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How can you get customers and Friends to share your company website on Facebook even if you don’t have a Facebook account?

It’s simple!

Just send an email to your clients and friends and let them know that you’d like to let more people know about your business and ask them as a favor to share your site on Facebook.

Then give them this link to click:

Be sure to replace the XXX with the URL of your website or a specific page of your website, i.e. So your link will look like this:

Click the link to see what happens. And if you want to follow the process through and share it you’ll see how it gets posted to your Facebook Profile (and I would be eternally grateful for you sharing with others.)

You can also put a share button directly on your web site. Use the image in this blog post and simply link it to the share URL that you’ve created.

Click this share button to see how I’ve linked it to my Facebook Page instead of my website…

It’s likely that most of your clients are already on Facebook. ¬†Why not get those happy clients to spread the word for you and refer you to others?

If you like this idea, click one of the sharing buttons below and share with your friends…

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