How many massages can you do?

I don’t recall ever seeing a survey on how many hours the average therapist is capable of massaging in a week, so I posted a couple surveys to LinkedIn, one in the ABMP group and the other in the AMTA group. The numbers from both groups are roughly comparable. Although they are hardly scientific, the results are interesting:

  • 97% feel comfortable doing more than 11 hours per week
  • The greatest number of respondents, about 40%, say they would be most comfortable doing 16 to 20 hours of massage per week
  • 13% said they would be comfortable doing more than 26 hours of massage per week

So for most therapists, their income is definitely capped by the number of massages they can comfortably do each week. Also, given that most therapists only feel comfortable doing up to 20 hours of massage a week, the question must be asked: What can full time massage therapists do for supplemental income during the hours they are not doing massage each week?

Any thoughts?



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4 thoughts on “How many massages can you do?

  1. There are several avenues to explore on this topic–and thanks Eric for collecting data on this important subject! And, it brings up another question–if MT’s are “most comfortable” doing 16-20 hours of massage per week, are they ACTUALLY DOING 16-20 hours of massage per week? Is the more important issue that they need to find additional income streams, raise rates, expand their menus with value-added services, start a clinic, combine their services with other health & wellness professionals, create packages and/or retail products (all ways to increase income-per the original question)….or is the more urgent need just getting and retaining clients to reach their maximum potential in their practice?


  2. incorporating remedial exercise programs, and hydrotherapy treatments, with massage can greatly increase what the MT charges for their service.

    offer courses on how to massage babies


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