Some Controversial BodyworkBiz Blog Posts

I don’t mind raising points of view that conflict with conventional thoughts about the industry, I’m not afraid of being somewhat inappropriate if it helps get a point across and sometimes I just rant like everyone else.

Here are some of the BodyworkBiz blog posts that have raised eyebrows, either online or offline. Don’t read any of these if you are somewhat sensitive and get all worked up anytime someone has an opinion that’s different than your own.

1. Why talk about excrement in a massage blog? Because it completely ties into the success of your massage business:

2. I’ve been dating a large portion of my adult life, so it’s no wonder that dating analogies figure into my writing (this post is M for Mature):

3. If you’re watching TV you’re wasting your brain. I went on a rant rampage:

4. I get so tired of self-righteous therapists that love blame franchises for their failures. Instead of ranting, why not take some lessons from these organizations:

5. More blaming… I’m a guy and I’m tired of hearing other guys blame their lack of success on their chromosomes. Women have been dealing with this for┬ámillennia. Male therapists need to pull up your nylons and deal with it:

6. Most of the industry is on the research/advanced certification/degree program/why doesn’t the medical community love us bandwagon. There are other points of view on this issue that tend to be disregarded:

7. Massage education is a mess:

Feel free to comment on any of these posts and give me your own two cents. Better yet, start your own blog to share your thoughts with others.

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