What social media site do people hate most?

Facebook is the largest social media site and is expected to reach 1,000,000,000 users later this year. (That’s a lot of zero’s.)

People love it, right?


According to a survey of over 70,000 US consumers, Facebook is the least liked social media site on the web. It came in last place in satisfaction scores.

As you can probably guess from looking through this blog, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Although I’ve been teaching massage therapists how to benefit from Facebook, I’ve always stated that I think there is much more untapped potential in LinkedIn as a business building site.

I’ll be the first to admit, that LinkedIn is not really exciting. There are no pictures of cute cats  or monkeys peeing on one another. But..

With 170 million members, mostly professionals and the wealthiest demographic of any social media site, it can’t be ignored. And it’s growing fast.

Repeat after me… bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing… that’s the sound of people joining LinkedIn: Two people per second. That’s the sound of opportunity.

Don’t ignore LinkedIn as a practice building tool. There is gold in them thar hills.

I took Lewis Howes’ LinkedInfluence course last spring and I loved it. It is a simple and practical guide to using LinkedIn to get new clients. Since I took that course, the number of LinkedIn users has doubled to about 170 million. That’s huge!

Just today I learned that he’s updated version the course: LinkedInfluence 2.0. I would highly suggest you get your hands on it and simply follow along with the short video lessons.

Check out the newly released LinkedIn course here

Watch the short video on that page. He hasn’t updated it since last May, but I’m sure he’ll be changing it any day as the updated course is announced publicly.

He will definitely be offering some webinars on LinkedIn over the next few weeks and I’ll notify you of them. But why wait, just pick up the course now. Stop wasting so much time on Facebook and get on the social networking site that has the greatest potential to grow your business.

You’re one of the first to know about this, so pick it up now. It’s well worth the small investment.


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