Chair Massage at Banks

I wrote/edited about 100 pages yesterday for a Chair Massage textbook I’m working on. It should be the definitive guide. In the process, I came across a lot of practitioner stories in the archives. If you want to tell me about your chair massage business feel free to post a reply below.

Here’s one from a woman who was working fulltime at another job at the time and who was looking to transition into a chair massage career:

“I have been doing chair massage part time, as I’m still working full time for another two years or so. To date, I have been working mostly in banks, and that is going extremely well. Many have evening hours and are open Saturdays, which minimizes the amount of time I have to take off work.

They have all paid for the employees’ massages. It’s a non-issue. All the massages at the banks have been 15 minutes/$15. Usually I meet with the branch manager or manager of financial services/customer service.

When I’m finished at each location, I ask for one or two contact names for other branches. I follow up with those, saying so and so gave me your name, and essentially I’m in.

Most banks have “greeters”. They have proven to be the best people to do the reminder calls the day I’m there. That keeps everything on track. I offer the option of music with the massage, which 98% want. I designed and used a brief evaluation form last year. I now have the feedback I was looking for, so am no longer using it, at least not as long as I’m in the banks. I always left copies of the evaluations with my contact.

Regarding benefits, we always say offering massage makes the employer look good, shows that they appreciate their staff, etc. I can’t tell you how many times people said this, in some way or other, either on the evaluation or directly to me. I make sure to use that as a key “selling point”, in addition to the fact that people feel more relaxed, energized etc.

There’s no question that having a target market, as you always advise, has definite benefits. It makes it so much easier to go from one location to another and your credibility builds up quickly. To date I have not attempted to organize regular, repeat visits to each branch. For me, part of the fun/challenge is the promotion/marketing (I know that’s quite the opposite of many), so I really enjoy making new contacts and going to different locations. I recently called all the branches I went to a year ago, and there will be a few repeats this winter.

This is funny! As I’m writing to you, one just called. We’re all set up for post RRSP season, St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of spring. Last year she had me in on Valentines Day, provided lunch for everyone and decorated the place all in red, hearts, etc., so I know she likes “theme” dates.

The only promotional pieces I use are my business card, your list of companies that have had on-site massage (I’d love your most recent copy, if one exists) and benefits of chair massage (from binder). I also leave them a sample memo put together by one branch and a sign up form. They appreciate these resources. It’s one less thing they have to think about preparing. I am putting together a one-page descriptor, but for my needs to date, the above has been sufficient. In addition, I have given friends massages for birthdays, special occasions, etc.”

All the best,
Barbara Hollander