Give away massage? You’ve got to be joking!

I’ve just finished reading a series of posts at and the Massage and Bodywork Professionals forum on giving away free massage.

The topic always generates strong feelings. Some swear they would never give away massage even if their life depended on it. It diminishes their credibility, devalues their worth, and would only attract the freebie seekers.
Others have tried it and simply say it sucks; it’s never worth their time.

I love the idea of giving away free massage, BUT… it has to be done the right way:Your approach to giving away massage has to create a high-perceived value for your services and to get those people to want to rebook with you regularly.

I’ve tracked the actual results of dozens of therapists and bodyworkers in all types of settings and the bottom line is…

Done right it works!

Don’t trust me though. Actually listen to people who have used my approach from the 60 Clients in 60 Days program or read comments they’ve made both publicly and behind the scenes:

Here are just a couple…

“Last weekend, I went to a local event where I sold my homemade microwavable rice-filled heating pads. I sold 50 in 4 hours, did lots of one-on-one talking with people and gave a coupon to everybody who bought a heating pad (stapled a sample of Biofreeze to each coupon) also talked with them about the benefits of massage. From this promo, I got 15 new clients within a week – all upgraded and all rebooked!

“I’m definitely having fun here. When I trained we were told, “Never, ever, give away your services.” I did anyway over the years, but with a lot of guilt. Now I am just plain having fun doing it. Friday when the client came out he bought 6 gift certificates. Guess you can say I am just a Pleasure Piglet. Thank you for your guilt freeing program Eric.”