Erik Dalton didn’t believe me…

I was chatting with Erik Dalton a couple days ago. He really liked my latest BodyworkBiz newsletter: “Can you spot the massage therapist in this picture?” But in a recent more recent email he said he didn’t believe I actually did the climb in the picture. He thought it was some kind of “an advertising stunt”.

I’m not dising Erik. I think he’s a fantastic educator. However, I know that people are naturally skeptical. I’m sure other Marketing Tips subscribers besides Erik Dalton thought the same. So to put that myth to rest, here’s a little video I took. It’s not pretty (excuse the snot running down my face) and it was never meant to be seen by the public, but I thought I’d end the skepticism. Other people may be posers, but I’d like to think I’m the real deal, whether it comes to climbing, marketing or otherwise. Watch the video and see for yourself:

That last email was about taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves. And Facebook is one of those opportunities.

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Erik Dalton Techniques at Indiana State University | Eric Brown, BodyworkBiz Blog - 2 years ago

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