy…

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Erik Dalton Techniques at Indiana State University | Eric Brown, BodyworkBiz Blog https://t.co/xIoW1VHqfA - 1 year ago
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